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  1. Does anyone have friends or family battling COVID?
  2. It's been a while since a progress update.
  3. I was among the people who wanted this suppression, because it unnecessarily limits the choice. A gender should never determine stats. It's very different than the race question. Well, Sega thought a gender should determine stats. And Sega also didn't think we should have access to all the weapons Acrogunner has in one type. So Clementine does sometimes go against the design of the game. Guntecher is just a step to reach Gunmaster, is doesn't means that cast deserve some balance by having more TP. Also, the point of Guntecher is being a support techers with ranged playstyle (especially bows and crossbows) so again, you don't need TP for that. In a very situationnal way, offensive techs can be useful as GT, but only for cc and stuff like that (and when you have the good things, like SE x1.5 and above) You know the purpose of it, right ? It's for support techs, so especially has GT/WT. Otherwise, the wand sux and doesn't have any particular properties. edit : http://psupedia.info/Creawand.html (tech 70... other 9* wands are around 400/450+ iirc) In your last post before this one, you suggested it was not recommended to be techer with a beast, without specifying "offensive techer". No one else had made that suggestion up to that point, and I wasn't going to argue that Beast or CAST techers don't presently lean toward support. But Clementine has gone against the design of the game before like I mentioned above. If you can support a gender stat change that always affects all players, I can support an optional line shield that no one is forced to equip. The people bringing up game balance, I think you make the mistake of assuming that I'm only content with a line shield that would make offensive CAST/Beast techers on par with newman techers. If it was introduced as a B-rank line shield with a 100 def requirement and a lower TP boost, I would probably still use it. I don't only play with the best equipment. Another mistake is assuming that I would only be content with this being added now (while the servers are down?), and not later in development when they've completed more urgent tasks. This seems like a wild assumption.
  4. Hi, Aelphasy. Remember the Creawand? Beast and CAST exclusive. Are you implying that was an accident on SEGA's part? Also, by in-game recommendation, I assume you mean racial stat bonuses for classes. There's no racial stat bonus (implying a racial recommendation) for Masterforce, and if you still took the position that there was an implied master class racial recommendation, a CAST for example has to level Force to 3 & Guntecher to 10 to become a Gunmaster. Also, Clementine sometimes goes against PSU game logic. Like by eliminating gender stat differences. Just saying. Edit: You and some others say it's "a lot of wasted energy" or "a lot of work." Let me show you what adding Technic accuracy to one line shield might look like: There's probably a method for Technics that reads: damage_player() with the damage between the parenthesis. There's probably another that reads: get_accuracy() All I do is encode the former in the following: if (line_shield != "rabol familiar" || random(1) < get_accuracy()) damage_player(damage); else damage_player(0); Thats it. With random(1) being a random number between 1 and 0, assuming get_accuracy() returns a number between 1 and 0. The "||" just means "or." The "!=" means "is not equal to."
  5. An overlaying issue I want to cut against is the binary view of change to the game held by a lot of the community. You either eliminate gender stat differences or keep them. You either eliminate race stat differences or keep them. This general perspective on a lot of issues I don't approach the game with. If female techers were considered too strong and male fighters/gunners too strong, I would have maybe raised the male techer & female gunner/fighter critical hit rates or status-infliction rates. Or maybe female gunners' traps might do 5% more damage. Yes, it requires more work my way. (And I'm not arguing ideas like mine should be worked on now and have precedence over finishing the server.) But I think that's how you make the game better. Prioritizing trying to keep/provide a unique experience while making a change. You say: This piece of gear would then allow players for CAST and Beast toons to do exactly what humans and nuemans do out of the gate. I don't think you can say exactly how humans and newmans play, but you can help me make it different if you feel that way. If you take the binary view that CAST techers in particular should either be made the same as Newman/Human techers through a stat boost alone or kept as they are, then we can agree to disagree that that binary perspective is the only approach available to improving the game. Edit: there are other ideas I had for the line shield like the following, but I wanted to keep it simpler so I didn't include these: Incapacitate fails on elemental technics and burn/freeze/shock/silence fail on neutralized technics (like most bullets) The third hit in a row with Gi-technics inflicts blowaway (like Tornado Break)
  6. If you concede that a lot of technics are useless for CASTs in particular, but don't think it would be worthwhile to add equipment that could make these technics useful while attempting to provide a different experience from Human & Newman techers, I guess we can agree to disagree. Imagine that there's an Orc race. Its technics are affected by accuracy, and it can neutralize technics by neutralizing the wand/rod they're equipped to. The Orc race has low stamina. Catch: the Orc race is actually a line shield equipable by CASTs & Beasts. That's all I'm proposing. It's quicker than making a new race.
