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  1. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Weapons
  2. You already lose grind level when one grind fails. Also, Marm explained above or the previous page why it has to be "necessary". Still a debate tho, but I think, with the upgrade device thing, his argument is good
  3. I hope you haven't based your whole analysis / thinking on that mission, because it really gives that impression. ... Yes ? Yes. It's known. Try 50-60 more at least or go run another one.
  4. If you missed an event, basically you missed an event, like if someone join this in 2023, well, it will have a hard time ""catching up"" below 5k IDs which are still playing regularly. Idk ? Anyway, what I see is that an average run against 160+ monsters is done in 6-9min. And we are level 119. And the next update should mechanically make the game even easier, for the early game at least but not only but will see. So what's, exactly, the issue ?
  5. Something like Plains Overlord S gives around 15-20k per run (minimum, taking into account loot at the end, payout, copernia / olpad). Even in A, average missions give around 8-12k. Which mission in what rank gave you 10k ? Even with all that, for some mission, FF/FM have better clear time. What makes you say that ? I feel that there is a good balance between the classes played. Care to elaborate that point ?
  6. You suggested that because the system had changed you lost money. Right ? Since you quit, I didn't. And I can tell you that no one lost anything, that was the point. I literally said nothing else, so no false accusations. You made a bad investment, which was easy to anticipate, we all knew more or less that the system was going to change. Which kind of "compensation" you exactly asking for lol
  7. @Lupophobia I was responding to the person who wanted a "refund" or "compensation" (and who ironically doesn't agree at all with what you're saying) because the system change would have "destroyed" their investment by a one way or another. I'm just saying it's not true, to be there from the start and have seen the first transformation of the grind system. That said... As I said few posts above, even casual but regular players have a surplus of currency. At some point, it's not revelant to be a question of casual/hardcore, it's a question of simple balance between money sink, and other "sink" you can think. Marmalade replied about it, think it will be in the good way soon or later (and anyway for extra rare stuff, money will always have purpose for player shop, but thats not money sink...) Same problem on the drop rate of some jewels in MHW, some objects in PoE, some "many other things" in grind based games... Basically, if you don't have time to play this kind of game but WANT to play them with top geared stuff, it's like "ok, I want to eat at fast food every day but I don't want to gain weight" here is more about """""losing""""" time, but well, each updates like 20-30% are leaving after one week or two... NOT because they didn't get anything, but precisely because they dropped or bought what they was looking for. And sorry, but this is currently happening with Ouryu and Shinjin. It's going to change anyway, but I'm sorry to say that sometimes the arguments for changing it aren't good and don't really match with the reality of the game. (this doesnt mean endgame stuff must be earned after 300h or a character need 3kh to be god tier, not my point) Sorry for the confusion anyway, since my message was for another thing.
  8. No one has been deeply impacted in their wallet or their progress because of the changes, or then they have to come to explain why because I have never seen people in this situation whether they are casual or hardcore players.
  9. I think people will understand that going back to certain "basics" (like weapons breaking) is important with this post. Thanks for the general clarification and for the specific response. Whatever is coming, the game is currently better than og so I'm not worry about the future here. Good luck !
  10. huh if everything is about mesetas then it will turn the game into a race for money rather than loot, which is not the solution. But that said, with that new loot system coming AND the new "currency" (GC), meseta will slowly (very slowly ofc) join the graveyard along PA frags or megispher resources earned for nothing ("but why ?? :(" cuz when you grinded what you wanted + bought that 3 stacks op weapon after that hard bid wars that caused endless drama on psu gen, well no more real use for them). this is the reason for my idea above and which looks like one of yours : put some really usefull stuff at NPC (made grinders, like +1 and +4, material...) also why not these infinity grinders, but like 10gb idk (also grinder repair could be ok, but with a serious price, not 20m or something, more like 3m for exemple, so "everyone" can afford and you can be sure it will sell, no point to sell them absurd price like PA frag for 100k since no one will buy) also maybe some ticket boost for GC point, since you told me Marm it wasnt easy to just "use meseta to do x" then bypass maybe like that idk. OR remove payout. Why not after all ? Make Meseta only coming from drop, and npc I think there is more solutions than problems tbh.
