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  1. Hi So there's this suggestion/discussion. Mother brain's loot: Exam+ is a pretty decent saber, for every class that can use S rank saber in my opinion :3 Speed King... I haven't got one, but it judging the name... it meant to be THE RCSM that applies things faster, Get one in blue, and lv 3 dfp down. ^_^ Ideal for AF (Dark can cause confuse, so you can basically laugh around, of the mass confusion ^_^) Brain Spiral is the scre gloves for Wartechy :3 Twin Glasher... No clue.... But not every drop must be the best i suppose, but looking nice :3 Infinite Saber is a decent stuff, altough, there are goodies, that makes it feel like bad.... Before i comment, i would like to hear your example ^_^* Not sure if i should encourage it or not There are already a few weapon available with slightly modded bonus, but yeah. There will be a few goodie, that will have way better bonuses than what we have (accroding to the old psupedia) Nah, this one is bad :( If the board is untradable, why should the weapon become tradable? Nope If we pick up the pso references, 99 PD = 1 PS not PH ^_^* Photon drops were tradable in pso1 (and were used as currency way more than meseta for it's abilities) Even in late game you could always use them for good. And while i have no clue how it will be added, or if will be added.... I think Photon drops will be always relevant for a phantasy star game ^^ in a way :3 As someone whom confused about this whole system will simply going to ignore this point :( Sorry Finally a point ^_^ How dare you! Shato can turned into shato+ Melan knucks can be used for good Lab staff.... Never seen any, but the special drops from one is always welcome <3 Psycho gun aka the gun that never runs out? Come oooooooon it's cool Lumira HP restorate... LV 5 auto regen Better than giresta's ^_^ Darbelan .... All of it is useful ^_^ Delnadian.... Okay aside of the rainbow.... (that is common from others) nothing else Lutus.... REWORK HIM!!!! Org Dus... That unit only.... other than that... Reword :P Jaggoes and Rappies are fine ^^ If powerful weapons would be super common, you would get borred on having them. Sometimes the journey is the reason you pick up games, and while you might be lucky, and you get a really good drop early on (or unluckly like me... from time to time), But either way, if you would be able to blast the monsters too hard without challange, you probably loose interest at some point. Which would lead eventually to the point, that people would only ever would join, when there's an event happen (Which some of us already do) As of conclusion: Tie a few goodies for certain mission/enemies or add the Super rare mark on several items, can prevent this from happen such thing. There's an "external" solution i could bring up, that's like something from the server called Ephinea.... (a pso server) where you could make a unique account, to make your own gear, as of testing purpose. They couldn't interact with normal players, other than talking.... (But i not sure if this idea could Ever happen here, because it's something hard to code i would believe)
  2. Hmmm, i wonder if it's the same type of issue i had recently. But there was an issue on my end, and my solution were is to change the resolution. With it i can play just fine <3 Also the lags in game greatly reduced (i don't really understand why) Note: I play in windowed mode
  3. Update: I've changed the chair, relocated the bells, and added pillars <3 It's gorgeous now <3 (But still not finished) Major updates will be added later <3 Everyone whom wishes to watch it, may check Led's room <3
  4. @dohieu1970 Well the event is not live anymore, if your question is this about. If you face other nature of issue, then first please be more specific, and secound, ask it in an other topic. The game should be available, unless there's was or is a maintanence.
