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  1. I've got the vaccination! It went pretty well! The only issue i can bring up, is that all 10 person whom were on the list we had to wait to arrive. (Roughly an hour and a half x.x) Next month, i'll going to get my secound shot, and i hope that the other 9 person will show up next time <3 The vaccination weren't any worse than the others, i've got some sort of disinfection spray on my arm, then the syringe with the vaccination. and then, a some cotton wool, to cover the mark. The doc said, we have to wait 20 minute, also were told to wait near the door, incase some problem.
  2. Hi guys! I've got notification that i'll going to get vaccination tomorrow! I'm kind of nervous, but i hope i'll everything will be alright. Wish me luck
  3. I hope my comment dosen't seem like disrespectful, but i find this idea ridicolus. If the old system says 0% wouldn't it be more reasonable if it would be say 10% at most? If i would to be bold enough i would say add a new level for the grinders, that have to be crafted! with say: 5 grinder s+10 5 Nano-photon an expensive material That is of course would make 1, that would either guarantee the level for all, or like about 90% at 9-10 Of course, same would go wih C B A too, but the material would be less expensive, and the nano-photon numbers would be les
  4. @Midori Hoshi with all my respect, i can say your points are good, however. I don't think that only the travelling PA would be the only ballance issue. I believe certain classes, such as fighgunner would dissapier once the late game items will be avialable. (along with the master classes of course) As of the challange idea. I can think for something actually. Well two thing i can be honest. First is: Personal challange Meaning, you set some rules for yourself Such as Can't grind weapons Can't use S rank weapons Can only use X-Y% modifier weapons
  5. Not so long ago such post made. If you've made your account trough the Launcher, then you can ask the staff to recover your account . If not, then i'll quote myself from that post. "C:\Users\(Username)\appData\Locale\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus There's a file there called Psu illuminus.ini" I hope i colud help
  6. Hmmm, have you tried to turn off and turn on the wifi o your device?
  7. Hmmm, sometimes my internet isn't wish to load certain pages, so i have to restart the box, Have you tried to restart the internet? (with the pc together)
  8. Hmmm, odd, have you tried to reinstall the game?
  9. Can i ask a screenshot of the error please?
  10. I can log in just fine, prehaps there were a maintanence when you tried to log in?
  11. Thank you for the quick answer
  12. Okay so i've checked the mod, and there's something i don't understand When i press insert, the little box thing turns on and off When i press / key, it dose nothing on my end. Turns out, it's a different key for me. I need to press alt + ü which is this symbole ¨ I tried numpad / and shift + 6 which is also / So is i wonder if it's because i have hungarian keyboard
  13. Each and every elemental photon has it's own unique farming spot, inclouding Gra and Megi photons I can't see the point of incrase their star number that high, With in reason i could only see the up most maximum of 3-4, to make them a bit expectional. Since low level players should be available to find, and use the weapon / armor crafting for their early game.
  14. Yes, the password is caps sensitive for sure, not sure about the account name Accroding to my client, certain special caracter dosen't identified correctly (when i tried to use the alt code specials) This is the first thing i can say, secoundly Have you made an ingame account / did you tried to log in with your forum account? If not, there's two ways to make an account (for the game) The _n method The launcher method If you make an account with the _n You will need to open the game, and create an account with this Username = Example_n Password =
  15. I'm eager to test this one, i've been waiting for one like this
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