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  1. Twin sabers are like twin handguns for gunners : more or less shitty. So twins flower bouquets or twin evil blades of pain, suffering and destruction (and annihilation ofc) won't change much anyway, since almost all close combat weapons outperform twin sbr. But to come back to the subject, yes in the early and mid game those weapons are interesting : the koltova gun for exemple is easy to get and is almost better than some 7* GL. You're welcome ! Since we are expecting for some major change, possibly everything what I have said above is totally BS
  2. Less than PSO I think, but there is some. Flower bouquet is still here, but it's a twin sabers now. There also is Koltova GL, Samba Maracas, the frying pan,... http://psupedia.info/BOYS_Bouquet_Set.html Except koltova, don't know if all those weapons will be present on the final game tho
  3. Yes, it's outrageous Eric. I can feel your pain : NPC partners are THE key feature of PSU, those we all asking for. I demand a refund and possibly a massive wave of protest around Marmalade's hideout.
  4. It's a very good idea to have more than one mission with a boost, but that the boost only lasts once. It dont kill the interest of other missions and allows those who do not have much time per day to do only these missions. Neat.
  5. I was among the people who wanted this suppression, because it unnecessarily limits the choice. A gender should never determine stats. It's very different than the race question. Guntecher is just a step to reach Gunmaster, is doesn't means that cast deserve some balance by having more TP. Also, the point of Guntecher is being a support techers with ranged playstyle (especially bows and crossbows) so again, you don't need TP for that. In a very situationnal way, offensive techs can be useful as GT, but only for cc and stuff like that (and when you have the good things, like SE x1.5 and above) You know the purpose of it, right ? It's for support techs, so especially has GT/WT. Otherwise, the wand sux and doesn't have any particular properties. edit : http://psupedia.info/Creawand.html (tech 70... other 9* wands are around 400/450+ iirc)
  6. All this seems to be a lot of wasted energy for not very important considerations. Especially when a lot of ideas has been spread there and here to improve the experience for more important stuff like endgame or weapon balance. Anyway, each game has it own logic and context, and here it is not recommended to be protranser with a newman or techer with a beast. Since it's the gamedesign, doesn't sound like an issue or potential issue to me.
  7. I had fun on this server, and I was happy to see old friends and new players. Too bad, however, that it was more of a pain for you, but I can understand it. Thank you for everything, and see you next opening. So, more than ever : good luck !
  8. You really have a weird way of thinking.
  9. We need incap because there is not a lot of players so solo must be easier ? ?????
  10. You don't plan to stay 50ish doing Unsafe S forever, right Kryslin ? Just focus on leveling your char, make him stronger, and everything will be fine.
  11. It's good like that. You don't need incap for Bajilla, Volfu or lv 55 Pannon... Also, large such has Grass Assassin can't be incap.
  12. Good choice about SE and incap. Concerning AAR (and so gunmaster) it avoids seeing shit like we seen this recent weeks but it let GM be one of the best SE class with AAR. Hope it will stay that way on real serv.
  13. Thanks for the video. If nothing changes, I know what race I would play on the final server. Nanoblast offsets GM's weaknesses and having less ATA not an issue at all apparently (unlike having less ATP, obviously)
  14. Do I have to wait for the video/your next try before adding the GM one ? If not, plz tell me your GM level
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