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  1. Awesome update. Adding npc's is one of the updates I have been waiting and hoping to see after every update since the very early days of Clementine. Even if they aren't perfect yet, I am just happy to see you got them in.
  2. If you were here before the test server was shut down, you would have a better understanding of why it was shut down. Development speed has really picked up since the latest test server was taken down, and although I miss it, it seems to have been for the best in the long run. "No point in keeping the servers off by the time the re-release everyones gonna be long gone" I disagree completely. I have been here since pretty much the very beginning, coming up to 6 years, and we have had multiple test servers that have come and gone in that time and the population has only increased after each one. I have learned that fans are pretty loyal to the game and seeing this project through.
  3. PSO2 isn't that great anyway. I tried it a fair amount on the Japanese server and I just couldn't get into it. I would give it another go, but Sega are being assholes and won't release it in Europe. It all feels too late now anyway. I remember people being excited about moving on to PSO2 when the PSU servers closed way back in 2012. You can't wait this long to release a game to other countries and expect it to be a success. Honestly, I would be happy for PSO2 to fail if it means PSU Clementine's player count can grow.
  4. I know a few years back Mantis Bug Tracker was used, I'm not sure if they are using it anymore though.
  5. I haven't experienced much of it on PSU, but like any game, it exists. The worst I have seen is when people tell you to how to play the game. I have no time for people like that, I just ignore them. I will play how I like, if that isn't good enough for them, then that is tough s*** really. I just like to play the game with anybody, how they play doesn't matter. They can be really bad and die like 20 times, I don't care. I will just revive them when they need me to and carry on with the game.
  6. Definitely. I am all for adding more classes.
  7. Items from area boxes and clear boxes for rare missions haven't been added yet.
  8. It's especially annoying when you have a dodgy d-pad on your controller and you go to use a healing item and end up using something like a photon charge and then get killed
  9. Adding the /findparty chat command is probably my favourite update you have released so far. People may see it as a small thing, but it's something I have really wanted for a while now. This is going to save me so much time finding a party that actually wants to play different missions.
  10. Basically, at those prices, I won't be touching grinding. I don't even have the meseta for one A rank weapon repair currently.
  11. I have only bought one grinder in the game so far, and that was because I wanted to test them. I can't see myself ever buying them until I get every weapon I want. There is no incentive to buy them right now, it's better to spend money on weapons.
  12. Yes, 10 was what we had before. I'm happy with 3 though, it feels like the sweet spot.
  13. Well, the only other missions I ever see with at least one group playing are: Plains Overlord and Sleeping Warriors - Raffon Field Base - Parum Lightning Beasts - Old Rozenom City - Parum ( seems to be pretty dead of late though) Beach Bum Beasts - Paracaban Coast - Parum ( another that seems to have died of late ) The Eastern Peril and The Holy Grounds - Agata Islands Sacred Grounds You'll be lucky to find a group playing any other mission, which is frustrating when there are so many other missions in the game. I never thought I would say this, but playing this game is quite dull at the moment. There just aren't enough people that want to play any missions outside of the ones I listed.
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