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    Don't have to wait a PSU private server to know that. But im not going on a political debate. Anyway, the community is fine by now, and in any case, I understood that the most disruptive elements were quickly banned...
  2. My vote now goes for "other", but can't revote apparently
  3. actually, I do not know. Maybe that's good, but maybe not. Anyway buffing GM on what we spoke will still a far better idea than everything else. Dunno for MF, but maybe GM need buff instead of travelling PA.
  4. Since the boost of the shotgun, play as ranger is quite good. Maybe rifles damage are not correct, dunno. But overall it seems good to me and SE make them great. That say, I stay on my position about lasers and twin handgun, these two weapons must be reworked (the laser for the range, for make it less situational, twin for damage)... Asking this for a long time, hope the dev team will listen to that.
  5. I think it would be desirable to see as much informations as possible about what we did, for example : - Number of time we ran a mission, in all rank - Number of monsters killed (total and also very detailed, like how many badira lv 15, lv35 ...) AND, for the more important loot, what I looted. Example : 107x Bafal Bragga killed in S, 5 ragnus obtained, 89 in S2, 1 Pakuda obtained. - Overall number of kill which each kind of weapons - The total of meseta obtained and spent in NPC/player shop We can add other things surely, but for the moment bestiary and missions should be a priority (at the right moment, of course). Nothing new under the sun, but it is always useful to be able to get an idea of all that has been done.
  6. First, thanks to YOmap for warning me and Midori Hoshi for testing it. The 13* wand Magical Piece has several issues : - It don't boost your MST has it should (+120, according to psupedia : http://psupedia.info/Magical_Piece.html ) - It should be a bit more powerful than motav, (since they have closer statistics) with the +10% power techs modifier, but the +10% feature is missing. - Worst : the heart visual effect don't work. :<² I'm going to keep it aside while waiting for the next updates, it would not be fair to sell it now, and I do not want to sell it when it has the potential to become one of the best wand. Good luck.
  7. Probably not an issue, maybe, maybe not. Inside the room, I can take all my money without limit (100mil more) Outside, only one stack.
  8. I am a yes man + very Toad in my way of thinking, so I would say that the prices are correct, for all the reasons you said + they are +10 (they are, right ?) BUT since for 5 years I also try to do my best, at my level, to make things happen for the better, I'd say you're right: considering the time spend to grind ONE item to 10/10, it's very expensive. It's worth only for the best weapons, maybe. My suggestion : Also add grinder S+1 and +5 at dallgun vendor. S+1 for 1,5 mil and +5 for 3 mil : it allows everyone at least to have opportunity to grind a bit their S rank to 2 or 3/10 for a reasonable price. To go to 6 or 7, the 3 millions and finally those that cost 5 millions to complete the weapon. Purpose is a more harmonious progression, considering that a S+10 for the beginning of the grind is not relevant.
  9. You get the meseta and the mp just when you finish it.
  10. Because of potential abuse, I believe they will not do anything. It's better to stock everything in the share box, including your money.
  11. If you they remove GM's S gl, turn it to A and gave it to GT, its ok for me. Also, laser cannon sux 99% of the time, dont get the point saying that they aoe lol It does not touch multiple parts and has a totally absurd range that makes even aligned enemies sometimes hard to hit.
  12. In addition, I could see from the good guntechers that the bow as GT did not have to be ashamed of the rifle as GM. It's powerful. And just like with the grenade lancher, giving GM the bow will reduce further the interrest of other gunners class.
  13. The thumbs down that come out of nowhere and for no particular reasons are why this forum is wonderful.
  14. Since they lowered it, its not the case anymore. Even whit current BiS (or very close) for using KS (Mizukairoh, bullet save, 41+) it took forever on 175+ robots to see them falling.
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