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  1. Hey, know this is a super old post but I was curious if you happened to know is there are any other cheat fixes for the bad slowdown in larger areas? Even at 1x on a Snapdragon 845 it slows down when the 60fps patch is active,but otherwise runs buttery smooth enhanced at 4x res & textures, etc etc. Maybe some way to disable the effect that's causing it? I've searched up and down for answers and can't find any, so completely taking a shot in the dark here. Thanks!
  2. It's set to 1280x720 in the base PSU launcher options, but I've also went under the other menu and made sure custom resolution is 2560x1440. For some reason though when the game launches it's definitely much lower res. What have I done wrong? I'm sure I did something, haha.
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