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  1. Hello, all. It's my time of the month to put out a new type topic! NEW ENEMY SHRINKING TYPE! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Blunt-faced weapons, Ank Bico(+) Roasted Rare/Medium/Welldone (Melton's) Frying Pan Beefedge Raria/Media Melton's Skillet Set Twin Beefedge R/M 1.) transform enemies into smaller forms on exacted normal attacks (costs 1/2 the weapon's PP rounded down) 2.) draw from TP instead of ATP to empower Newmans (affects use of all striking weapons; still must meet ATP req. to equip) 3.) receive a massive TP & stamina set bonus (along w/ all knuckles) w/ shop available, type exclusive line shield(s) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Blunt-faced axes can shrink large & medium enemies. Blunt-faced sabers & T. sabers shrink only medium enemies. Fails on final-block boss enemies, like 'mutant' Gol Dolvas & 'rainbow beast' Kagajibaris. Example transformations: L BIPED: Bil De Vear -> Vanda M BIPED: Vanda -> Naval or Ground Polty L QUAD: Kog Nadd -> Jishigara M QUAD: Jishigara -> Naval WYVERN: Tengoh -> Kudetob ROOTED: SEED-Vitace -> Delp Slami CENTAUR: Bafal Bragga -> Jishigara MACHINE: Bead Groode -> Gohma Dilla HUMANOID: Rogue/Servant/CAST -> Polty, Pannon (or Jaggo?) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - To encourage synergy w/ Protransers & their EX traps, at PP cost of 1/3 (rounded down): If any enemy is frozen on exacted hit with: blunt weapon (besides Frying Pan(s)) or single thrust knuckle skill Bogga Zubba (for additional 1/3 HP cost rounded down) they are broken into multi-enemy: Mizura, YG-01K BUGGE, YG-01Z BUG If any enemy is stunned on exacted hit w/ any blunt non-knuckle weapon: transforms enemy into ground-dwelling enemy (since stun is caused by Nosdiga): Goshin, Bul Buna, Delp Slami If any enemy is burned & launched (from rising strike/crush) WITH Frying Pan(s): becomes aerial enemy: Shagreece, Kudetob, Zoona - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - XP yield on transformations would be altered to avoid abuse. Skills LV30, Bullets LV20 Technics Off. LV10, Sup. LV20 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PROS Shrinks & transforms enemies! Wow! Synergizes w/ Protransers (for flipping krabby patties!) Newmans have 3% racial bonus CONS Very low TP & stamina w/o type exclusive line shield(s) Limited striking weapon diversity. PhotonChargeCosmos fail for this type Weak bullets and technics
  2. I'm just throwing ideas out there. This thread has over a hundred views. I gave a hundred people something to read. I'm charitable like that.
  3. Bullets LV40, Striking LV20 (all before GAS) Hey folks. The idea for this type is that bullets/shells are "crushed", and as a result: - Recoil time for 2-handed guns is reduced (like how Dulk Fakis can make an attack animation take longer, but reversed), with the time between shots being kept the same. This would give you a little time to strafe between shots. - Secondary bullet effects are weakened. 1. Grenade blowaway becomes knockdown 2. Rifle bullets at 31+ lose knockdown 3. Other guns just hit normally or don't even phaze the enemy at all (like damage from burn or infection) - Bullet status inflictions drop 1 level, and if they can't, they lose the effect all together. - Bullet PP consumption is halved/reduced. Also to balance the type, you can't equip line shields with an arm slot (too much?). I excluded laser cannons not just because they don't fire traditional "bullets", but because with grenades in this type doing knockdown instead of blowaway, machineguns having much less PP consumption, and shotgun accessibility, you might not need laser cannons anyway. Like the type? Hate it?
  4. At your request, I added some basic pros and cons, and a poll. Maybe we could start as Fortefighter, Fortegunner, and Fortetecher, only have them display the names and weapon grades of the basic types until LV9.
  5. I was just putting forth an idea, but even if what you say is true... Acrogunner could turn out to be unpopular and be replaced. If they really wanted, they could replace some or all of the basic types & make other types not require them, since they don't get any play beyond LV10 anyways.
