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  1. Ohh my goodness! that's a lot to gather! And some of them even familiar from pso1!! Zanba were also a weapon in pso1, so i kind of know about it, if it looks the same :3 But it will be odd that i wont have to farm sonic knucks for caster based anymore Hand spear? i think i remember having it in the test period If that's the ultimate... poke stick I would like to see them, or at least some of them in game :3 the pso1 vanities would make me so happy Thanks for listing these goodies
  2. To be honest, power on them, to me isn't much metter. If they are powerful, it can be fun! But sometimes, i just enjoy a game to be more challange for me. That's why i loved pso1's vanity gear so much :3 My personal favorite were Tangeshiema. a rifle with no combo, no spec attack, and fairly weak dmg ^^ If these weapons are good in early games, i prehaps can help low lvls by donate some away, if i happen to have extra :3 I have to agreed with you Artemis ^^ If some of them requires a certain quest, questline. and/or many grinding time, to have them. The least i can do is to wear them proudly ^^ or at least safe them for good
  3. I would totally collect them, if the final version will have them I think i have already seen the Koltova, if it's the pigglet gun thing ^^ Have these vanity gear any good to use in combat back in time? Because judging this bouquet, compare to pso1 version.. It have some difference to be sure But i guess i have to remind myself, that the two game has major difference. Example, guns requires energy to use, and techs (not only for force type) must be applied to weapon. So some stats on them by default, is probably not the end of the world ^^ Anyways, thanks for the answer
  4. Hi Guys! I think i have a good, and yet so silly question at the same time. As the title almost already tells, but incase not. Is there any vanity items in the game. (of course aside from room decorations) For example.... In pso1 you could get various items, that clearly were only good for... to have in the bank Such as, a tennis racket, or.... an old coin, or even a bouquet of flower These weapons had almost no damage bonus, so it's not really effective in late game, or even at all. But such collectables gear in the future, is something i would like to start farming once the game is available. And of course, a question with it too :3 Do you guys love/collect vanity items too? May even use? I confess, i did use such in pso1 for fun
  5. Pretty nice! i like it ^^ If you let me correct you a bit :3 1. It should be "introduce myself" 2. in the Q&A Type it either "How do i buy at" or "How to buy at"
  6. Oh my goodness!! I wonder if i can make it at day one, i try to arrange things to make it happen, but no promise :3 Thanks for the patch note Time to check the wiki again , because you guys always post things i have no idea what that is That's why i love these notes so much Phisically too! Now i can start suggest few of my friend to check the forum, with some luck they will stay Patience is a virtue, but in the end it will worth it, i'm sure of it! I already had a blast while we had the test server, and i'm new to this game, i bet you guys have more memory, flashbacks Thank you guys for working on it!
  7. It's been a while since we had an update indeed, but this year could be better. So it's okay ^^ While i reading the notes there's something i remember... This part remind me something I not sure if someone have tested/reported or fixed already. But before the shutdown happend, the "box-like" room decors such like "GRM Express" caused a major issue uppon interracting with them. If you tried to do so, it's simple made your game frozen on your end. I wish i can join early with you guys well as you guys are safe/healthy/happy
  8. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Most unfortunately, i can't seem to make it work. I'm rather silly when it comes to computers ^^, i must admit. But i believe it must be about something trivial issue. So my only chanse to play with it, is once the game is out i guess. ^^ Till then, i've got the Sims I would ask for help, but i would a lot more dummy, than i already think i am. Especially if it's indeed something like... you know... "ohhh come on" moment
  9. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Well i certainly understand that, i mean, using a facebook/discord. is surely an easier way to keep in touch with the others But still, the news and updates section were blooming for a bit, and as you mention. important things are usually going here. For me, the dev notes are kind of it and that's why i miss to see them.
  10. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Yeah that's what worries me, but i have faith that one day there will be something to read about the updates any time soon Meanwhile the game is off, i've returned to my old favorites. Such as the sims, and septerra core. Good old games never gets old. I tried to play with AOTI in offline, i've got a link to a page, but honestly i can't seem to run it. ^^ Prehaps i'm missing a step (or two). So i guess i'll just wait and see. Hope you have a nice day
  11. Fruzsina

    Sleepy forum

    Hi! I hope anyone have a nice day, and well as you guys stay at home I know that the Clementine have a discord, and well as i advise others to check it. But the forum seems to be sleepy these days. I don't really mind on that, but it's been a while since the last dev note about the server. While i advise others to go to disc, i only use the forum. So currently i have no idea about anything, but i hope the virus dosen't slow it harshly. But even if, i guess it's understandable. Anyways, hope you guys safe, healthy and well as happy
  12. Hi Basically, yes. While i only know about this big one, but accroding to others. There were a few re-write before (if i recall correctly about 3-4?), and well as "quick updates" that didn't required a lot time, nor erase progress. But this one supposed to be the last rewrite, but it will take time, so i suggest that you should check the forum/discord (Discord is more advised) about the updates, and generally. Have a nice, and stay healthy!
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