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  1. First of all, not sure if this matters at all, but I am running the game on Mac OS X using Wine. I've paired my PS3 controller with my computer and both Wine and PSU Clementine recognize it. However, sometimes when using the right analog stick, which I have mapped to the camera, it might open a menu or lock-on/strafe, or even keep my character moving forward after releasing the stick. It doesn't happen 100% of the time, but often enough to be a significant nuisance that can spoil my enjoyment and just make the game frustrating at times. I hate to just downright blame Clementine, but I only ever have issues playing this particular game. Even playing other games using Wine works perfectly fine with the controller, so I feel confident that running the game under Wine is not the source of the issue, however I do not have access to a Windows machine to make sure that's 100% the case. I'm sure my particular scenario (playing on a Mac under Wine with a PS3 controller) is a little on the unique side compared to most setups out there, but I'd greatly appreciate it if this could be looked into. Thanks!
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