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  1. Hmmm, i see. But this wont stop me from posting them, but will make sure to remove UI/names next time
  2. Hi Today i've seen Yako uses the bow called "Artifact" i've took a screenshot of it's special bullet. I've also found out a few stats of it! Source: Player shop 0/10 - PP 1628 Att 1016 Acc 672 5/10 - PP 1868 Att 1070 10/10 - PP 2140 Att 1138
  3. Hi Title explain most anything, as probably most anything i've posted so far. Disclaimer: (Hopefully) This topic may, or may not contain spoilers, for certain players! Reading this topic, is equivalent of searching things on wiki, thus no one can be blamed for the spoils! And an other disclaimer i want to hit! Any post is welcome in this topic, long as it means no disrespectful towards the wiki and it's team! And of course, neither major off topic! (Sadly this one applies on me the most i worry ^_^*) Rules: As earler said, be respectful! Much as i love to ma
  4. :*D Yasss, although i've prefered Sato :3 because cat <3
  5. *Walks near recharge cube* Look, this is best friend! Go next to best friend! Look best friend talk on you screen now o.o! Best friend says press enter (idk the controler input) to accesss best friend's hugs <3 Best friend hugs you, if you pick "All weapons!" o.o Then best friend asks, "Do you need hug?" Pick yes <3 Done Pawstic* Sowwwyy had tooo! o////o I see what you did there! So it means, you already got one? :3 One step closer to your dreams haha
  6. Like i said we're not the mommy birds :3 Of course i'd try to do my best (and hopefully the others too), to give a hand. But no one going to say, you must baby sit anyone, if the person simply can't understand the... "You new best friend is shiny box! Hug best friend! Then friend hugs you PP" Wait... that sounds nasty.... Anyways... if something like that (preferable less nasty ^_^*) is too hard to for them to understand, then move on. Others might be worthy for your time, and so they will appreciate your generoucity! No doubt! i'd reborn as a feline :3 a gracious, noble fluff ba
  7. @SHOTGUN o.o Some people tend to ignore the charger cube at the end, but only, if they're confident enough, that they can redo a mission without restock and recharge. But i don't think i've ever seen that people who would be like, doing absolute nothing, if their PP run out, just stay idle. Though, i'm more than likely not pay attention on the battle field ^_^* Just scan where to hit, or what's the hp of the allies. (if i'm AT) Hmmm, that reminds me something, i'll going to PM you, when i've inspected one of my "team mate" ^_^* Which they should, since armors
  8. Ohhh i see! ^_^* I must be blindened by that meat wand's stats, because i've looked the wiki, and i guess i've look over it. ^_^* Guess i was wrong there ^_^*
  9. Hoi So i've found this B rank prototype weapon wand, with boosted light. It's name is C-AMP-L0604 I wanted to check the wiki, about what can it be. The name would suggest, it would be either a cane, or canara or something, that start with C. Turns out, stat vise, it's a kebob. But the apperence, is not it o.o So i've decided to investigate, and i've checked the kebob's prototype name for light, and it would be... BR-AMP-L0706 So it cannot be it, but statvise, it's is. That's a Kebob's stats highlighted. And that's the prototype weapon's stats high
  10. Thank you for making it clear
  11. Ohhh i see, i misunderstood it then ^_^* Well, in that case it's sounds good after all ^_^ So as like next attemt to understand ^_^* If i have that very ank piko, you've example with. Would it then always have always the highest damage possible, if i get one with that bonus? Now i feel sort of stupid, for misunderstand it in such way. ^_^* Thank you for the answer.
  12. I wondering eversince the prototype weapons got added, would the armors have prototype versions later too? Such like... improved def, mst, or eva, maybe +1 end? And super rarely, an in-built resist unit prehaps (of course it cannot be any of these: buffs, debuffs, and incap)? Any answer is welcome Edit: No longer off topic, okay maybe it is, but not in my book anymore ^_^
  13. Hi Is it worth to buy/sell/use NV prototype? Accroding to my tiny brain, and my understanding, it forces a weapon to become neutral, right? Which is odd, i tought the higher the %, the better the weapon o.o But i could be wrong there, so i hope someone know what's the catch with them ^_^ Or maybe is it intended to be like that? :3 Edit: Reworked, renamed topic ^_^*
  14. Now i can have a palette command for moons <3 yay More traps for me <3
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