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  1. There was an update on Discord on April 30th.
  2. The forum has been sleepy for years now. It was probably at it's most active during Clementine's first testing phase back in 2015, especially the day testing went live. The forum couldn't cope with the traffic and most people couldn't get on for a full day, our only way of staying in touch with what was going on was through the Clementine Facebook page at the time As soon as Discord opened though, the forum dropped off massively. Outside of Phantasy Star Universe, there really isn't much reason to comment on the forum. We can talk about a load of shit, but there are tons of forums out there dedicated to those kinds of things, so I may as well just use those forums instead. Clementine forum is basically just a place to store important info about Clementine at this point. Outside of that, there really isn't much else worth commenting on. Who knows though, maybe we will see a boom in activity once Clementine officially launches.
  3. Yeah, they're gone. All accounts were wiped when the last testing phase ended.
  4. Awesome update. Adding npc's is one of the updates I have been waiting and hoping to see after every update since the very early days of Clementine. Even if they aren't perfect yet, I am just happy to see you got them in.
  5. If you were here before the test server was shut down, you would have a better understanding of why it was shut down. Development speed has really picked up since the latest test server was taken down, and although I miss it, it seems to have been for the best in the long run. "No point in keeping the servers off by the time the re-release everyones gonna be long gone" I disagree completely. I have been here since pretty much the very beginning, coming up to 6 years, and we have had multiple test servers that have come and gone in that time and the population has only increased after each one. I have learned that fans are pretty loyal to the game and seeing this project through.
  6. PSO2 isn't that great anyway. I tried it a fair amount on the Japanese server and I just couldn't get into it. I would give it another go, but Sega are being assholes and won't release it in Europe. It all feels too late now anyway. I remember people being excited about moving on to PSO2 when the PSU servers closed way back in 2012. You can't wait this long to release a game to other countries and expect it to be a success. Honestly, I would be happy for PSO2 to fail if it means PSU Clementine's player count can grow.
  7. I know a few years back Mantis Bug Tracker was used, I'm not sure if they are using it anymore though.
  8. I haven't experienced much of it on PSU, but like any game, it exists. The worst I have seen is when people tell you to how to play the game. I have no time for people like that, I just ignore them. I will play how I like, if that isn't good enough for them, then that is tough s*** really. I just like to play the game with anybody, how they play doesn't matter. They can be really bad and die like 20 times, I don't care. I will just revive them when they need me to and carry on with the game.
  9. Definitely. I am all for adding more classes.
  10. Items from area boxes and clear boxes for rare missions haven't been added yet.
  11. It's especially annoying when you have a dodgy d-pad on your controller and you go to use a healing item and end up using something like a photon charge and then get killed
  12. Adding the /findparty chat command is probably my favourite update you have released so far. People may see it as a small thing, but it's something I have really wanted for a while now. This is going to save me so much time finding a party that actually wants to play different missions.
  13. Basically, at those prices, I won't be touching grinding. I don't even have the meseta for one A rank weapon repair currently.
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