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  1. @NeoSolleks Thing is the "appData" folder is hidden, So you either need to either Find an application that is installed there, so you can check what is in there, and travell back to the wnted folder Change settings that hidden folders to be shown If you're using program like total commander, then mannually type the location I tried to find it with the search thingy, but i couldn't find it either, i suspect becuse the entire appData folder is hidden I actually have a charracter called, but you will most likely find me as Led ^^ @Marmalade Out of curioucity, that file i've been mention (the psuilluminos.ini), would be solution for his case?
  2. Ohh i see why went wrong there for you, basically I not sure where did you install your game, but let's just example with my installation i have it on C:\Games\Phantasy Star Universe Clementine Which is all good, and lovely Most everything you need is in the Phantasy Star Universe folder, which is once again all right. However that one file i've been mention is elsewhere Not sure what is your username for your pc/lappy (not even my concern) So let's just say, it's the same as your forum name :3 Your file should be at then C:\Users\NeoSolleks\appData\Local\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus NeoSolleks\ So this folder should be look like That's something i can't help with
  3. Is there any other file you have in that folder? Checking up my folder i only have that one file in it. While generaly don't understand it, here's a quote from it. "PASSWORD=0" But as i've said, i've unchecked the memorisation on the name and pass ^^ so it might show it, if i had it on As for contract with an admin, it may take some time to recieve an answer. https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/staff/ And of course there's discord too (which i personally don't use)
  4. I think i can be able to help you here actually! Not sure how dose your pc saves it, buuuuut in my lappy C:\Users\(Username)\appData\Locale\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus There's a file there called Psu illuminus.ini It contains various things, my client dosen't have the name/paasword recognition But i think you could salvage it from that file If not, then there's still a way to save your account as you said you made it in the launcher which asks for email and two security quesion Which you probably SHOULD NOT POST HERE But an admin might be able to answer better with the secound way instand of me ^^ The first i think has high hope
  5. To open the palette, press and hold down the E key (by default) you can then navigate with the arrow keys (not know about controler) Certain weapons cannot be combined together, such as wand and saber, because they use the same slot ^^ On left hand you can eqiup ranged weapons, such as pistols, machine pistols, cards and ranger mag (RCSM), well as for casting spells you can use Techer mags (TCSM) As for right hand, the rest of it ^^
  6. Alrighty, let me know when you're there, i'll park my character on the first floor
  7. Basically yes, but i'll going to log in so i can help you with unlocking the classes
  8. Depends on what you like really ^^ as a fellow newbie, i would say Guntecher is ideal to learn how to play. Various weapon pool to use ability to self heal and buff, even debuff if you have the space for it and since you're and you can avoid melee if it's not something you fancy (if you do, you might pick wartecher then)
  9. It's the Leader's luck for it i suppose Source:https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Photon_Fortune "Photon Fortune is determined by the party leader's fortune."
  10. You're welcome! ^^ Glad i could help
  11. Well i hope i wont break rule with sending this link https://mega.nz/file/R0IgETQA#AFYLsVJHq1DmC622XiPyJ7PcdWgvxNmJjl4SCeCW_Ys This is the insteller's first's file, if nessesery, i can send the rest of the links
  12. Well, i understand your point of view, Streaming the game would indeed show the room pass, uppon making a room, so the solo part "could" be changed. But tat could be changed with like, if there would be an option to reduce the maximum number of players to join to 1, making the solo part good without need to hide or stop the stream for the time you create a room (that part only goes for the solo mode) But uhhhh, the room visitation, and trading is something you can avoid for sure because the room password isn't something you need to re-enter uppon joining your own room (this one applies every character of yours in the same account, if i'm not mistaken) Unfortunatly i'm not familiar with runescape that well, but if i see someone would say ironman, hardcore, i can think about the perma death risk on my head :3 can't help it ^^ Something to spice up the game, that might be not for anyone, but i think a lot of you guys would love it ^^ About the rewards, i think this bonus is actually doable, since.... the rare missions have these "scaled" exp rate/drop rate on the side, i wonder if it could be applied on a hardcore account :3 well as the synth rate is doable too, because the last event had possibility on boosted rates, but i know the two thing isn't comparable. But the technology might be there for it too! Actually there's a motivation for solo tonns of missions already! Source: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Titles That's a lot of mission to solo However i know it's available for anyone, and there's a title reward for having a party of at least 4? Either way, it's worth to solo point taken Maybe the 5000 mission would be a..... big step for most of us, but that's 20 fraggy ^^ However i'm up to the idea of having more than normal and hardcore style accounts
  13. Hmmm, i wonder if the rules would let me post link of the missing part of the installer. Because when i tried to download the game trough mediafire, it went horrible, so i've had someone to upload them to me on Mega (party by part + executable)
  14. I don't think there would need such "role" for it since what you've listed is something you can do without modify the game actually ^^ set room password, so no one can join you :3 Do not visit/trade with others ^^ Since you're lock the room, and don't trade with others, all together it makes it available too ^^ Ironman mode should be something like: Permadeath Normal accounts cannot trade with ironman Normal accounts cannot visit you Game hosted by iron man, dosen't list on normal account/cant join (vise versa) And as for a reward for doing so Boosted exp Boosted drop rate +10% synth rate
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