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  1. A good point, but that's the deep roots of the game. In PSO/PSO2 you have to found disk and so its not segregated as you say, but you have to find a balance and do not rush too fast in leveling. Anyway, pretty sure dev team will take a look about striking PA rates.
  2. We can understand the argument of "but casual wont have fun/don't want to farm/anything you want", but the problem is that from a simple request (which can be understood, since striking PA indeed sucks at least until 11 to unlock combo) people will always ask for more. In one month, they will ask for mission points upgrade since "they are gm/fm/mf 20 and im still 4 wtf so unfair", in two months "omg this guy have a full S pallet, plz increase loot rate", etc. It's always like that since I'm here (2015) and its a complete nonsens in my opinion. If you take a look in term of gamedesign, games like PSO, PSU, Diablo, PoE, Monster Hunter, WoW or whatever you want have a simple purpose "make the better character you can". And the best way to do it, is spending time farming, improve your knowledge of missions, of what to do for level x or y PA, where to farm that weapon, etc... If you make thing more easier than it is (and its god damn easy atm lol) you will make the game uninteresting.
  3. As a gunner, I think the PA rate of shotgun/laser/grenade launcher/twins handgun is fine. It's long, but the huge advantage of not having to worry about ele% must have a price. The only exception is killer shot. Even if its godly against low STA ennemies, leveling it is ridiculous and had to be rethink imo.
  4. The server has never been so closer to the original game. So it's an opportunity to test, to see what you want to do or not, in preparation for the real business. Appreciate the present time without thinking too much about "when" is something that I and many here have learned all those years.
  5. It is probably still a bit early to talk about it, but I would like to bring back the long debates we had about gunmaster on the previous forum, some ideas were interesting and this new forum is the opportunity to think about this class, which deserves to be more powerful and better optimized. About twin handguns : When I talk about optimization, I think especially about twin handguns. Twin handguns sucks. Even used by a 180 or above on JP serv with PA lv 50, its kinda useless. I think we should turn that weapon usefull as the shotgun is for at least two reasons : - It's fun to use. Of the four gunmaster weapons, it is the one who give the better idea of what a long range DPS should be : pretty safe, dodgy and a bit skilled than just standing and spamming X. - It will allow to make gunmasters a bit more diversify, giving them the choice to focus in shotgun or twins as main damage weapons. Many solutions are possible, like making Twin handguns deadly only when used by Gunmaster (like, elemental boost, att +30% when wield by GM...) and/or add them the Just Attack feature, which make the weapon more powerful and skilled. But maybe its not technically possible and maybe no one care about twins I dont know, but I really think we should think about it, the weapon is cool and there is anyway no reasons that its so bad atm. About laser cannon : Laser cannon should multihit large ennemie. There is no reason that it cannot do it, pretty sure Segac failed trying to do it, for reasons. Another good idea will to make it useful in any situation, by doubling the range of the horizontal axis. In solo, ennemies are rarely aligned. In group, the lines never last long. It's for the moment the two things in my mind that I think should make GM more versatile, but like the title said its about thinking and suggest, so feel free to share your thoughts about all that.
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