  5. Hi I have a question... Tonight i've did a few run for a chanse for Genesis (Machinegun), After a copule of runs later, i've found an item a Genesis (The ranger mag) Accroding to the wiki The Machinegun version is obtainable only from this mission. The RCSM is only obtainable from IC on S. (So the possibility of jumping from low tier is out) There's no question mark left about the drop pool about this mission. (Which in my view means, everything should be known) The genesis i've found this way, i give away to the person i was running with, because he didn't had in that % So the question is, Can i be so unlucky, that somehow instead of the gun , i've found a RCSM, or was it a glitch? Prehaps found new way to earn it? Because i doubt it would be a global reward for S2.... It wouldn't feel right ^_^* But at the end of the hunting day i've found a magashi head, so that's something to cheer about, i think ^_^*
  6. S3 is currently unavailable so i can't talk about how brutal it can be, but i can imagine. Yet i can boldly say i clean up S2 missions solo, even as an AT. Which can give good amount of experience, and loot pool. Also The stronger the target, the more PA exp you can get out of it, That being said, S or S2 is a good way to level your PA that were ignored. Metter of fact i have several, whom dosen't mind me doing my own thing, long as i can keep up ^_^ So far i haven't let them down. This isn't nessecerily an issue, i mean.... I only play and i go deeper.... Heard about this game, when clementine's last update were on the edge. So with zero knowledge i had to try out every class, in such short time, not to mention the PA's. (Which for the majority here, is something they already knew) And while the "first test period" for me were cut short, because of the little time i had. I could at least gain the information which class i would need for my needs, which were about two weeks. Now playing this game for longer period, i still feel like i can't decide from two class/character. Mainly because the needs of the party. For instance: My beast currently play as FM, but i longing to play PT from time to time, because it have more advantage when we fight bosses such as De rol Le, or any dragon. because the lack of ranged ability. This is an easy decision, since i can use (almost) all of my FM PA as PT My human, currently play as AF, but i miss WT life, however, it's much harder to swap, because the weapon and PA pool is incompatible. Which makes me give the urge to flood the bank with unused PA or transfer them on classes i can use at the current need. This issue cou ld be curable, if we would had twice as much PA slots.... but i wonder if this would ever happen. So th e best advise i can give for those whom haven't picked what class they want to use Check the clem wiki for the said class, to check it's stats, bonuses limit break ect... Check what weapons they can use, and what PA available for them. *For melee* Check a video, on how certain PA looks like Decide if it's for you *If yes* Gather the gear for your needs *If not* Then check a different class The same i can say if someone want to check out a PA, but with the only exception, that the class is all right already I don't nessecerily believe that if you're playing on S or S2 (if you're confident enough) give it less efficient, sure we all want to play on S3 at one point, but if you were take aid from higher level player, or s imply one decide to join to help.... You'll going to gain more experience than PA experience. But this you can use it for your advantage, by skipping a few loop, for taking other loops :P Beforehand you buy a PA, check what you buy ^_^ I remember playing PSO1 for years, and while i had lv 200 toon, i still had techs that weren't lv 30 (aka max) So progression wise, this system is better than pso1. Not sure about other PSO2 to hold this part of it, so i cannot say anything about this. With all mentioned things that were listed. I can only see it two ways, that could work. A), In a mission, you can get Boost fragments instead of PA frags on S, S2, S3 Pros: It's still reasonable "hard" to obtain, and makes others play together for it. Cons: People whom cannot join in the event/dosen't have toon for S or higher, will miss out entirely. Therefore players whom have less time to play, would be the ones to suffer from it, instead of we help them. B), Frags + spheres -> Boosters Pros: You can get them when you like, so if one don't have the time to play daily, can still get them. Less irritative if you lose one, out of your control. And a solution on S3 joining faster. Cons: You can get them easy :P Therefore some people might be like, try out the PA's they wanted, and then leave, untill next event. (Which unfortunatly i thing we already experience) Of course, both suggestion cames with the fact, that we need to have them as consumable buffs.