  11. We can admit that there is a lot of 10/10 in pallets, and a lot of 7-8/10. It did not completely kill the grinder market however, not really : on the contrary, when we are certain that it will eventually work and without too much frustration, it motivates to invest. That said, maybe the good balance is something like that : 1) Thing can drop at 0/8 or 0/6 w/e (like after 100 runs, +20% for that juicy cursed dark flow) 2) Then it drop : I know I have like 8-10 runs to do (seems reasonable SINCE it wont necessary drop that low anyway) to earn enough GC for one repair (let's dump grinder repair for now since upgrade device thing, or maybe for a money sink idk) 3) Then I can try grinding it to 10, with a VERY SMALL % (maybe 3-4, since you need to 10, it will happen time to time...) of the total going down each attempt (to avoid as much frustration as possible BUT keep The Upgrade Device relevant and maybe grinder repair item as money sink) 4) Grinders from +1 to +6 can now be bought : this allow to everyone to have a fixed price for the grinders and therefore to avoid fluctuations/market manipulating (plus another way to money sink) BUT higher grinders +7/+10 must be made (with an increased price for grinder S board if no grinder repair, otherwise they are both money sink and no increase for board S then) and have a slightly higher chance of succes grind than what they have now. This, basically is the "everyone has a luck to "win" without playing a lot" but keep sens for nolife to be nolife (able to invest more easily in better grinders, repair, etc) 5) WHAT ABOUT when you reached 10/10, you CAN turn your weapon into a proto, like unlocking the weapon potential. So it give everyone a motivation for grinding, avoid RNG too much, its like a "reward" (but to go 15 you have to use these new type of grinders, or that new currency idk, but no fail, just farm and free custom) The key (maybe ?) is trying to find a balance point between money sink/everyone must win/but its more easier for nolife since nolife(and its ok since not a race)/keeping purpose of every future system/a fair economy/various concerns/RNGbutnotlike100%isRNG.
  12. I think that the objective (to schematize) is to have 60% of the game "easy" and very accessible to all, then a "normal" endgame (which will start at the last tier of S2 or at the start of S3) where it will be necessary to provide a certain amount of effort to have a solid equipment and go through the toughest missions without any problem. This is the 40% that remains, with perhaps a fraction of 10% of "vhard" (hardcore minmaxing so a lot of currency / farm needed, those who want to have a few maxed classes or at least 100, TAing etc) Which is basically the overall scheme of many modern games of this "kind" ... ("Easy" to go endgame and have a decent gear on MH, Diablo 3... but take a lot of time to masterize/minmax everything) I fully understand your point, but too many players have complained about early game. Maybe change your perspective, and considere the game "really" start when endgame is reached.
  13. I understand better the thing explained like that. And I understood well the idea that this Upgrade Device must have a meaning and a utility. In this case, it's okay to have a weapon that drops at 0/8, but indeed the weapon that definitely breaks is pretty horrible. That said, I would like the most powerful items to remain very rare, even dropping at 0/5. Also about GC, I think avoiding the same thing that happened with PA frag would be good : some complained it was too long to earn, but like 6-7 months later, even some casuals BUT regulars players have like 2k PA frag, some other got 6k... To get straight to the point : it might not be good to listen too much to those who play a lot (say, at least 20 hours a week) but I'm not sure it's much more relevant to listen to those who complain regularly and don't play or almost never.
  14. With what we saw during the event, it would indeed be even worse and counterproductive by disgusting new players even more. There are people who only want to play with their clique and/or don't want to be "slowed down". It's sad but that's how it is.
  15. You can't control the way people play, the time they spend, the "talent" they have at playing effectively, etc. If another resource happened (which will be the case anyway, with GC) the problem would still be the same : there would always be "poor" and "rich", and you will have to "work" on other ressource. And even if all this is dumped (currency, and so economy) the game will remain a HnS type game, with a lot of loot, so... Well... There will "poor pallet people" and "rich pallet people". But the good news is thats not a race, and no one really care if you spend 2 months to obtain that instead of 2 weeks for another.
