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  1. Get over there and help them figure out the problems so they can release it, since you think its so easy.
  2. I can only speak for the xbox community but the xbox live community in general was pretty... Questionable at best
  3. I bet thats why it went down in the first place
  4. I thought you all died of the RONA!! no but seriously. Still want to play PSU good to see you're working. Again if it works ill do a monthly subscription to cover the old guardians license.
  5. Any ETA on when its playable?
  6. I admit to using PSU as a massive chat room with characters for a while haha but I also did "the grind" I miss PSU for more reasons than just the game. The community was pretty great... in groups.
  7. its amazing how many new people are joining in just as you guys shut it down haha Looking forward to playing x.x
  8. Yeah I looked around after a bit. I read somewhere they mentioned that. Man.. I might give PSO2 a try since its free and all. Couldn't hurt. I would love for PSU to return or another. As im sure most people here agree. Oh well, it seems like there has been plenty of improvments. I haven't played clem at all yet so I cant donate but I would pay 5-10 a month paetron instead of the old guardians licence
  9. So most of the game wasn't really ready anyway? I figured it was more or less copy and paste since sega or whoever was directly in charged handled all that. I haven't done much to look into clementine yet. Guess ill be better off playing extra mode on an emulator for the time being.
  10. Man I was a few weeks short of being able to play at all.. I really hope something comes up that allows servers to come up earlier than planned. I just want to play the game again buggy or not.
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