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  1. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    None of these names familiar, it's kind of stupid they change names, but prehaps each admin want new reputation for it. But i would stuck with one name, so others could have easier time finding my server, because there are a copule servers out there. Well as, tonns of minor ones. COME ON!!! :*D Perfect strats ruined, but i guess we can play the fonewy or newman gameplay. IF they have their racial bonus up (which is inbuilt tp regen) Kill a monster, and then do the chores and of course solo mode, for less hp and resists Yeah i know, i gathering stuff out of laziness, well as, what i consider trash, other might find value in it. Of course.... My starter handgun simply got trashed, not even sold :*D Heaven Striker > Heaven Punisher Because of berserk However that really makes me interest to try out this infinity, i mean this lock on stuff is neat. Which i miss from psu If i would play as any techer Dose Infinity have chat macro too? Just incase i would give it a try ^^
  2. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    What's the name of that other russian server? Might be familiar ^^ 100x stats? Resists stays or also buffed? Because it's really sort of impossible to bypass that much evp and dfp. Accroding to the wiki normal al rappy has about 75 dfp, and a panarms has 500 I would like to modify what i've said, it's not grindy, and yet still not hardcore. It's pain!!! But if i would ever would consider try my patience to hit level 10, i'll give you an easy victory strat, it wont fail 100% about 4 days ((lot)more if have no patience/luck) worth of grind in the mines and ruins for boxes.... to harvest loot. Depends on how luck and patience really What you harvest, check if you need. if you do, keep. otherwise sell. The meseta goes for the mag. And don't stop feeding till 200.... Once it's reached lv 200, you're good to go Stats would be like.... 76 dex, rest power, of full mind (if the resists stays the same, otherwise don't bother a mind mag) Chat commands for armor swap? Hmmm, that could be solution, since in pso1 i weren't used any at all, so it's wont be trobule using them, if i can use such... Even if i have no clue on how to start 2000 bank slot is need, however.... knowing myself i would fill them up in a secound Because, one of my worst trait in games.... that i don't get rid of things easy Aka, i remember trashing my starter handgun from bank from Maya. not that sentimental to waste a slot in the inventory, just bank Locking on things is something i really love, that's why one of my favorite weapon from pso 1 were the Yasminkow 7kv, for it's need lock for 180 ° or zonde for 360 °
  3. Such an odd word Ummmm, Wouldn't that be a little bit of an overkill? Well my neighbour i've mentioned seem to be in worse condition, because she is already in hospital. But i have hope and faith, that everything will be okay.
  4. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    @SHOTGUN Yeah it's really odd decision if you ask me, as you mention. They're not forced to play it, in fact it's just for funzies if someone enjoy it, they can go pvp. And in PSO1 i loved the pvp, because the lack of dancers makes the pvp more enjoyable. In games like WoW, i were only ambush others with melee, since i know if i were to play as mage or ranger, i know that people will stay behind me all the time. Odd... i were on a russian server once, with a russian friend. But that server were oddly short lived.... hmmm, could that means that i were there, just don't remember it? wait wait wait..... 3x hp, 100% stats and 1/2 exp? that's not hardcore at all :*D It's a little bit grindy max That would requires either lots of cloth, or a good modder Well as hope he is alright too wait wait wait... the guy think you were a new guy only because you worn default clothes? Perfect example for this... "Don't judge a book by it's cover" I don't mind helping new faces, but i always set my screen to show name + level (on pso1) Sometimes i also have had checked their ID number @Midori Hoshi Well i prefer to have new clothes, and here in psu i would also see reason to have many clothes, (which makes me meh since it take up a slot in my inventory, and i'm a gatherer) But someone might like that specific style, colours. And they stick to it, or prehaps they just don't feel it nessesery to buy clothes for themselves. @SHOTGUN Now that's something i will going to have a lot of trobule i know..... Inventory space management, well as.... armors with resists Rip perfect force immunity What's the difference in the inventory management in the infinity and in psu?
