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  1. Thanks for the report! I'll get this corrected ASAP. ♥
  2. Interesting, I'll take a look into this to see if I can reproduce the error, although I've yet to see anything like this happen before.
  3. Thank you for spotting and reporting this! I'll have it corrected ASAP.
  4. Great update! Thanks for all the hard work everyone.
  5. Apologies for the oversight in Grenade Launcher bullet Leveling. I've raised this with the rest of the team, and we hope to have a solution as soon as possible.
  6. Thanks for reporting this. It'll be fixed for the next maintenance.
  7. This appears to be a backend issue where Level 1 HP Steal just isn't working. I can confirm those weapons do have HP Steal applied to them; they just don't work at Level 1. I'll see what I can do about this.
  8. Parallaxed

    hp steal

    Howdy. Thanks for reporting this. A little bit of investigating has led me to believe that HP Steal at Level 1 (on weapons) isn't working as it should. Sorry for this! I'll see what I can do go get this amended. Thank you again.
  9. Awesome update! Great work all, and many thanks to those keeping me in the loop with equipment issues.
  10. I'll have the remaining 9999 stat RCSM's issue resolved for the next update.
  11. Parallaxed


    Closed. The issue was falesly reported.
  12. Unfortunately most RCSMs have 9999 accuracy as a placeholder value for now. As for the Sonichi rarity, thank you; I'll correct that for the next update.
  13. Thank you for reporting this! I'll have this fixed for the next update.
  14. Great guide; Featured for helpfulness!
  15. The command for swapping line shields based from their element is "/sl element" So, /sl fire would equip the first fire lineshield in your inventory.
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