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  1. As much as I have absolutely no intention of going hardcore on an ancient game I have so much time on my hands i'll end up playing 5-10 hours a day anyway but it'll be as casual as I can be
  2. Said it before and i'll say it again I always believed that Marm and the gang would be able to make PSUC a reality. One of the few games I genuinely adored and we are a month away ! I know they probably know but I think I can speak for everyone in the Clem discord/site when I say that we appreciate all of the hard work and time you have all put into this for the benefit of everyone to go back to a game we all love.
  3. From the moment I found PSUC I had every faith that Marmy and the amazing people helping would bring back my favourite game and I honestly cant wait to get my hands on this game out of a testing phase and grind out every single thing I missed getting the first time around whilst making new friends along the way!. Much love to Marmy and the other devs/mods/helpers
  4. The issue with them getting nothing done is because of that pretty much because they were so busy hotfixing and making sure that it was playable sort of that they lost time with more important things to do. I know its easy for me to say considering I have played the test server for a good time when it first came out but trust me it was going absolutely nowhere in terms of what work they are getting done now.
  5. I am so excited to play the finished version of this.
  6. I was on English servers when I was super young and my old name was Andybobandy and used to / still do play a Wartecher as a beastman. I was absolutely obsessed with the My Room aspect of PSU and cannot wait for that to be flushed out fully so I can go back to farming all the house items again
  7. Im going to assume they will be going from ver 1.0 which wasn't terrible but they added a lot of my favourite emergency quests in later patches especially the mech ones. Also I will absolutely play it but I have a feeling it wont be very popular compared to the JP server.
  8. I thought a few months after the test released when I stopped partaking in the *Test* that you could do far more work if you werent constantly hotfixing random things and I believe that for the first few months it was productive but it very quickly became people just playing for the love of the game instead of testing and myself included was apart of that problem. I have every faith and fully trust that you guys/gals can remake to the highest degree of accuracy the game that we all loved and miss. Hopefully when its done we can get JP/GER/FR/ servers along side English ones after a while to enable those communities to have a home they also lost. Much love to all the team and I cant wait to see how the game grows in the coming years.
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