  5. What is a "pickney"? Every sport has it's own danger, injuries will happen. But when so many people chase one ball, that risk goes up higher way too fast :*D Now the real question, how cruel you would be with them..... Shoot'em with what? Stay safe, healthy, and try not to lick strangers. ^^
  6. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    i wonder why didn't they made pvp for pc, in pso1 i had a good blast in pvp. When i've read your lines, a slight hope i had, but i guess i've tumble over the detail ^^ I've only ask it about, because i've been on a few server, unfortunatly this isn't one. It would be quite a big surprise if we had the pleasure to play on your server Because you've brought up these challanges, and i used to do stupid things on pso1 (and would like to do on clem too) Monster And boss stat 1.5x stats?? On ultimate? Well i guess my trusty tangeshiema from bpd (ranger only), would sleep in the bank then. But any sort of support is welcome there That's never good, but i guess he weren't that good friend, or prehaps he found a dragon, and got married
  7. @SHOTGUN I don't really enjoy soccer at all, it's pointleess. 22 player on the field and one ball. To play it could be interesting, but to watch..... It just killing me. If any sport i would enjoy to watch, is something what i do enjoy do as well, that is tenis (even if i'm not really good at) ^^ Luckily no soccer player bother me, expect, when the young folk practice for fun. But they don't bother me, long as they wont use my wall as goal ^^
  8. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    @SHOTGUN Another slice of memory So deep, so true! While i haven't learned/trained psychology, but sometimes i feel urge to inspect people I mean, to know their mind a bit better ^^ But must say not in weird way ^^* (aka yeah a weird people would def say that too i know) he had +50 level and a TJS? That's so cruel from him Forces are capable to become 100% immune to any sort of magic, an odd gear will be needed for it, and that's the only way for it. Such thing i did with friends too, first form a 2 vs 2 party, and then if the 2 vs 2 winner due won, 1 vs 1. We didn't really went for prize but sometimes we give something to the winner ^^ such as a few PDs ^^ Especially if i lost on the 1 vs 1 My friend who told me about Clem said there's no pvp in psu Now you say there is... ^^ It would be cool to see a pvp option That sounds cool, what was/is the name of your server's name? Pfff, don't tell me that.... Have you ever tried to do a full run on ultimate, in pvp mode? You know Forest to Falz style? I mosly passed out on de ra lei. Lots of ress, lots of buff lots of please don't kill the support ouch... At least who were with you while you were ill, you know who likes you the most. They're friends
  9. @Acalon12 The secound wave is exist (at least the virus hit some countries differently) As for example, i'll post here this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/COVID-19_pandemic_in_Hungary From date 2020 03 04 to 2020 08 29 only 5669 infected, and 614 death occured. The latest data says at 2020 09 24 that 21 200 infected and 709 died That's rather short time compare to the first wave, yet the secound wave is really here. But the secound wave, (i give partially true to you) because the virus were already here. The same threat were existed, no question there. But heres some data from about how did hungary fight aganst it (all date is of course in 2020) Date Infected dead 03 04 2 04 04 678 32 05 04 3035 351 06 04 3954 539 07 04 4174 589 08 04 4553 598 08 27 5379 614 09 04 7382 621 09 24 21200 709 The chart is copiable, but it's really messy (when i tried). With a teal line (only) shows how much people recovered from the virus too. @SHOTGUN Living close to nature is always good What about the players? :*D Anyways stay safe and healthy p.s.: Damn it's really late now ^^ I hope i didn't make too much mistakes ^^
  10. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    @SHOTGUN ^^ It's not that hard, but incase it is. When... someone would (accidently or not) see your screen, and could find it inappropriate, or discomforting. I do enjoy the learning curve of any game, but if someone is with me, talking about the game. May as well play a few run, def wont ruin it for me I don't had any mechanical help such as auto clicker on my mags. My help were like, When i did some work around the house, i let the timer running, and then checking it every few mins. Hehe, When i've duelled on pso, i were only went out to the forest, clean up the first room. And made a sort of tournament, if i had enough friend to make a full room :3 (of course password were a must) Trading is something i don't really done in pso, mainly because i really enjoy farming my own gear. And even if i "wanted" something, it would be plain stupid Such as a vanity item ^^ But who ever would sell one, it would be brutally over priced That's... a bit more than that Feminists "usually" don't want to burn people ^^ Daaaw i would meet that one.... Prehaps one day we can see your friend ^^ I don't mind to giving and receive virtual hugs, but if one hug cure him for a while, then it's okay. If he is obsessed with hugs, then i might run away. ^^ That's never a bad thing, i mean to have a strange buddy, or two. They can make life colourfull, but don't become one over time ^^
  11. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    @SHOTGUN NSFW stands for "Not Safe For Work", and yeah mostlly but not strictly adult things In the forum someone were mention, that there were some nsfw stuff happend, and were suspected it as a reason that they had to close PSU. If i recall correctly, you can read it at dev post 5. @Midori Hoshi Now that's something, while i were expected in general gameplay moments, but this is still good memory to remember! Someone with much knowledge and passion like you, i'm sure you're doing a good help around here. Marm's trust is at good hands ^^ @SHOTGUN Wow you weren't shy sharing it all Gotta love you for that Yeah i love to help newbies too, mainly because when i've seen a "pro" in any game, they're way too egoist. And i find myself often around with a few, but good friend in the end. ^^ Well Materials weren't that big deal to farm, i also gave away materials too, all kind, expect power But mags weren't on my give away ever ^^ too much pain to make one, so i just gave away cells, if i ever got some. Well in pso1 fame weren't that good, at least if you were a nobody, people ignore you, if you start become popular, anyone will nag you to play with them. (that's something i could talk about ages, but that would take two page worth for one comment :D) hmmm, that's somehow hit what i've first answered to :3 i mean, making fun of noobs at pvp and enjoying helping them. But as you've mention it were ages ago. So it's okay ^^ Glad we know you as who you are now, than before Well, was it fun, could be, but i wouldn't be on the other side, especially when they wanted to get their gear back. And that is why i were focused have a few but good friends. :3 Bur either way i wouldn't nesseserily call feminism a mental issue... But there's a limit there too :*D Awwww that kind of friend is the best tho! they're fun to hang out with :*D Be with them, and then tell them good stories :3 and they're just drink every of your word, like it's a refreshing tea in a cold winter's day ^^ When i first seen Killroy, he weren't like it, but i know how stressful he could be as the helper of the clem. I don't think i've met the Viyra yet. Ahh McDonalds, i've seen him a few times, even play with him ^^ Cowboy in underpanties? ^^* Now i'm glad i didn't seen such :*D Such stupidity i usually don't play along with, i mean, yeah it's funny to see how people going to pretend they can be. And it's fun, but if someone use their imagiation for bad, i draw the line. If they think they can get me, i'll turn on the video, and will see who will win Luckily i have not had to use such evidence yet, but i wouldn't let such "king" to rule around ^^ Espeically if he wont be like haha! it were all just for funzies, and then all over. Phew! That was a big one!
