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  1. Understood! ...Somehow I'll have this fixed for the next maintenance!
  2. Nice find! This sounds like a backend issue that @Marmalade will have to look into! Many thanks.
  3. I've heard that some users have resolved this issue after updating their graphics drivers and restarting. Let me know if this works for you.
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look at Ank Kilik when I next can. As for Foverse only hitting 10 times, that's a known issue that we're trying to get ironed out eventually. We understand it's pretty worthless like this, but we've not found the culprit for it doing this yet.
  5. I liked seeing it, just not when it was for Synth items -- even if it is slightly in my pallete due to the widescreen hack oof. Not important but some QoL, I think it'd be nicer to see the weapon name highlighted with the weaponel element. Liiike.... this. Parallaxed Parallaxed Parallaxed Recieved: Ultimate Knight - 36% Recieved: Twin Dil Edge Recieved: Exam - 50% 15★ 9★ 3★
  6. Do you mean the rare drop indicator text next to the palette or something else?
  7. Thanks for the find! I'll fix this ASAP.
  8. Thanks, I'll have this fixed for the next update!
  9. Nice find, I'll get this sorted ASAP.
  10. No problem! Glad you got it sorted.
  11. Your resolution needs to be set to 720p in the launcher. Give that a go and let me know if this resolves your issue.
  12. I think between 3 and 5 would be a decent amount.
  13. You're amazing, I would never have noticed Glad to see you're back too! Updated links.
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