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  1. There are a lot of different lobbies and missions in the game, so it will be hard to find more than a handful of people in one place at the same time. You could be on a different server to everybody else too. To change server, go towards the orange floating cube, click it and pick the server with the most stars. You also need to factor in the region too. Most players are American, so it's unlikely that you will find a load of players playing early in the day. The post you made was 3 hours ago, so most of the people that play are either working, in school, sleeping, just woke up, or doing something else.
  2. I would love this if it is possible.
  3. I don't know, I don't really want people constantly saying "I'll offer 1,000,000" everytime I find something good. It will quickly becoming annoying telling people you don't want to sell something. At the same time, the reactions after seeing somebody find a 50% rare weapon would be fun.
  4. I also played Bladed Legacy. I checked again today and it was Japanese again. This is what he sounds like for me Skip to 15:30 I'll try downloading it when I'm on again later to see if it makes any difference.
  5. Uh, no thanks. If that was to happen, every SEGA game would be Nintendo exclusive. I would rather have my SEGA games on PC.
  6. SEGA have said there is nothing to confirm when it comes to a release in other areas though which is a bit disconcerting, but let's hope it eventually happens.
  7. Confirmed at E3 during Microsoft's press conference. Game is set to be released in North America in spring 2020 on PC and Xbox One.
  8. I think 5 is too many, I also think 1 is too few (even though I personally have no problems with it) I think 3 is the pefect amount. Being able to die 5 times just makes things way too easy.
  9. When did you create your account?
  10. I don't know what the average population is, but there seems to be a fair few amount on every day.
  11. I love playing with 1. Like others have said, it forces you to stay concentrated. I also love giving that extra bit of help to party members if they die or are close to being killed. I thought I would hate it at first, but it's added an extra element of fun to the game for me. I can understand it being an issue with solo players though. It would be good if we could have it that you can only use a certain amount depending on how many players are in your party.
  12. A bunch of songs from a Japanese band called The Oral Cigarettes. I have known about them for a while now but only recently listened to them properly. Damn they are good, possibly my favourite Japenese band now. I have had their songs replaying a few times a day for over a week now. Their songs are really catchy too, and I love a catchy song.
  13. Great job, I have a small suggestion though. Could you include the lobbies and mission counters for each one? That way people would know exactly where to go on each planet.
  14. You can go to the Guardians Branch on each planet to look for a mission. It's quicker than moving from lobby to lobby and checking each counter. It's still a bit of a pain in the ass and a bit time consuming though. What I don't like about it is you can be searching a long time before you find a group. I am sick to death of Castle of Monsters and White Beast, but these are the two missions that people like to play about 50 times a day. That isn't for me, I prefer to vary it up a bit, but it's becoming increasingly frustrating spending time trying to find players that want to branch out. There are times when I am spending twenty minutes trying to find at least 2 people playing the same mission. Being from the UK this is extra frustrating because of time zones. The most active times for me tend to be around 9pm onwards, so my time is limited when trying to find a group. I don't want to be spending 20 minutes looking for a group every single time I play. I haven't got the time for that. Even trying to find a group on Discord is hard. Almost anytime I see people saying they are looking for a group outside of White Beast and Castle of Monsters, they get ignored. People are free to play this game anyway they want, but I do think people will just stop playing if they feel forced to either solo a mission or play the same two missions over and over again. Last night was the first time since the server opened where I lost my patience and just gave up for the night. I can see this happening more and more over time. I love travelling to the different planets and looking at different lobbies and it's something I don't think we should ever lose from the game, but I hope in the future it's easier and less time consuming to actually find a group and actually play some missions.
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