  12. Fruzsina

    Favorite moment?

    Hi guys! Learning from the mistake of the last post, i think i could reshape this question in the way i wanted. And sort of make it as a global thingy. That's why i post it in the misc tab ^^ As per usual, the question should self-explain itself, but incase it's not, i'lll going to explain it to you So this time, i'm curious about what was the most memorable moment you had, in a game of course. As for an example, i'll tell you guys my moment. It were from pso1 When the first time i've ever used a dark meteor on my ranger! ^^ On it's own borring i know, but it were a simply borrow for the time i help my friend's low level character. After some runs with him, he said "I'll give you something later", and i were like "no need to give me anything for ir ^^", because this memory, and this trust were already a reward to me. Some weeks later he mailed me in game, to join in his room. And after some talk, he dropped two box. And said, "one can be yours". I were like okay, and.... One of the box were a Dark Meteor, the other were a Parasitic Gene "Flow" (PGF). Never felt so surprised, shocked, till that day. Do you guys have any good moment you had in a game, and also share it with us? Don't be shy And i feel it nessesery to say this time, the moment you pick, cannot be NSFW! But i know, and hope it goes without say (and not just on this one). ^^
  13. @Killroy i had luck to meet you! And i know pretty much, or say the least can understand, that some people caused you stress. But if you would had read what i've been saying, you wouldn't throw that "ohh yeah it were a topic on discord in summer times". Which really isn't my fault, to not know about. Prehaps i could change the poll's answer differently, like i liked or not, or haven't play.... But That would cause more issues.... Or more to say... "i would compare the game with the new launcher"... Which were never the case! I wanted to know hows the game were like back in time, and the last one. It would be crazy to think that i would ever ask what will be later, no one sees or play in the future! This is not what i've been curious about...... Back in time, and the last update :3 I know there are stuff were missing, but even without it, you had fun or not? right? were it somewhat playable? Prehaps a story you would share? Or something you were miss from the original experience (such as thrill to create your own item)? Of course the future is something what we will going to enjoy, but i would really like to see, that you guys had fun, prehaps a story, or anything... But all i got is scold on my head.... But reverse the question, what do you find questionable in my topic at the first place? I clearly didn't ask that question you bring up! Also if you would check how much topic i've made with ? on the end, you would then see that my motivation were only about two thing. First, to gather up here, talk, share our experience about the game, and outside of it Secound, if someone going here, they don't only need to see is that the game is currently down, so a topic here and there to pass time. Yeah the topic were bad call, but already two person brougth it to my knowledge. Did you feel nessecery to be the third to call it bad idea? Well each test version had this .... Test version marking in the dev time i believe. And so far i understand, that this means it means things can and will change for the better experience! But anyways..... Bad idea is a bad idea.... Heard it once, heard it twice, now heard it for the third time. Even if i don't feel like i deseverved this head wash at all. But okay! Fine! you guys know what's good right? because it seems i don't.... *sigh* But one thing i need to do... And that is to respect you for helping the game, and it's community. Which is a really awesome thing to do! And either way, i don't really feel that bad, even if i weren't in good mood when i've made my last comment (nor this one). I just don't find this topic to reasonable to be scolded three times already. Of course i deffend what i say! And about the covid, one part i would like to copy from there to here. "today my neighbour (who i visit daily base) is in quarantine with positive test. " Could you think straight, when something like that come to your knowledge? @Aelphasy Yeah i mean.... sure.... But it's also an experience.... and to have any sort of "how much much fun did you had", you need to play it. And if you play it, with it you gain some experience, that's simple. Positive or negative.... But i were already mention that i expect positive answers since.... i liked it. And none of the answers on the poll had the yeah it had everything what you would expected from psu... i know... it weren't finished! But you guys still had a good time here... And with it, a good story, or i dont know.... something that were missing, as i've said to Roy an example... the missing thrill of craft your own gear were bad... but you still had fun.... if someone had really bad experience, it could talk, and hopefully when the game is out... all these missing elements (or most if or at least) be done. And now i would like to quote from marm "The forum has bouts of slowness and just plain won't load any pages. This seems to be more of a problem with the newer version of Invision than anything else, so says the Invision community. I've even tried other (and much stronger) hosting, and the issue remains. While the forum looks nice, and it has nice features, it's bugging me that it becomes unresponsive like this. The main worry being that once we set sail then it will be more difficult for me to make a call on this, since people will be putting guides and the like here. I don't think we will be without a forum. Discord isn't good enough for news posts and the sort, but the question is: do we want this one for the next however many years? especially if it doesn't respond half of the time. I suppose for news posting and guides, it does the job." I don't think we will be without a forum.... You can find this post at the Dev post #5
  14. Fruzsina

    Your hobby?

