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  1. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Most unfortunately, i can't seem to make it work. I'm rather silly when it comes to computers ^^, i must admit. But i believe it must be about something trivial issue. So my only chanse to play with it, is once the game is out i guess. ^^ Till then, i've got the Sims I would ask for help, but i would a lot more dummy, than i already think i am. Especially if it's indeed something like... you know... "ohhh come on" moment
  2. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Well i certainly understand that, i mean, using a facebook/discord. is surely an easier way to keep in touch with the others But still, the news and updates section were blooming for a bit, and as you mention. important things are usually going here. For me, the dev notes are kind of it and that's why i miss to see them.
  3. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Yeah that's what worries me, but i have faith that one day there will be something to read about the updates any time soon Meanwhile the game is off, i've returned to my old favorites. Such as the sims, and septerra core. Good old games never gets old. I tried to play with AOTI in offline, i've got a link to a page, but honestly i can't seem to run it. ^^ Prehaps i'm missing a step (or two). So i guess i'll just wait and see. Hope you have a nice day
  4. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Hi! I hope anyone have a nice day, and well as you guys stay at home I know that the Clementine have a discord, and well as i advise others to check it. But the forum seems to be sleepy these days. I don't really mind on that, but it's been a while since the last dev note about the server. While i advise others to go to disc, i only use the forum. So currently i have no idea about anything, but i hope the virus dosen't slow it harshly. But even if, i guess it's understandable. Anyways, hope you guys safe, healthy and well as happy
  5. Hi Basically, yes. While i only know about this big one, but accroding to others. There were a few re-write before (if i recall correctly about 3-4?), and well as "quick updates" that didn't required a lot time, nor erase progress. But this one supposed to be the last rewrite, but it will take time, so i suggest that you should check the forum/discord (Discord is more advised) about the updates, and generally. Have a nice, and stay healthy!
  6. Hi If google translate is right I can help answer it. The game is currently offline, because of an update (the final update). There's no estimated time when the game will be available unfortunatly. But the devs are working on it, so i can only suggest you to go to the Discord of Clementine. Or at least i think the Discord is a bit more informed than the forum. Once the game is out, and ready, you will not need anything else than the launcher provided by the forum's download section to be able to join us. The game is english, and the npc speach's voice are japanese (but that's not really affect the gameplay) I can only suggest to check the forums/discord (discord will be better) I hope i could help Stay safe, and healthy --------------------------------------------------- (Google translate: Spanish) Hola Si el traductor de google es correcto Puedo ayudar a responderlo. El juego está actualmente fuera de línea, debido a una actualización (la actualización final). No hay tiempo estimado cuando el juego estará disponible desafortunadamente. Pero los desarrolladores están trabajando en eso, así que solo puedo sugerirle que vaya al Discord of Clementine. O al menos creo que Discord está un poco más informado que el foro. Una vez que el juego esté listo y listo, no necesitará nada más que el iniciador provisto por la sección de descarga del foro para poder unirse a nosotros. El juego es inglés, y la voz del npc speach es japonesa (pero eso realmente no afecta el juego) Solo puedo sugerir que revises los foros / discordia (la discordia será mejor) Espero poder ayudar Mantente seguro y saludable
  7. So far i know, we had a really big boost in this testing period. So our levels, items, photon art levels. (Especially when i've joined) When these super PA booster weapons got out. It would be unfair with those who just started. On the other hand, i also understand that you guys put your time, and effort to obtain these things. But unfortunatly it were only a test period, so it were only for the fun. If everything is correct, this will be the last and big one. Once the game is out, i'd like to feel how the game plays out. Without the boosts, and the all the missing things. such as the item broad thing. So personally, either way happening, i'd start over from scratch, for the best experience Hype is there! Stay safe, and healthy
  8. Hi Guys First and foremost Hope you guys stay at home, and don't go outside, unless it's really nessecery. But the real thing, thing is. I got myself to log in more often here, i know you guys work on the server, and i'm patiently wait But whenever i log in, i see this.... the green bar, that says. the server is offline. Such a let down. . . By any chanse can you guys turn it into red, or dark blue? Well anything is better than the green for this message. Take care, and enjoy the weekend ^^
  9. A warm welcome to you, Karma! It's amazing how much new player decided to check on the server, too bad you guys came when the server is out for a while. Be sure to check the fourm/discord so you can keep up with the updates ^^ I hope once the game is out, i'll meet with you all well as the people i had the pleasure to meet with already.
  10. That's "almost" look like if you would take a peak in a heat cam, but if that's the case, you should see a doctor! Those legs would make me worried ^^
  11. Well if an opinion of someone who never had the pleasure to play PSU back in time counts much. But i did play a lot of pso, and there, casts were banned from the techer life. Which were kind of understandable, because we all had us our own set classes. As PSU granted us (well as pso2) the way to have casts use spells, i were amused by it! But for say, you can make a hybrid class for cast, that can both use either guns and/or swords , and also magic. This is pretty fun way to keep some time to spend explore the game, make a good and new memories. But reading the stats, and how much it would change, i think it would just concentrate to create like only beasts and casts. As for a newman, who should be the best on the tech tree, got almost as much power as a beast? So unless each race, or each class (dependless from race that case) could get a custom item for endgame, or something at the start, but minor. To make an either more focused goal for your character, or a tiny little boost early on. But either way, it would not be wise to boost any race/class way too much, to the point that other classes/races would not worth playing at all. So if i can vote for something (which i would rather not) is Either make custom weapons and armors for every race (with fact what they should focus for as like a master class, which would be plain silly) Or Make custom gear for each classes (expect the basic hunter, ranger, force) that would be unique to only them, nothing highly overpowered. But something extra, that could make them smile at either early or late game. But yet again, such weapon or armor should not drive the players on farming Only them. Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!
  12. A warm welcome to you, Zeus! Be sure to check the forum/discord, so you can join the game soon ^^
  13. Hmmm, this new launcher have icon for story mode icon.... Dose that mean, we will have it added in it in the end? Which is odd, because i tought you guys only focus on the online section. It would be a lovely surprise to see the story mode in the end, but if it's just a placeholder button, it's okay. Still eager and excited to explore what the game can give us
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