  7. Also, to address some overlaying issues being raised... 1.) The line shield wouldn't be as useful for beasts I'm not proposing this line shield to achieve exact equality for beasts & CAST techers. If the line shield were useful for CASTs, but could be equipped by beasts as a goof, that means it can't be in the game? Is that really a fair argument? Right now, almost every rod in the game besides Rutsularod functions as a goof, but no one would say all the other rods can't be in the game. There's probably lots of inferior equipment that no one argues can't be in the game. 2.) The Clementine team has more important stuff to work on I am entirely aware of that, and I'm not arguing that all my ideas, which I post a lot of, should have precedence. My topics though sometimes get hundreds of views. I give people something to read while the server is down, and maybe even something to dump on if they hate my ideas. When the server is back up, you may not even have to hear from me as often. Hurray for haters! 3.) Most people would hate this idea If 40% of people instead of 51% wanted a strange line shield later down the development road that eventually let them fire off inaccurate green technics, does that really affect the majority who would supposedly hate it? I think even haters would like an excuse to see green Foie. You just don't know it.
  8. Congratulations, you just got the point of the racial stat imbalances in PSU: you're not supposed to rely on technics as a CAST or Beast over bullets and skills, respectively. Let's get down to business. You could say that about the Acrogunner type that was added. A type with that combination of weapons wasn't in the game originally because we weren't supposed to have access to all of them in one type. There were initially gender stat differences as well, and I'm not even going as far as to advocate a permanent stat change that affects all players. I'm proposing an optional line shield. As to a higher-than-100% mod...doesn't having to suggest that just prove that Beasts don't have the ATA to make it work? I edited my original post to say the accuracy applied could be pulled from some racial constant, like level or critical hit chance. Hoh, you're bringing politics in to a PSU discussion? Real wise move there. Real good stuff. I don't think I brought in politics in a way different from you. You put forth majority rules, and I just said that's not the only system in existence. The leader of the free world isn't picked by popular vote, for example (however you feel about him). If you're worried about the CAST TP thing, just suggest that CASTs get a higher TP score, instead of a custom item that modifies how the techer classes play entirely...It's a lot of extra work, especially considering they're focusing on base functionality, not custom content. I don't suggest that CASTs get a higher TP score exclusively because that would be changing rather than adding, basically.
  9. They both actually get weaker SUV extra units now on their line shields, but to illustrate the CAST TP deficit: - a CAST Masterforce has 1281 less TP than a Newman Masterforce - a Newman Fighmaster has 528 less ATP than a Beast Fighmaster (LV180, class LV20, genders with highest respective stats) It's not that CASTs can't play techer types like Guntecher or Wartecher, or that they're even bad necessarily, but your probably not gonna be depending on your offensive Technics nearly as much as bullets/skills. That's all.
  10. How would it fuck over Beast techers? It's an optional line shield. You could still equip arm slots that boost accuracy. Also, the accuracy of any Technic could be based off a multiplier of something greater than 100%, or the line shield could boost accuracy as part of a set bonus if it was enough of a problem for Beasts. You know for a fact that an optional line shield making technics affected by accuracy could never be popular? You KNOW that. I've heard people complain that CAST TP was too low before, so just because something isn't popular with you doesn't mean everyone would feel the same way. What would be wrong with "don't like it, don't use it"? BTW, something not having majority popularity doesn't mean it couldn't have value to part of a community. In the United States, we have an electoral college, which lets us avoid having the coasts determine all our elections exclusively.