  16. After re-reading it well better, got a mixed opinion about it. For the early game (and overall tbh...) I have feeling that the goal is to make the game even easier than it already is. I understand that people are complaining, but I have this counter example of this 10k ID which hit the lvl cap in a few days. Certainly he played a lot, but at the end of the day isn't it the essence of the game, its DNA, to have the motivation to grow a character over time ? But if it's for the good of the server, then ok. I do think, however, a few ideas should be dumped : level req for mission should stay (match with the "grow" feels, avoid powerleveling and capped person with shitty PA/pallet), not sure how revelant removind dying penalty is and that kind of money sink with boost (the first one will probably never be used) sound awful (if I dont get that ultra rare stuff with the 50m I spend for that 200% boost, the frustration is about to be real BUT in another hand, if everyone get that ultra rare stuff just by spending 50m, and since the way is about to make drops easier, then it will definitely kills the market, but thats just a feel based on a theorical view). Better saving money for proto weapon and these new grinders... or a more "enthusiasm" money sink (something not RNG based or not directly at least... maybe allow to convert them into GC, directly bought these new grinders for proto 10+ grind instead of players shop to keep the economy on both ultra rare stuff and regular grinders) edit : adding this to the dump list Do you like Half Guard (Damage Resistance)? No. YES, Giro's argument is solid, and it goes too far in the direction of simplifying the game too much Speaking of, both "new" loot and proto system and the grind seems cool, but depend on how its handed. For sure, it seems tedious, especially on how to adjust item sink for exemple (if too many loots, then again market flooding and meseta will only have sens for grinders... and thats maybe, depending on how GC are obtainable for upgrade device, on how easy grind is...) a lot of things are intertwined, I can imagine that for the team it is not easy to do it in the good way. It's really hard to come up and say "no, it's bad" or "wow crazy" because there are too many elements to make a serious and definitive judgment without testing all that, so I will abstain to say more and hope for the best for this game and this server. As usual, good luck
  17. To sum up. RNG is necessary, it should remain ofc, BUT we also need money sink, and/or some other way to gain power (even if it takes long)
  18. To sum up, more "builds", better designed. Better to do that when endgame, to have a clear picture of what would be "good"/revelant/fun etc to do + even if balance is close to be good, maybe some stuff need to be polished before working on custom set, but yes would be nice. edit : since we already had some good custom stuff, this will probably happen again in coming months/years anyway.
  19. Something close to that could be good. To keep value on both grinders and weapons. Another way to see it, that I've posted long ago : possiblity to "merge" a weapon similar, to gain +2% each time you merge, capped to 10. So if you plan to easily 10/10 your Caduceus, basically you can try now or wait to merge it with 5 others Caduceus, and have for w/e grinders you use, +10% (so something like 57% I think with a S+10 when 9/10 -> 10/10 or 81% with +5 to 4 -> 5 instead of 71, etc)
  20. Shotgun post is hilarious, but that said, it might be useful for those who have never played the game to get the big picture. Although I think there was already a topic like it and/or an "how to start" on wiki with classes overview. Could be wrong, dont remember. Ty anyway.
  21. People who created an account just for this topic... lol@ JOINED 27 minutes ago :)
  22. About your idea, it could be complementary alongside other proposals. But design is like a recipe : too much salt or y and it's inedible, not enough salt or x and it's not good. So behind the concept its really dependant on how its designed. The point is that its far more easier to make a "regular" custom mission with succes (like the one we had previous event who was great imo) than doing that kind of stuff. But again why not. Basically my reproach was very personal. About speedrun : If you want to TA a particular mission, there is always one layout faster than another, so you have to "farm" the good one to be competitive, which is annoying.
  23. I think its already meh to have different layouts (especially when you want TA / hunt something specific) so this "rogue like" design is not really for me. What was proposed in the topic of missions seems more interesting to me, since this randomizer mode adds RNG on RNG, which becomes nauseous. BUT, well, why not ? Depend on how its handled, for which kind of reward, could also be a gimmick for a custom event, why not.
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