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  1. This isn't so much a specific suggestion rather than just my attempt to think of and encourage other people to think of some things a Master class/classes could have if there were to be a Master class that covers all the other weapons. One idea I had is for the class to be the opposite of an Acro class, where rather than increase the attack speed, it decreases it. My idea is that this class would add a special effect to weapons after their attacks hit the enemy when using these weapons with this class (it doesn't have to double the damage it could be another hit that does half the damage or maybe even less). Like for the Whips and the ranged weapons I think having a small explosion effect might make sense. And for grenades it would also increase the Area of Effect of the explosions the weapon already creates. I'm not sure what the other weapons additional effect would be. I don't know how possible that would be, but basically I think a class or classes that do the opposite of the Acro classes would be an interesting idea. Another idea I thought of at one point is that this class could allow all it's weapons to do Just Attacks including the ranged weapons, and increase the damage only for them, so it would be a class more about burst damage and timing, rather than just always doing more damage no matter how you play. But anyway as I said, share your own ideas too, this is just a fun thread to try to think up various ways a class that uses these weapons might work. And what would make it different than the other Master classes without making the already strong weapons too OP.
  2. Basically what I'm suggesting is that there be an additional bullet type Photon Art added to every ranged weapon that has no element. This bullet would have a significantly decreased base damage, but the special effect would be that the bullet deals more damage to enemies that have no element. That way the decreased base damage would encourage people to still use bullets the enemy they're fighting is weak to when they have an element, but there would also be a bullet that's equally effective against enemies that don't have an element. And it wouldn't devalue any of the already existing bullets special effects, since it wouldn't apply any kind of status effect to the enemy.
  3. I saw this thread and think it's a good idea, and don't really understand how it would be unbalanced if simply pressing a button at the right time is all that a Just Attack requires to perform in the first place. If you think that making the first one happen without the necessity of timing it after a normal attack would be unbalanced, then what you're really saying is that Just Attacks already are currently unbalanced, and your issue is with the fact they exist in the first place, or how much the amount they increase damage by when performed, not with the idea of performing the first one automatically. Since this wouldn't just magically add some new damage source that didn't exist before, or increase how much damage one that currently exists deals. The idea isn't to make every single Photon Art usage apply Just Attacks without timing. But maybe if a much longer cool-down time than PSO2's was implemented if this idea was used it would be better, considering PSU isn't really balanced around executing a perfect chain of Just Attacks constantly like how PSO2 does with it's timing of Just Attacks. Like I don't know it could be maybe somewhere around at least a 1 minute cooldown time, so you would still have to get the timing down of the rest of the attacks for a considerable amount of time before the next automatic Just Attack would be performed.
  4. I think it would be better to increase the movement speed of everything instead of what the OP suggested to be honest. So that enemies can still catch up to you and hurt you (Or they could even increase the speed of enemies attacks slightly too if them not being able to hit you is still an issue). The OP's suggestion leads to the possibility the buff doesn't end before running into a new set of enemies. Either way it's an exaggeration to say a movement speed increase would completely change the game. It wouldn't make it like pso2, because there's much bigger changes over simple movement speed increases in pso2. (Actually if you were to not use the new movement options for pso2, it's just as annoying to traverse maps in pso2). It doesn't have to be a huge change in speed, just enough to make traversing the maps not so inconvenient. The movement speed in PSU is about the same in the original PSO, but PSO has enemies placed everywhere, which makes the maps not seem as bad to traverse, instead of finding a group of them far apart in large rooms in the map. If PSU's classes didn't level the way they do, it wouldn't even be an issue, because then you could just kill the first few enemies then leave the map. But because of how they level, its more than just a minor inconvenience. The game is fun, but walking through the maps gets pretty tiring after doing it hundreds of times, especially on the bigger maps.
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