  11. Hi, Clemers. Here's an idea that's been floating around in my brain for a while now. A line shield to help CAST/Beast techers, but create an experience different from Human/Newman teching... Rabol Familiar / Wish Line CAST/Beast only No body slot DEF 150 EVA 150 MST 150 STA -5 10-star 75 DEF req. A special line shield that syncs with Technic weapons to make them feel less foreign to CASTs and Beasts. ---------------------------------------------- The following could occur as a set bonus with Me / Quick, Har / Quick, etc. if need be. PROS: TP + LV*5 (+900 at LV180) LV180 CAST LV20 FT TP: 2678 = 1778 + 900 LV180 Beast LV20 FT TP: 2945 = 2045 + 900 LV180 Human LV20 FT TP: 2667 LV180 Newman LV20 FT TP: 3113 You can neutralize Technics' element by neutralizing the wand/rod they're equipped to (like how bullets/skills on neutral weapons have no element) Example: this can give you the opportunity to hit SEED with Megid for good damage! If Technics neutralized in this way could eventually be made green later in Clementine development, that would be a bonus! CONS: STA - 5 and no body slot Technics also now affected by accuracy (EDIT: this could be off of a multiplier of level, crit chance, base stamina/end., or some other racial constant if low beast accuracy is a concern) Or you could give an ACC bonus equal to CAST accuracy at you level, and then treat technics as having a 50% ACC modifier, like this: technic_accuracy = 0.5 * (my_ACC + CAST_ACC_at_my_level) That would halve the difference between Beast & CAST accuracy, and you could go even further if need be. ---------------------------------------------- If you don't agree with this idea, how would you boost CAST & Beast techers in a way that makes them different from Human & Newman techers?
  12. You may not have to remove any. Hunter LV10 & beyond for example could just display as Fortefighter minus 9 levels. If you can't add/remove types, can you alter them?
  13. That's certainly better than nothing! What if I clicked to join RNDM Unsafe Passage S and the mission counter sent me to the 4th floor, with a scrolling message on the lower right that read: Head to the northeast counter to join Marm in Unsafe Passage S! Could that work?
  14. Is there any reason why there's no "random mission" mission at the 5th floor counter? If I'm playing Halo and I click on the Big Team Battle option in matchmaking, I don't always get taken to: CTF on Zanzibar S CTF on Zanzibar S2 CTF on Zanzibar S3 They randomize it a little bit! Is there anything wrong with a random mission selector that maybe gives a 5-10% EXP boost if the last mission you completed up to the MP reward was a random mission? The obvious problem with relying on counters alone to select missions is it splits up the few people online. I can find a random mission on my own by trekking to the counter, but who's gonna join me mid-mission?
  15. Hello, all. It's my time of the month to put out a new type topic! NEW ENEMY SHRINKING TYPE! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Blunt-faced weapons, Ank Bico(+) Roasted Rare/Medium/Welldone (Melton's) Frying Pan Beefedge Raria/Media Melton's Skillet Set Twin Beefedge R/M 1.) transform enemies into smaller forms on exacted normal attacks (costs 1/2 the weapon's PP rounded down) 2.) draw from TP instead of ATP to empower Newmans (affects use of all striking weapons; still must meet ATP req. to equip) 3.) receive a massive TP & stamina set bonus (along w/ all knuckles) w/ shop available, type exclusive line shield(s) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Blunt-faced axes can shrink large & medium enemies. Blunt-faced sabers & T. sabers shrink only medium enemies. Fails on final-block boss enemies, like 'mutant' Gol Dolvas & 'rainbow beast' Kagajibaris. Example transformations: L BIPED: Bil De Vear -> Vanda M BIPED: Vanda -> Naval or Ground Polty L QUAD: Kog Nadd -> Jishigara M QUAD: Jishigara -> Naval WYVERN: Tengoh -> Kudetob ROOTED: SEED-Vitace -> Delp Slami CENTAUR: Bafal Bragga -> Jishigara MACHINE: Bead Groode -> Gohma Dilla HUMANOID: Rogue/Servant/CAST -> Polty, Pannon (or Jaggo?) - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - To encourage synergy w/ Protransers & their EX traps, at PP cost of 1/3 (rounded down): If any enemy is frozen on exacted hit with: blunt weapon (besides Frying Pan(s)) or single thrust knuckle skill Bogga Zubba (for additional 1/3 HP cost rounded down) they are broken into multi-enemy: Mizura, YG-01K BUGGE, YG-01Z BUG If any enemy is stunned on exacted hit w/ any blunt non-knuckle weapon: transforms enemy into ground-dwelling enemy (since stun is caused by Nosdiga): Goshin, Bul Buna, Delp Slami If any enemy is burned & launched (from rising strike/crush) WITH Frying Pan(s): becomes aerial enemy: Shagreece, Kudetob, Zoona - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - XP yield on transformations would be altered to avoid abuse. Skills LV30, Bullets LV20 Technics Off. LV10, Sup. LV20 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - PROS Shrinks & transforms enemies! Wow! Synergizes w/ Protransers (for flipping krabby patties!) Newmans have 3% racial bonus CONS Very low TP & stamina w/o type exclusive line shield(s) Limited striking weapon diversity. PhotonChargeCosmos fail for this type Weak bullets and technics
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