  7. That would be horrible! Most of the time, my banks are full because i'm a collector. Giving us consumable bonus this way, would be awful with people like me. What if you can get special tokens after finish event missions in S, S2 or later S3, instead of PA frags... So you can get uhhh... Boost Fragment? (Just an idea, don't bite me for clogging your inventory :P) That of course would require a special exchange mission for them to work. That way you can spend your well deserved boosts.... However.... People whom can't afford to take part in the event would be then feel miss out.... So No... This is yet anouther bad idea.... However.... The exchange mission idea for buffs is something i wouldn't drop. Like.... If this time i understand @ScarletMel ^_^ we could combine our ideas, with like pay x amount of PA frags, in order to get a booster of your choise. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now to the off topic section Well "power leveling" a PA, is something what some people can decide to do, or not to do. As of me, i only did that with my support spells. Leveling the rest, just gives me entertainment. This wouldn't be an issue if we could carry at least twice as much PA! Since you can only focus on one class's PA tree at a time, class might make you require to change your gear entirely, and along with your PA's too (Even if you only play two class, for exmple Acrofighter <-> Wartecher) Yup Nope, because you can always decide to play with friends whom dosen't mind you. or doing this on your own (but that case, pick a difficulty/mission that is reasonable for your needs). Personally, yesterday i've unlocked Infinity strike, and i wont going to bother "power leveling" it, i take it with me on S2. At lv 20 i'll toss on m Acrofighter, because of AT cap. If anyone have problem with it, it's their fault <3 I'm having fun with seeing the PA getting cooler, after every 10 level ^_^ And lastly.... just to make you think about what you said.... Even if you're wise, you can get Disconnected (by loss wifi for a sec for example.) Having issues with the power Get an important phone call Maitenance/Crash/Anything similiar Or really anything, that makes you sit up for reasonable time The timer keep going, and then you would feel bad because your precious event only event booster is wasted :( without any or minimal use use.
  8. @NameWillChangeWhenInGame Figured so, but luckily @strawdonkey answered this one. Here's a cookie for your time
  9. This is what i could only found, so can't blame me for not seeing that post you posted after rme ^_^ No, this would make PA exp booster to be available, and reasonable at all ^_^ Because you might find yourself, in the way of.... Yeah i struggled it up, and boom... the event woud give me something i can only sell for 10 mesetas :P And already mentioned We're speaking about a consumable here that is, so the "milestone system" will be a joke. The milestone system would be good, if the bonus would be bound to the event, and wouldn't be cons umable :P Like the one here we have currently.
  10. Isn't that option only available if you try to "talk" with your bot? Edit: And any sub menu within.
  11. The casino weapons are not powerful enough to make it extreme indeed, also their power dosen't grow with grinders, only their PP pool. And if i remember correctly, they're also untradeable. So only can be used by the person whom exchanged it, and at certain point, we wouldn't use them anyways. This change g ives the new commers whom prefer to stay out of getting power leveled, could still get items that would help them early game. I totlly endorse this one
  12. The idea is good, however i'd give it with say.... do weekly certain mission for a set amount of time (of course changes weekly). Since the boosters came with the dailies/weeklies anyways.
  13. @Lupophobia There's used to be a trade section, but i assume as discord get in here, it got removed. However i keep my shopping list here <3
  14. Hai I don't know if this one will be appropriate here, if not a mod would move it to it's proper place anyways ^_^* The title says it all :3 If it's changed, i'll going to edit the post :3 Without further ado ^_^ The list is currently empty, will add more things in the future <3 ----------------------------------------------- Because i struggle to keep all of my goodies :D as more and more thing i find, that i could keep. So I decided to start to make room for several of them. But if i have an armor, or weapon with high% that i consider give away (with a little profit) i'll mention here The price may go lower over time, depends if it's there for too long Here's the list: Update probably weekly, if you missed it I'm sowwwyyy!!!! You can find them in Led's shop. HV-NV0504 55 000 Meseta Y-DA0701 36% 30 000 Meseta Crimson Line 50% 11 000 Meseta 11x Gachnium 100 000 Meseta Fanatic's Slicer 45% 30 000 Meseta Two-headed Ragnus 25% Meseta Astral Blade 36% 100 000 Meseta TS(Twinkle Star)-NV1F06 250 000 Meseta Thanks for your purchases <3
  15. @ScarletMel Whopsie ^_^ it was a missread i disagree as well.
  16. I play as FM and AF, i find this idea a little bit crazy.... I personally LOVE axes, they're heavy, goofy, and none the less really good at dealing damage. Anga Jabroga is something what people were called "Jabroken" Now imagine, if it's going to be JA no metter what, with out first swing. Vivi Dezza Would be smiliar for Melee AT Rekku Chouhi-jin Tank for days (and yes, this attack has more than one attack) And for the funzies i can say Gravity Break I'd totally go only with the first attack for DPS, and i wouldn't have to worry about tossing the enemies away. And many other PA on the list, but i'll let you figure out the rest.
