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  1. Regarding the drought and the dehydration that can result, I think that some had Koltova Milk, try to see on discord if you can buy one.
  2. Thanks for listening us about twin handguns. But the boost remains insufficient (even with dual milis, everything else is better as GM). I do not think other weapons need to be 15* to be at least "decent". Since you listened to many complain yesterday Marmadale (about shotgun especially), would be nice to give twin handguns another boost. At least 90-100% (lasers has 70% boost and its remain situationnal, which is not the case for twins so I don't really get it) Please, consider this. I add the fact that the 10% boost at first person is useless with twin handguns, since this weapon is about mobility.
  3. For twin hg, I'm talking about the time it takes to reach them to 50, which appear way too long. The idea behind is that I'm not saying everything should have to be long.
  4. I don't know well the endgame of original game, but I know the logic of games of this type. If you played PSO, then you know the time it takes to simply reach the level 200 (one of the top jp player of Ephinea did it in 3 month to give you an idea) and the average time on PSO NGC needed to hit 200 was around 700-900h. Which is far more reasonable than what we've seen here (someone did 140 -> 150 in 3 hours...) and which is anyway a pleasant challenge. And PSO don't finish when you hit cap... Yes for a balance, but a balance that goes in the direction of what the game is. I already complained about a lot of things that seemed too long for me (twin hg PA especially) so I understand the nuance and you are right, but I just want to share what should be good for the future, and its not a game that hardcore player clean in two months (imo).
  5. In fact, we already have to grind a lot rn, especially due to the grinder. But the strength of this alternative GAS is that the grind is certain to be rewarded, and that we know when the empowerment will arrive, so that the necessary time is tolerable. Not saying it absolutely need to take months to upgrade ONE thing, but it's also a pleasure to evolve over time.
  6. Just to react of what has been said above, don't get the argument of "people now works, so don't make it too long" 1) If the goal in a game like this is to reach a caracter to the top, it doesnt have to be done in two months. You can take your time. Not a race. 2) If you enjoy the game but want to grind quick because of work, well, maybe you should do something else. Dont want to sound rude, but this argument is bad, its like asking a remake of Doom without too much blood because of blood phobia...
  7. But the event end soon.
  8. EP S3 Aelphasy / 140 / Cast / FG / TIME = (5:29) Lab Recovery S2 Aelphasy / 140 / Cast / FG / TIME = (6:00) FFF S2 Aelphasy / 140 / Cast / FG / TIME = (4:37)
  9. There is a simple idea: with passion for video games (spent my time on them), gamedesign AND discernment and (a little) intelligence, you can always have (good) ideas. I not claim to have the best ideas here, but I think I've done a good job, and I've never seen anyone say "if this it's set up, I'm leaving". My answer for the : And to make a game like this better (based on farming, essentially), the Path of Exile developers have made an excellent video : That said, no offense, maybe I don't understanded all in your post (not english) but I think that the argument of "we must not change everything, otherwise people leave" has absolutely no basis, no validity, and is partially false. Look just recently, about WoW classic : there is already thread on reddit of WoW "veteran" saying that some old mechanics are finally obsolete. Finally, I think you should put still at least 100 hours to really realize everything that is better than OG, but also everything that deserves to be changed. Because yesterday you were level 23. Even a veteran like you seem to have a lot to relearn.
  10. I can tell you that the event revealed the poverty of the GT. Not that the class is bad (because the game is easy, you're right) but in the most difficult missions what matters is the control (SE, knockback...) and DPS : GT has neither one nor the other. The few who have the three gunnerclasses at level 20 will confirm it to you. Btw GM better than FG for this event, 41+ rifles/as (and knockback, but shared with FG) make a good advantage when used properly.
  11. That's exactly what has been suggested on the previous page.
  12. I had feedback that confirms that the times would be very (too) hard to beat without the broken HPapwr of Brooding Requiem. I leave them a bit more (one week maybe), feel free try to beat them/redo them meanwhile.
  13. I think the GM with 60 bullets should finally overtake the FG. And 90 if the goal is to make it equal to the FM. edit : joke aside, why not.
  14. C & B weapons : no. A : yes. Top tiers A-rank weapons are equal to some 12 or 13* S rank (and even more) like Black Rebellion, Skull Ankh or Twin Dil Edge.
  15. It's because you dont play a lot, but the drop rate is good. Go see the player shop, in total there must be 100+ grinders. The problem comes from elsewhere. edit : not saying the drop rate is good for all grinders, maybe those of intermediate level (+4/+6 or +7) deserve a small boost rate.
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