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  1. In Pokemon, there's an ability "Moxie" where a Pokemon gains attack after defeating another Pokemon. What if in PSU, as an alternative to "travel PAs", you gained a temporary speed boost after defeating a mob of enemies? It could show up like a buff, but be a green, orange, or violet arrow instead. You could partner this with travel PAs removing the speed buff from the player, so classes without travel PAs could still keep up. The temporary buff could be added to the player at mission start if needed, especially if they're joining mid-mission. Edit @ RedKing's request: If 2 seconds pass after receiving the buff, attacking ends it. This way, the player wouldn't end it accidently immediately after getting it.
  2. If this game were even slightly challenging, wouldn't you see Protransers using their EX traps more than once a month?
  3. Keystone

    Grind Idea

    Hi folks. I've seen some of the topics hating on grinding recently, so I came up with a master plan for you all. The idea is 1 or more final grind_difference variables. (In programming, a final variable is basically a variable with a set value that doesn't change.) The effect would be the following: grind_difference = 1.0 (no change to your weapons' ATK, TP, & PP as they are now) grind_difference = 0.8 0/10 Hiken PP: 311 -> 334 (+23) 5/10 Hiken PP: 357 -> 371 (+14) 10/10 Hiken PP: 424 (+0) x/10 weapon stat = 10/10 weapon stat - ( grind_difference * ( 10/10 weapon stat - x/10 weapon stat ) ) With a smaller grind_difference variable, someone not wanting to risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential would feel less pressured to do so, because the weapon wouldn't be as weak as it is presently. There could be one grind_difference variable for ATK/TP, another for PP, or one for both. It could also only affect weapons between certain grinds, like 3/10 to 10/10, so 0/10's would still be crappy. Specific weapons could be ignored, like the very grind-impacted Agito Repca sword if desired. Grinding would be kept as a system, but the variable value(s) would change according to how over/underpowered the community felt 10/10's were. Edit: rewrote "break their x/10 weapon" to "risk lowering their x/10 weapon's max grind potential" at Hatsodoom's request.
  4. Keriqo (Buck; Mosquito Deer Hybrid) Light Element, but casts Megiverse (to suck your blood) Native to Raffon Meadows
  5. Also, what if you took a few store-bought longbows/crossbows and made them have exact-attacks, like the 8-star ones? If you held down the attack button for the right length of time, you would score an exact attack (their attack modifiers would be reduced to make them not overpowered, and the 8-star crossbow's shots would be delayed to achieve this). Making them the only ranged weapons with exact attacking might make them more interesting. Edit: If it proved popular, maybe it could be extended to all longbows and crossbows.
  6. If the animation can't be altered, maybe it could be sped up at higher levels. Also... Maybe when you kill something with a longbow, in the scenario where the enemy would normally drop nothing, you could give it an additional chance to drop a photon charge. As if you were "picking up" your arrows. Spice up longbows.
  7. I don't pick up elemental photons either (except Nano-Photons). Stacks of them just sit in my shop and never sell.
  8. I know, it is powerful and has good range. I just don't enjoy using it though, and was wondering how the community felt. I wouldn't mind if it lost power for reduced-speed strafing at higher levels, that's all. Someone here made up the type Acrogunner with almost all strafing weapons because its just more fun. Edit: BTW, crossbows bore me also. Like shotguns. You know exactly the direction all the bullets are going. No randomness. For shotguns you know exactly how many bullets are coming out (at 21, it could be an average of 5 bullets instead of always five.) Crossbows could shoot their arrows in quick succession in random order. I just want the monotony broken up a bit.
  9. What does the community think about longbow bullets allowing reduced speed strafing at Lv21+ or Lv31+? That is, the ability to continuously strafe between shots. I can't stand them as they are. Ignoring defense for delayed shots doesn't feel like compensation to me.
  10. To those of you who voted no... Even if you're not bothered by going to NPCs to buy items, I think that small repetitive tasks like this that can be eliminated lead to players' enjoyment "dying by a thousand cuts". I think you get topics started to make grinding easier like the one in the discussion currently that's causing a backlash because of the philosophy in expressions like "the straw that broke the camel's back". Here's a definition for it I found: The idiom "the straw that broke the camel's back", alluding to the proverb "it is the last straw that breaks the camel's back", describes the seemingly minor or routine action that causes an unpredictably large and sudden reaction, because of the cumulative effect of small actions.
  11. Should pallet items be replenished at the end of missions, provided you can pay for it? I think so. A lot of us are at Raffon Meadows now, where the recharge cube and NPC item salesman are strangely far away from the mission counter, lol. Edit: Responding to Demon, I support this being a proposal you could turn on or off (maybe w/ a chat command). Edit: Also, your pallet items could be restocked/recharged at mission start. Plus, what if this happened for free in exchange for scrapped meseta mission reward? At level 15, your Dimates in your pallet can be restocked for free At level 30, your Trimates and traps for free No level wall for other pallet items Just wanna cut some pointless repetition for more monster slaying time... that's all.
  12. I'm fine with the system your way or the current way. But one change I'd make is for lower grade weapons. By using +10 grinders of a higher grade, a C-rank Florescent Bulb for example could become... B-rank Florescent Bulb+ (with B+10 grinder), A-rank Florescent Bulb++ (with A+10 grinder), or S-rank Florescent Bulb# (with S+10 grinder) I suggested this in an earlier topic, but Marmalade told me the weapon names could take up too many characters. I'd be fine though if the name read something like... Florescen... ++ I'll have an S-rank Florescent Bulb one day...
  13. I didn't even think of that actually. Maybe you're the genius. I made it a bug-mammal hybrid because Koltova seem to be cattle/winged-insect hybrids, and Parum has lots of buggish enemies. I needed a reason for it to explode like the quad bots, hence the egg sac.
  14. Name: Wolkna Attacks: Neudaiz Quad Bot (Bysha) standard attacks, except Grass Assassin's spit attack instead of Foie. Falls on egg sac and explodes like quad bots do. Element: Dark Native to: Old Rozenom City, Raffon Meadows Texture: Inspiration:
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