  17. I totally feel this idea as a good idea! Since the people who plays an old game like this, (several of us at least, probs much more) are probably end up coming home a fter a long day of work, and want to relax with a good nostalgic game. I understand that this is a grindy game, so those "elitists" wouldn't like if the game would be easier or less like a grindy duty, but that's just them doing their own thing... Back to the topic... I must give credit on @Selphea's words there And maybe with the idea too. However i personally love the idea of getting multiple casino coinz / day, since we can get them only with the daily withdraw, or try our fortune (which i have none ^_^*)
  18. So the hard attack thingy for the "crits", right? That's something alright, since you can tech/shoot from longer distance. But it would be cool to see if we could "time" them too. Like, we would take a little time in-between shooting/teching instead of button mesh? But generally i feel like, laser beams/line PA-s would gain extreme CC rate with it, with their infinite target counter in line. So it's something that wouldn't really work for them i believe. That's something alright as well! As already mentioned, attacking with an item such as axe, or sword. As @Selphea mentioned earlier, certain PA would break out of the ballance, because they have only one attack. However i feel like, a few other PA would gain extreme benefit, would make them a little too powerful. Such as Gravity break, and Anga Redda. But not only the heavy weapons would gain too much advantage. Playing as Acrotifgter, i feel like PA's such as Buten, or Rekku (or any slicer PA really) would be a crit rain.
  19. I feel like i'll be a Negative Nancy here but... In this game, i'd rather pick admin made/verified mods, because it feels safety. (but your post is new so i keep an eye open)
  20. Every monster in the game (and friendly npcs don't ask) killable with incap lv 1, and if it's not too much, bosses too? but only for basic class.... :D Now for realsies... While personally i don't understand what "JA", and possibilly going to feel stupid if it's something smiple :D Using heavy weapons like axes has it's charm, they has high power at the cost of speed.
  21. But shouldn't a LV 4 SE should proc easy? I mean... Come on a tech, a bullet effect, or even a melee weapon with say... lv 1 freeze proc at all in a single mission, and i tested it on two missions, that day. Today i've did a raffon run, with a little group. and still nothing. (For the record, i didn't used the fists only that time) I mean i do agreed with what you say, but the monsters dosen't die fast if you test them without PA :P yassss ^_^ But i originally i wanted a charm weapon for my AF, i feel a little ehh about it. However the stats and the looks make it up enough, that they're weren't a bad decision. ^_^
  22. Hai As always, the title says it all. :3 Accroding to the wiki, Pom-pom Smash supposed to applies lv 4 charm. I've did two mission using only that weapon. and no charm happend (I weren't solo , so it shouldn't be an issue here) Is it a bug, or the weapon changed?
  23. Time to grind the forgotten PA's, and catch up with you all I can't wait to see the JP spells become available :3
  24. If an opinion of someone, whom never even heard about this game, when the official game were out counts. I think there's many thing we can count, that would provide the answer for this question. First and foremost, on how i heard about the old community, it was.... way way way more larger than we are currently. (But for the record, if an event pops, the main ship is usually crowded) So making the game "easier" grants the players to enjoy the game, if they're alone, or with only a friend. Secound: I'd say people whom play the game back before clementine, simply enjoy the game, for what it is. Secretly hope they'll find someone they were play with, and i bet several old friends found eachother after a long while. On the other hand, someone whom never heard of the game (like me), will get a new experience about a game they never played with, and despite it's an old game, it's really fun. Third: Most of the players whom came here for nostalgia, probably have jobs, or family, making the game easier is not bad in that case. So they're not going to feel they're abandoned if say.... They can't play for a while, because they can easy rank up well :3 Last but not least, several aspects of the game changed to make the game more enjoyable (Once again, i have no idea how it was a while back). Which may or may not made people sour, or happy. What i experience, is a rather relaxed game, but still have challange ideas i can, and will eventually record.
  25. Fruzsina


    Update: Originally i've planned to return by next next monday, but i think i'll tomorrow will be my day of return :3 I hope anyone were good while i were away (altough, a few days i've popped my nose in here, other than the coinz) ^_^ If someone were mischief, then they'll better hide their ears, because i'll pull both of them earz :3
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