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  1. Items from area boxes and clear boxes for rare missions haven't been added yet.
  2. It's especially annoying when you have a dodgy d-pad on your controller and you go to use a healing item and end up using something like a photon charge and then get killed
  3. Adding the /findparty chat command is probably my favourite update you have released so far. People may see it as a small thing, but it's something I have really wanted for a while now. This is going to save me so much time finding a party that actually wants to play different missions.
  4. Basically, at those prices, I won't be touching grinding. I don't even have the meseta for one A rank weapon repair currently.
  5. I have only bought one grinder in the game so far, and that was because I wanted to test them. I can't see myself ever buying them until I get every weapon I want. There is no incentive to buy them right now, it's better to spend money on weapons.
  6. Yes, 10 was what we had before. I'm happy with 3 though, it feels like the sweet spot.
  7. Well, the only other missions I ever see with at least one group playing are: Plains Overlord and Sleeping Warriors - Raffon Field Base - Parum Lightning Beasts - Old Rozenom City - Parum ( seems to be pretty dead of late though) Beach Bum Beasts - Paracaban Coast - Parum ( another that seems to have died of late ) The Eastern Peril and The Holy Grounds - Agata Islands Sacred Grounds You'll be lucky to find a group playing any other mission, which is frustrating when there are so many other missions in the game. I never thought I would say this, but playing this game is quite dull at the moment. There just aren't enough people that want to play any missions outside of the ones I listed.
  8. I'm taking a break because 90% of players only want to play Castle of Monsters. If people are moving around a bit, I may jump back in.
  9. I always feel bad when I use a grenade launcher when other players are trying to get an attack in, so the way things are now is much better for me.
  10. I would consider that an improvement too. Grenade Launcher is my least favourite weapon in the game because of the knockback.
  11. I'm sure somebody can replace it with a new one, I'm not sure who actually created them though.
  12. I have seen a few people say the game isn't working in that resolution, I think it's bugged.
  13. There are a lot of different lobbies and missions in the game, so it will be hard to find more than a handful of people in one place at the same time. You could be on a different server to everybody else too. To change server, go towards the orange floating cube, click it and pick the server with the most stars. You also need to factor in the region too. Most players are American, so it's unlikely that you will find a load of players playing early in the day. The post you made was 3 hours ago, so most of the people that play are either working, in school, sleeping, just woke up, or doing something else.
  14. I would love this if it is possible.
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