  6. Race bonus: Whisperer: shortest players of any race gain 3% bonus. Commander: tallest players of any race gain 3% bonus. Special: As Whisperer, smaller enemies gain confusion in the presence of larger enemies. As Commander, larger enemies gain confusion in the presence of smaller enemies. This could be a chat command that works once or twice per block. Possibly a second chat command could inflict charm in the same way. (If a Whisperer & Commander are in a party together, the effect could be randomized or combined in some balanced way.) When confused by this effect, robot enemies gain confusion LV1 and all other enemies gain confusion LV2. If you're playing as a CAST, this is reversed. Whisperer: LV30 Skills, LV30 Bullets, LV30 Technics Commander: LV30 Skills, LV40 Bullets, LV20 Technics -------------------------------------------------------- Pros (besides confusion bonus listed above): Whisperer has a wide array of attacking options & support options. Commander has LV40 bullets & A-rank rods for support. Cons: Whisperer lacks weapon specialization; has lower DFP, ATK Commander lacks long range & strong Technics; has lower EVA, MST Those are some basic pros and cons, at Killroy's request.
  7. The slicer Kara-kunai has Fuji-Kunai's weapon model. Also, on the Xbox 360 server, grenade PA Boma Maga reset the Freeze timer on each hit, so an enemy stayed frozen while you kept hitting it.
  8. If your weapon happened to be A-rank, the idea is that an S+10 grinder would turn it into an S-rank weapon. You don't need S-rank grinders to get an A-rank weapon to 10/10. They probably have more important stuff to work on, but sometimes they do stuff like adding Airboard Racing to the 5th Floor. - I also suggested that a weapon upgraded 1, 2, or 3 ranks if possible would exist in the code as having a starting grind of 20/10, 40/10, and 60/10 respectively after the upgrade (though they wouldn't display as having such a high grind to the player). That way, they don't have to create new weapons with new names. They would just display a higher rank.
  9. I don't know what relogging is, but maybe in the data, instead of changing the names, you could try this: If I grind a C-rank Fluorescent Bulb with a B+10 grinder, its grind becomes 20/10, but the weapon appears 1 rank higher, as 0/10, and if the name is too long, a period appears as the 22nd or 21st character, followed by +, ++, or # (you might not even need to change the weapon's name at all this way if you didn't want to). Would that work? Then the weapon's name can stay the same in the data, and it would only appear as a new weapon without being one.
  10. What if when I went to grind a C-rank weapon, like "Powertore", with a B+10 grinder, it became 0/10 B-rank Powertore+? And then grinded with an A+10 grinder became A-rank Powertore++, and then with an S+10 grinder became S-rank Powertore#. (Like the naming convention for the C# programming language that follows C++). I think this would be better than having reduntant drops like Crea Doubles and Crea Doubles+, or Crea Dagger and Crea Dagger+, etc. when we already have so many drops. Smart idea? Dumb idea?
  11. This is still a problem! Just sayin'.
  12. Naturior/Huntsman (Nature Warrior) Uses native tactics to quell enemies! Photon Arts from the same planet as the enemy do 50% more damage. PAs Parum Neudaiz Moatoob Seed Humanoids Rifle, Saber + + Longbow, Dagger + + + Crossbow, Whip + - - - Crossbows shoot only one bullet, have increased damage & element, and scope. - - - Weapon element instead determines status infliction chance. This is nerfable! (Striking weapons w/o a status to inflict gain one.) - - - Bullets that hit critically penetrate through multiple enemies (like a laser cannon). - - - LV35 Bullets & LV35 Skills; type requires Hunter LV7 & Protranser LV3. (Could have no type req. at first for testing/balancing.) Stats/traps are whatever. Thoughts?
  13. Some ideas... - I would make the requirements Protranser Lv3 & Acrofighter Lv5, since the type looks like a combo of A rank Protranser weapons and S rank Acrofighter/Guntecher weapons, mostly. - If the goal is to have good single-target damage per shot, I would make the angle of spread for crossbows narrower and the blast radius for grenades smaller. - Also, to make every single-shot count, I would increase the range of all bullets (at least for 1-handed guns), and PAs with reduced range like Yak Maga & Penetrating Hit would have their range reduction ignored. Penetrating Hit might get some use then!
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