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  1. missed the event this past weekend so very thankful for 2x pay still; thanks
  2. +1 acension gift, all i could ever ask for. thank you.
  3. muffins2yadome


    i feel like its more of an "oh ill see em around again anyway and maybe we will talk, since the community is so small" Ive only got 30 hours in or so and ive already started seeing some of the same people; greetings and all.
  4. we can hope, in good time; would definitely be an incentive to perform certain hunts.
  5. hmm interesting, it could even rotate every week or something.
  6. so exciting to see such continued progress thank you
  7. muffins2yadome4L$ protranser, forget what level i was or Muffic2yadome "Muffins" etc i had about 7000+ hours on this game between two gamertags. This was easily my favorite game to ever exist.
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