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  1. I will say that i'm not *upset* and to be honest I am not really sure how to describe it but I regret not doing more. You do make good points and firmness was one of the things I wish I had been more steadfast in because we could have cleaned up a lot more of the trolls/toxic players than we did as fast as we did. Who knows what the future leads because I sure hope Clem can become a thriving game with a great community but it'll take the work of everyone not just the mods/devs but also the community aswell.
  2. I personally don't think having a PR group would have made a difference in reality for the simple fact of Marm was demonized for answering questions and then demonized for not answering questions because it just depended on which toxic POS was asking at the time. There were numerous Developer update's that answered a plethora of questions over the years but every day the same 5-10 questions would get answered EVEN IF Marm/Gnome/Kyu would put the answers to those questions in a post on the announcement's page. The other side was people who would ask the question and then get an answer but then want to argue and try to deter a much needed update simply because it didn't gel with what they were currently farming the ever living shit out of or were more interested in making sure we didn't nerf their next big meseta grind and less concerned with how it actually effected the game and it's economy and it's playerbase in general. All in all I can say from a personal standpoint we did answer a lot of questions and myself personally would take questions very often to the Dev's and then feed the answer's back publicly to the people asking but it just never stopped and nor did the disapproval of whatever the answer happened to be. I hope this shed's some light from my perspective atleast. Edit: I wanna make it clear that the vast majority of people asking question's had no ill intent and for the most part were just curious and wondering what was going to happen which is perfectly natural and honestly the best type of person to ask. The post is more directed towards the more unsavoury members of the community.
  3. Marm deserved better quite frankly. I'm just glad he is putting his health above this project. The good players (Non toxic) made PSUC an absolute delight to play on. Toxic players demonized and lied and spread nonsense about others to benefit themselves only. Flawless was a dickhead from the moment he joined PSUC and I regret never removing that toxic infection the moment he got onto our radar as a toxic player. The good players deserved a better community but ultimately toxicity/lies took down a really good person and I don't think anyone deserves to be treated the way Marm was treated by the majority of the community.
  4. So here's my two cents on the matter. Great game but absolutely horrendous community unfortunately. For every 10 good/appreciative member there were a hundred ungrateful/toxic players who would aim at moderator's/Developers who had done nothing wrong but just due to sheer entitlement they thought it was acceptable to attack/flame members of the moderation/developer team openly. I absolutely loved playing PSUC and helping the developer's in being a moderator and I will say it was a pleasure to play with many people who made my time playing PSU an absolutely amazing experience which I am sure you all know who you are. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On the flipside there are a few members of the community who were absolutely attrocious people who would DM me consistently begging for insider info for their Time attack runs or asking to be sneakily dm'ed the drop rates/tables (Before they were posted publicly) and also being asked if I could sell them Meseta for mills to the $ and unfortunately the list really does go on. The players who were actively causing problem's were the same one's who would actively discourage the developers on their hard work to just give up which was clearly disheartening to read/hear. The cheating/hackers were such a pathetic aspect to have to deal for me as in my opinion this was a fan rebuilt game that was built FOR the fans and yet we still had to deal with pathetic amounts of speedhackers/scammers on a daily basis. Moderation on the server did need to be handled better and I should have been firmer with the toxic players so that part is on me personally as I felt a guided hand in the right direction was a better approach than a tough banhammer for the toxic players. My reason for leaving PSUC and moving on is simply because the toxic players out numbered the good ones and when you are getting DM's at stupid hours of the morning (2-5am) of people rule breaking you really just can't be bothered to deal with the nonsense especially when you have an actual life to deal with outside of PSUC. My biggest regret is leaving the good people to be forced into suffering the toxic pieces of shit they have to deal with on a daily basis but ultimately when you have 80% of a community deciding that you and the developer are wasting your own time by trying to remake a fantastic game it SHOULD have been had it not been for the dickheads who will always ruin the games like this with their entitled toxic attitude that seem to think having a strong opinion somehow amounts to them *DESERVING* to be a developer or moderator just because THEY say so. Marm/Kyu/Jakoo/Gnome/Strawdonkey/Whammy all deserved better from the community and it disgusts me even now still how greedy/arrogant people got with demanding more from any of them. All in all I absolutely loved the community (The good people) and I absolutely loved helping the Devs/Mods out in trying to steer this game and it's community into something that could last for years. Much love and honestly fuck all of the toxic players for ruining this game and it's community with your selfish attitude and complete disregard for anyone.
  5. If you blacklist someone you blacklist that particular character. If 2 people have Blitzlord as their name only the one you blacklist will actually be blacklisted as everyone has their own *Guardian ID* so names are irrelevant when it comes to blacklisting.
  6. We have a channel called #Looking For Group which is where people go and get parties together with others. Hope this helps :)
  7. I absolutely appreciate how that feels but ultimately it doesn't change the fact you own 10/10s :D
  8. I would like to thank you for this lovely post and it's kind words towards the hard working mods/devs/helpers.
  9. https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Missions#C-rank_missions This link will show you missions based on level in the C rank catagory so you can try some of those out and see how you get on there.
  10. Well hopefully you remember your always welcome to comeback if you see fit to in the future. Until then Stay Safe and have fun
  11. You may not find many posts on the forums as the majority of the community is in the discord which also has a Tech support channel to try and help you figure out whether its something on your end or if your just getting unlucky and happening to play as a universe goes down briefly. I'd highly recommend joining the discord even if you do not wish to communicate as we post major announcements and current patch notes and more on their as they are done.
  12. I appreciate that you believe the solution is to simply add another PSU channel but those who complain do not limit themselves to sticking to one discord channel. They want their voices heard and opinions read so they will just go to any channel where people are talking and do it there anyway.
  13. If you dont want to play with others then you can put a password on your mission before you start. You should see a *Set Password* in the list before you start your mission in the counter and that will allow you to set a 4 digit number of your choice that will prevent players you dont want to join.
  14. I would recommend joining the Discord and posting in the #Tech-Support Channel as you will be able to get much faster help and sadly I am unable to help on the particular matter.
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