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  1. If it's money motivated, then they must be incredibly desperate. They can't seriously expect to make much money from the games code or even a private server. PSU is a very niche game, I see no way to make serious money from it. Are they looking to create their own private server? Like I said above, it's a niche game, anybody that cared about PSU is already here on Clementine. Will they be hoping to pinch players from Clementine to move to their private server? At peak times, Clementine can get over 100 players, so if they pinched half of the players away from Clementine, what have they really achieved? nothing really......well, you would pretty much kill both private servers by fracturing the player base, but that isn't exactly something worth striving for. Also, how could they even hope to gain any following at all after all of this? These are people that will betray you if it means they can gain something from it, would you really want to install something on your pc made by people like that? I certainly wouldn't.
  2. Well, reading that is just kinda sad. Not something I expected to see after returning from a long break from the game. I have been here since just a few days after the very first forum went up back in 2014, I couldn't believe somebody was actually working on bringing PSU back. I watched and waited with excitement seeing this game slowly get bought back to life thanks to Marm. The early days of visiting the forum daily talking with the mods and small community at the time, seeing it slowly grow by the day and Marm and the early testing team sharing very early work of the lobbies and broken missions. Most people outside of the community won't understand, but just seeing that again nearly 2 years after the servers closed was really special. Then nearly a year later, Marm gave us all access to Clementine for the first time. We broke the forum, we broke the servers and had to use the Facebook group page just to communicate with each other. There were no working missions, the fashion was basic, items didn't have their correct names, it didn't matter, the game was alive again and I couldn't have been more grateful. I will treasure those memories, they were some of my favourite moments on any game to date, even more memorable than when the official servers were up. I won't bore everybody with the rest of the history up until now, so I will just say thank you. Thank you for bringing this game back, Marmalade. It didn't matter to me how much of the game you could salvage, recreate and improve, just bringing it back and allowing me to create more memories with this game was more than I could ever ask for. All of those discussions about the direction you wanted to take the game, input from the community that sometimes got heated, none of this mattered to me, it was enough just to get back into the game again, that is all I ever wanted and you made that happen. I'm sorry it has ended this way for you, I can't say I am surprised, I remember a while back you saying this game was taking it's toll on your mental health. If you had quit back then, I would have understood. I just hope that one day you can find your way back to the game you created and love it again. It's frustrating to learn that we have had snakes in the community for so long that pushed you towards this, people that I have spoken to and played with many times over the years. I just hope you know that the majority of us that played weren't like that and were just happy that you gave us the opportunity to play the game again. Hopefully you return one day, but as a player, and we can run some missions together. Until then, look after yourself and I wish you all the best for the future
  3. Some of the instructions in the opening post are a bit outdated now because of the new launcher, so I'll probably update this thread in the next few days.
  4. There's a way around this. I use Antimicro, it's a piece of software that maps keyboard and mouse buttons to your controller. I map the Z key to the Left Trigger and F12 key to the Right Trigger. If you are going to use Antimicro, make sure to open it as administrator.
  5. I had a Rabol Stella drop for me today, and instead of it having dark element attached to it, it has ice element.
  6. I can't be the only one completely fine with things as they are right? The game has been open for less than 4 DAYS, why are people in such a rush?
  7. Another Update: It doesn't happen everytime I fail to synthesize an item, it seems to be completely random.
  8. Update: It happened again, and it happened after I failed to synthesize an item again. So that seems to be what is causing the music to change.
  9. The music in my room suddenly changed to the song Shikenkaku. I don't have the music disc for it, I don't have any music discs apart from the default one. I can't be sure why it suddenly changed, but it happened after I failed to synthesize an item.
  10. I also have this problem. From enemies, to my daily login count, it's all wrong.
  11. I forgot about the Jedi Knight games, especially Jedi Academy. I haven't played it in a long time, but there was a time in my life where I would play this game at least once a year.
  12. If you have a decent enough pc, you could play those Sims games on an emulator.
  13. Shenmue 1 and 2 are my all time favourites. No game apart from PSU touches these two. Below those games are Sonic Adventure 1 and 2. Sonic Heroes. The Simpsons Hit and Run. Streets of Rage 1,2,3,4 and Remake. South Park: The Stick of Truth. Rayman Legends. The Sims 1,2,3 (console and pc versions) and The Sims Bustin Out (this is still my favourite Sims game) Dragon Quest VIII (still my favourite RPG after PSU) Shenmue 3 (not as good as 1 and 2, but I still enjoyed it)
  14. Casual. That is one of the things that made PSU so great, I never felt the need to rush anything and I could just play the game at my own pace. I will just slowly work towards getting the best gear, character, class and PA levels maxed out, and messing about in the lobbies. I will be in no rush with this game.
  15. This is what I have been doing for about a year now. I just double click a topic and it loads.
  16. My characters name was Scott, which is my real name. During Clementine's testing phases, I have picked a different name each time. Dante was my recent one, but that will probably change again once the server opens.
  17. Look at Magashi's crazy ass smile in that third picture. He's smiling like that because he knows that no matter how many times we kill him, he'll keep coming back
  18. There was an update on Discord on April 30th.
  19. The forum has been sleepy for years now. It was probably at it's most active during Clementine's first testing phase back in 2015, especially the day testing went live. The forum couldn't cope with the traffic and most people couldn't get on for a full day, our only way of staying in touch with what was going on was through the Clementine Facebook page at the time As soon as Discord opened though, the forum dropped off massively. Outside of Phantasy Star Universe, there really isn't much reason to comment on the forum. We can talk about a load of shit, but there are tons of forums out there dedicated to those kinds of things, so I may as well just use those forums instead. Clementine forum is basically just a place to store important info about Clementine at this point. Outside of that, there really isn't much else worth commenting on. Who knows though, maybe we will see a boom in activity once Clementine officially launches.
  20. Yeah, they're gone. All accounts were wiped when the last testing phase ended.
  21. Awesome update. Adding npc's is one of the updates I have been waiting and hoping to see after every update since the very early days of Clementine. Even if they aren't perfect yet, I am just happy to see you got them in.
  22. If you were here before the test server was shut down, you would have a better understanding of why it was shut down. Development speed has really picked up since the latest test server was taken down, and although I miss it, it seems to have been for the best in the long run. "No point in keeping the servers off by the time the re-release everyones gonna be long gone" I disagree completely. I have been here since pretty much the very beginning, coming up to 6 years, and we have had multiple test servers that have come and gone in that time and the population has only increased after each one. I have learned that fans are pretty loyal to the game and seeing this project through.
  23. I know a few years back Mantis Bug Tracker was used, I'm not sure if they are using it anymore though.
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