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  1. Ohh noooo! I don't want to be kidnapped by the government's UFO, i'm not tasty (yet...)! (I think we're getting off topic)
  2. Hey that's unfair! I'm a half cow, give me a chanse to win :*D
  3. @SHOTGUN Moooo, i mean heeey, i'm not a cow, neither wish to be eaten ^^ Well i would rather not risk my job, while the pandemic is on our heads. Well, the doc said the next "This will probably be the last, but don't be surprised if once in autumn, you'll get a call for your third dose." I'm a little pessimistic about this, and i ready myself for the call ^^* Knowing that now the once the restrictions getting less and less, as the persent of how much people took their shot. Which then would means, that people would travel, thus spread these "mutated" virus, that may or may not mu
  4. Tomorrow i'll going to get my secound dose. Fingers crossed, that people know about the time tomorrow!
  5. Hi I have a good one! ^_^ A mind blowing experience! It's almost like a magic trick! But i guess it's just a glitch or something. Before i lost the track, let the screenshots speak ^_^ So let's look for a weapon called Magi processor (or magi proc as i did), within A to S rank like this here. It's says 4 item, all good <3 i see no glitch or magic yet, Be patient! It's an A rank weapon right? So surely if we just looking for A rank, then there will be 4 item, right? Ohh Damn, someone brought two of them, but wait, did they brought the expensive ones if th
  6. Hi I'm not sure if this glitch is addressed, but yesterday i've found an odd thing out about the mission reward system, which i were suspicious about earlier, but wasn't it's the case, until yesterday we're face the glitch once again. Yesterday i was at Raffon field, farming fraggies, and someone joined in the party as we were fight the boss. We're all taken S rank, even the person whom just joined. Which is odd, because if the join happens right before the party enters the boss room, he or she would get C
  7. @SHOTGUN Umm, it's works fine for leveling up your striking machine, because some of them adds good% on the striking exp But other than that... ehhhh my heart bleeds that they're not like add hp based on % @Zeta Unfortunatly, i can't read japanese characters, so i can't really see what these units be like, but if they're like pso1 like... aka dosen't bind by slots, then that's something go for yay ^_^
  8. @SHOTGUN Yeah i heard that megid is "so" useful here, but to be honest same i can tell about pso1's megid, but... it had it's use :3 So i believe it would have it's use here as well! But i haven't unlocked my Megid yet :P But at least you can level it, and don't have to hope that one day you will be lucky that it will drops :3 Especially with the "PA's cannot be traded" restriction Which is an other silly thing, because the PA's you can obtain via fraggies cannot be traded at all. While normal PA's can be traded, only if they're lv 1 Hmmm, so that Umbra set, is like a bone to the
  9. This topic is made for the two of us right? :*D Unfortunatly i can't add anything to this one as of now, because i haven't play pso2 :P However in compare of pso1 I feel like the support force life is a bit harder, because i cannot bind my spells on numbers. On the other hand, i love how various combinations i can add on my weapons, as the PA's changes all classes lives, instand of only going for the casters privilage ^^ And of course, love the new spells, weapon types. Also fun, that we need to grind our PA instand of farming for them! You know I looking at you Megid 30!! x
  10. Ouch that's dark, but things can always become better! Do not let the negative energies, cast shadow on the entire human race in your heart! Because we're the only ones who can change this, with just being smart, and also kind. And while one person cannot change the entire humanity, but if can convince to not to spread negativity, may as well spread positivity. Over time it will have a good effort on the modern society, even if we can't see it with our eyes. Maybe our children will see a better fate, or their children. But for that, we must be smart, and kind. (I know it's
  11. Hmmm, makes sense! :o But it means, we can get the vaccination, without worry about the chip! :*D If it's already there, they wont chip us twice, maybe? ^_^*
  12. Hmmm, can you send the "Graphics" from the options too? I know that if it's like custom, then there's no dot. But maybe it could be a reason why the game pop up, and then crash? But i think from this point i'll let Marmy do the rest, will check on the thread later.
  13. Now i've got to wonder, is that only psu that is affected by this issue, or other games misbehave like that? Because if other games have general issues like that, then it might be wiser to take the PC to a service. I've got an other idea, but that's probably not it either. Because if it would be the antivirus, it would just delete or quaranten the file, instand of block it. The symptome of it is like, something block it as it's start. Which is odd, especially that the game works fine on an other device of yours. Edit: Ohhh, forgot to ask, is the PC happen to be new? It then mi
  14. Hmmm, you seem to have every single file. So i've investigated this a bit further, and i'll going to have a wild guess. Not sure if it's going to be a solution or not (probs not), but worth a try! So i've check the google about this "CREATE DEVICE FAILED" thingy, and it's listing people issues about/how to fix D3D. Which is DirectX 3D, if i understand much enough.... So i wonder if the PC is in need for an appropriate DirectX update or something? (i have no clue if i said something stupid or not, but this is my best shot ^^*) Also i would suggest the reinstall.... But i believe it'
  15. Can you give us a screenshot of your game folder please?
  16. I've got the vaccination! It went pretty well! The only issue i can bring up, is that all 10 person whom were on the list we had to wait to arrive. (Roughly an hour and a half x.x) Next month, i'll going to get my secound shot, and i hope that the other 9 person will show up next time <3 The vaccination weren't any worse than the others, i've got some sort of disinfection spray on my arm, then the syringe with the vaccination. and then, a some cotton wool, to cover the mark. The doc said, we have to wait 20 minute, also were told to wait near the door, incase some problem.
  17. Hi guys! I've got notification that i'll going to get vaccination tomorrow! I'm kind of nervous, but i hope i'll everything will be alright. Wish me luck
  18. I hope my comment dosen't seem like disrespectful, but i find this idea ridicolus. If the old system says 0% wouldn't it be more reasonable if it would be say 10% at most? If i would to be bold enough i would say add a new level for the grinders, that have to be crafted! with say: 5 grinder s+10 5 Nano-photon an expensive material That is of course would make 1, that would either guarantee the level for all, or like about 90% at 9-10 Of course, same would go wih C B A too, but the material would be less expensive, and the nano-photon numbers would be les
  19. @Midori Hoshi with all my respect, i can say your points are good, however. I don't think that only the travelling PA would be the only ballance issue. I believe certain classes, such as fighgunner would dissapier once the late game items will be avialable. (along with the master classes of course) As of the challange idea. I can think for something actually. Well two thing i can be honest. First is: Personal challange Meaning, you set some rules for yourself Such as Can't grind weapons Can't use S rank weapons Can only use X-Y% modifier weapons
  20. Not so long ago such post made. If you've made your account trough the Launcher, then you can ask the staff to recover your account . If not, then i'll quote myself from that post. "C:\Users\(Username)\appData\Locale\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus There's a file there called Psu illuminus.ini" I hope i colud help
  21. Hmmm, have you tried to turn off and turn on the wifi o your device?
  22. Hmmm, sometimes my internet isn't wish to load certain pages, so i have to restart the box, Have you tried to restart the internet? (with the pc together)
  23. Hmmm, odd, have you tried to reinstall the game?
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