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    So, through all the games I've played there has always been those super elitist people where if you aren't on their level you are nothing and they have every right to criticize you on that. Never understood that mentality like it has to be dreadfully tiring to be so concerned with other people to have that attitude. Just had my first encounter of it on here and I really don't understand it especially for the fact that all our characters will be wiped whether it be in 2 months or 8 months down the road. Like whats the point, honestly?
  2. xbmitchx

    GRD-AS bug

    So i went to buy a new skill from the 2nd floor weapons shop and got inventory bug message so i relogged. I chose to respawn in the weapons shop when i logged in again and it had me stuck inside of that center hexagon piece in the shop. and doing /reload would not take me out of this position.
  3. xbmitchx

    Anga Grudda

    So, yesterday i finally bought the 2mil axe skill. I leveled it to like 17 all on fighmaster and the 2nd part of the combo you do like an uppercut throw then catch it and do a ground smash. It never hit more than just a single target never thought anything of it until just a few minutes ago. I switched to fortefighter just to see if i did better damage with it and weapons in general with a higher class than level 3 FM. And for some reason on fortefighter the ground smash IS hitting multiple targets. Not sure which is correct. Weird that its dependent on class as such.
  4. Was an overgrown beast named "B-Mitchell". When i wasn't running with my close group of friends that got me into PSU, i was usually running with Yoshi, Sparkyy, and that group. Wonder where they are all now lol.
  5. Bug #1: Not sure if its a 100% of the time thing but it seems that when someone dies during a bossfight and then returns to lobby the boss just forgets how to attack back. Bug #2: If you end up wiping on a boss and try to return you just get frozen on a loading screen trying to get into the bossfight.
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