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  1. No. But there is an item for PA exp boost. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Resident_Security_Department
  2. Suggesting solutions will always be better than yelling on discord, so thank you for that. Idk about the mentor idea. Don't really like it. For cyclone dance and overall balance, think we now need to wait both S4 and GAS to have a more clear view of everything and fix all in once, but guessing you probably right for that specific PA. For mission spotlights, thats idea as already been shared, and its a good one. Basically, its also something that could help for the "player retention issue" since it allow to concentrate people on one mission. But for rate it self, I'd prefer that they stay the same (and even harder for BiS) but with a solid pity system (like +0.5% every 50 runs, reseted when you loot, clunky and just random numbers, just to give an idea)
  3. You seems really upset Souma but I fully understand what you mean, and I agree with you : I also noticed that a fairly large number of people (say 10-15%) were asking questions or asking things that were wrong and not for the sake of Clem but for their personal comfort. Thats, and all those shitty behavior. But if we take this server seriously, then some changes in the management of the community must be made. There is a lot of situation that could have been resolved, like Nikki said above. Some ideas : 1) Much more firmness, with concrete rules and sanctions (like for exemple, with a section on the forum to contest the sanction and clarify the situation : the "my shit will be public" help a lot to curb the bulk of the problems) 2) Something you don't really like or really want to see ? Make a topic and explain why. That's all. I am basically the only one who did that over the year. Anything than that : deleted, with a DM to tell they to post a solution about it on the forum, if they think they have a solid and strong idea about how thing should be. For 90% of the time it sux and missing the point of what the game is, simple as that lol The point of all this is : confront people with themselves, see what they really have inside or if it's just basic troll. This will be a good start to make a server better, at least imo
  4. Not sure if stolen files really are an issue (ofc, putting aside the moral aspect of the thing...) If a few manage to do PSU Banana or Cucumber, then there is a "challenger" which could be another source of motivation to move forward and keep doing stuff. ... But that's for the best scenario. Basically there is many steps before this happen, and they can't expect anything good from PSU community if the project is like "hey look with the stolen files we did a clunky and buggy server, plz join" or "hey look with the stolen files, we did something close to Clem, altough we criticize it...plz join"
  5. I think I no longer need to tell how grateful I am, my thousands of hours over the past 6 years bear witness to this. Thanks for everything. Advice, if it can help for a "better future" like I saw on discord : to sum up, a more severe moderation. I think you are doing yourself harm for nothing by being lax on improbable behavior. Hope this server will stay for a long time... Good luck !
  6. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Weapons
  7. I hope you haven't based your whole analysis / thinking on that mission, because it really gives that impression. ... Yes ? Yes. It's known. Try 50-60 more at least or go run another one.
  8. If you missed an event, basically you missed an event, like if someone join this in 2023, well, it will have a hard time ""catching up"" below 5k IDs which are still playing regularly. Idk ? Anyway, what I see is that an average run against 160+ monsters is done in 6-9min. And we are level 119. And the next update should mechanically make the game even easier, for the early game at least but not only but will see. So what's, exactly, the issue ?
  9. Something like Plains Overlord S gives around 15-20k per run (minimum, taking into account loot at the end, payout, copernia / olpad). Even in A, average missions give around 8-12k. Which mission in what rank gave you 10k ? Even with all that, for some mission, FF/FM have better clear time. What makes you say that ? I feel that there is a good balance between the classes played. Care to elaborate that point ?
  10. To sum up. RNG is necessary, it should remain ofc, BUT we also need money sink, and/or some other way to gain power (even if it takes long)
  11. To sum up, more "builds", better designed. Better to do that when endgame, to have a clear picture of what would be "good"/revelant/fun etc to do + even if balance is close to be good, maybe some stuff need to be polished before working on custom set, but yes would be nice. edit : since we already had some good custom stuff, this will probably happen again in coming months/years anyway.
  12. Something close to that could be good. To keep value on both grinders and weapons. Another way to see it, that I've posted long ago : possiblity to "merge" a weapon similar, to gain +2% each time you merge, capped to 10. So if you plan to easily 10/10 your Caduceus, basically you can try now or wait to merge it with 5 others Caduceus, and have for w/e grinders you use, +10% (so something like 57% I think with a S+10 when 9/10 -> 10/10 or 81% with +5 to 4 -> 5 instead of 71, etc)
  13. Shotgun post is hilarious, but that said, it might be useful for those who have never played the game to get the big picture. Although I think there was already a topic like it and/or an "how to start" on wiki with classes overview. Could be wrong, dont remember. Ty anyway.
  14. People who created an account just for this topic... lol@ JOINED 27 minutes ago :)
  15. About your idea, it could be complementary alongside other proposals. But design is like a recipe : too much salt or y and it's inedible, not enough salt or x and it's not good. So behind the concept its really dependant on how its designed. The point is that its far more easier to make a "regular" custom mission with succes (like the one we had previous event who was great imo) than doing that kind of stuff. But again why not. Basically my reproach was very personal. About speedrun : If you want to TA a particular mission, there is always one layout faster than another, so you have to "farm" the good one to be competitive, which is annoying.
  16. I think its already meh to have different layouts (especially when you want TA / hunt something specific) so this "rogue like" design is not really for me. What was proposed in the topic of missions seems more interesting to me, since this randomizer mode adds RNG on RNG, which becomes nauseous. BUT, well, why not ? Depend on how its handled, for which kind of reward, could also be a gimmick for a custom event, why not.
  17. For the second idea, do you have any exemple of games that using it ? The idea could be good, but it seems EXTREMLY tricky to do, technicaly speaking. And not sure it will works that well. For the last point well, basically, discord. Or maybe a global chat for those who dont use discord would help. Yeah for the first point it was something in debate iirc, dont remember what was the global opinion about it (if this happen one day, it will also be the "I want to Party meet and greet area" lobby of your second point)
  18. Yes, I was referring to Seority's post that talked about MF and FM.
  19. But FM and MF are DPS focused, and GT is about to do both support and dps. So GT is not powerful as mastertype (but it could be debated...) BUT its stronger than FG for exemple. And I don't think FG need any buff. Like Zeta said, buffing everything is not the good way, we already had buffs, and it was enough (the only buff I'm asking for are the twin handgun and nanoblast (more a new formula on how its scaled), but its another subject anyway) otherwise the overall balance feels good (based on almost 2k hours, played with both a lot of casuals and hardcores players) but nothing is set in stone, could be wrong, etc.
  20. I tend to agree with the prototypes, I think we don't need an additional level of RNG : on the other hand I think we need a money sink, so transform an OG weapon into proto should cost "a lot". Too much RNG killz RNG, and thats why tickets from past even were neat. What I have also noticed is that the new players are lost and don't know where to go : think the good remedy for that is a weekly hotspot for C - A rank (and C - S rank when the cap will be the real cap); it brings people together and has a common mission for all. A mission, or a selection of them, idk.
  21. Bosses list : https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Bosses The vitace or Svaltus are large ennemies.
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