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  1. Howdy. For those who aren't a fan of the custom wooden floor texture on the GUARDIANs Colony 5th floor that's being forced with ClemLauncher, you can revert it back with this file here. Place into your game's DATA Folder in your selected install location and confirm to overwrite. I wouldn't reccomend opening ClemLauncher again as it'll just re-download it. You can open the game via PSUC.exe
  2. I'd like to see traps fill the SUV guage.
  3. Thanks for reporting this. I'll get this fixed!
  4. Thanks for the information. I'll get these fixed.
  5. Thanks, I'll get this fixed. If you can DM me on Discord any others you find, or make a forum post and tag me, It'll help a lot!
  6. I'll get these sorted ASAP. Many thanks Harmonixer.
  7. They have been tested, in the last testing phase we had, and they work fine. You didn't play during that time. As I said, they're placeholder because they are very strong items and we don't have appropriate box drops yet.
  8. I personally feel this post should be placed in a lot of other recent threads...
  9. How can you not see that as incentive already. As others have stated, 40k is literally made in about an hours worth of playtime above level 25, you just need to go and do it.
  10. These items are only in the shop as a temporary placement, because most of them are actually incredibly useful for endgame characters. I don't think they are "Too much" considering there are people who actually have purchased these items, and these are the players who spend the most time playing.
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