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  1. None, I just see that whatever choices they make, there will always be someone to complain about it. That said, I understand your argument
  2. A minority of people (who by the way don't play the game) complained that everything was taking too long.
  3. If breaking remain (and possibly it should, Potato's arguments are fine), then again a slight success rate increase would be welcome. Or, if fail, -1/-1, not -total/-1. What some have experienced lately seems too brutal to me (like 2/2 a weapon you spend hours to hunt) that's torture, not money sink.
  4. At the end of the previous serv, we had a red dot on the mini map to show if something red dropped. Eventually it will comeback, I guess ?
  5. We're not going to keep a system that is possibly the worst I've seen just because a few players have multiple S + 8/9/10... It's like saying in march/april (or whatever the month, not the point) "please dont release Caster Broom, because I have to sell my 8 psycho wand" I will not repeat what has been said by the good posts above, because it is obvious that this system needs to be SIMPLIFIED and made less frustrating. At the very least, failing a 6/10 shouldn't reduce the 10. It's for what I advocate since past server and that's what the first idea of the google doc said which is good. A failed should result in -1/10 (fail at 6, it turn to 5/10) with the current rate succes it would remain a solid money sink. Weapon repair could also comeback (and so, fail = -1/-1) but then, I would like to c/c one of my idea : Anyway, there is like 20 ways (theoretically... dunno if the client could allow everything) to make that painful mechanic a pleasant thing. Good luck !
  6. With previous lasers width increase, this is arguably one of the best balance we had for gunners. Thank you.
  7. It has been implemented on Ephinea since the start of the server or almost, and it is the most PSO played server.
  8. A leaderboard who could show both class level and total mp earned would be nice (and relevant, I would like to be able to situate myself) One with total ennemies killed and/or missions runned, doesnt proove anything ofc but always fun to know. More skeptical about thing like hours played/mesetas earned... Also, event with temporary leaderboard would be nice in the future.
  9. It was no shitty enough like that...
  10. I don't know if that's a good idea, but it's rare to see anyone think anything other than numbers. Improving a class is not always just a matter of%; it is possible to make something more powerful by going through the gameplay (such as the damage boost when 1st person)
  11. Because the early game has to be a thing. Not an issue imo, just a design choice.
  12. Also, if its an issue for some players, the problem is not coming from PSU...
  13. S> Harpoon Rifle drop location, 400k Yeah, selling rare is enough cancerous like that
  14. hmmm was focusing on damage per ticks, not on the duration. Nevermind then, my bad
  15. Unfortunally, this is still an issue. Infection works has it was level 2, even with Dark Shot and Yak Megida. Did the test agaisnt Bal Soza on BBB A : 889 per tick... with the rifle, the xbow or the twin handgun, all 31+
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