    @SHOTGUN I not exactly sure what you mean by "chinese games", but lone healers, or frail classes become easy targeted. Open world mmos like WoW where you can globally pvp, i tend to pick tougher healers. That's why i love to pick a Shaman or Druid. They have good survival talents, and spells. Even if priests usually tend to heal better in general
  15. @SHOTGUN Over time i will know who can be my friend, and who wont. So far i have a list of people i would def would love to meet on the Clementine. You're one of it @Killroy Based on your next complaint, i know you wont react, but i react to what you've type here. The way i dislike to quote what i've type, i feel this one will based on it. So please don't take it personally if my words seems offensive. But i've already told it to Midori's comment, that i don't mind if someone don't vote. And well as my post isn't about... how you said? "Bitching"? I've let options on, incase someone had bad feel on it! That's! It! You've bring up discord..... And while in several other places i've mention i'm not on discord. i believe i've mention here too Not to mention this.... and I haven't had That much time to explore the game to be like yeah, but even if i had a year, i have nothing to compare how was the game.... While the last period i were in, i were pretty much like it!! But to say something new as well I'll answer it individually too! Just to show i care! Like earlier i've said, it's okay i understand if you (or someone else) not wish to vote. It's all optional! More to say, to comment is also optional! Especially where there's already two person has made point that i've picked a bad topic. But tell you what? I don't mind if one of my idea were bad, at least i try to bring life here. If i would know that you guys wouldn't like it, like THAT much... I'd probably pick an other topic. I'll be honest with you... Not all my idea worth gold, or else i would be too rich, i made a bad topic.... But if two people already told me AFTER i made my post, that it's a bad idea. Do you really feel it nessecery to wash my head too? Which is more "bitching"? *sigh* And just to be clear..... Which option, which word, made you feel/think i would compare old clem to new clem? I just really wanted to see if you guys had a good time (and yes, i do know that the game had missing context, or else we would not wait) Like already had answered to you, and to others, but i'll feel nessecery to answer it again. I don't have discord. And i don't feel it nessecery to join there. So if there were something at 2019 summer, where again.... i wasn't even on the clem at all in the first place.... I would have had no idea! So if you "not try to be rude".... i would strongly recommend you to read what i type in the first place. Then we might gain more understanding in the future. And just to make myself less in the mood, and having to quote myself again.... However, if you have something to say to me, please do! Because it's the secound time you pick on me ^^ First about the Corona, which dosen't reallly bothered me much, since you were the only who bring up my mistake. And now this.... I don't require an answer on the corona, even if you did the same mistake.... But i would like to see your answer on this one, because i slightly feel offended from your ignorance. Lastly..... I think you're the one who got me wrong, since my question were only about this Your experience? It make Me feel Bad that You didn't enjoy the game much as i did, and i really hope you will like the game after the update. So i not sure if it's okay to bring up..... Since you guys really want my head over this topic... but i'll be honest.... I liked this test, one way or the other! It sure has flaws, or else it wouldn't need to be updated. But that little experience i had luck to gather up, were good! And i don't let your, nor everyone else to take it away from me, because you didn't like it! So far only one and really one thing i found questionable gameplay wise, but Midori assured me it's allright. Even if i find it silly, but i trust and believe in Midori on that case. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This topic needs no more headwash about how silly i've picked the case, okay? If you guys has some other else to say, feel free to share YoUr ExPeRiEnCe To make it clear, To vote And to comment is entirely optional
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