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  1. For me I usually have to start the game twice. Idky, and idk if there's a more perma fix for this but here's what I do: Make sure your desired resolution is set in OPTIONS on the launcher first. Open the launcher Click the wrench&screwdriver icon on the top right. Ensure the checkbox is orange/active for Custom Resolution. Have the resolution set to the desired resolution. Click Ok Hit play. Repeat once more (or until it works; usually only two tries for me). Hope this helps.
  2. Tag was CrayonKittenz or something of the sort. Forgot my demo and fullgame names. lol I went by Allie to a lot of ppl though. I knew people in S.T.A.R.S, Razorblade, and probably a few others I'm not remembering. I was 100% a 4th Floor Balcony girl. Sorry. :')
  3. Only problem I can see w/ GM is it having more weapons than the others. (Even though Master Force gets 3, and the rest get 4..) But then again, there's Acromaster with a million things, so.. fuckit imo.
  4. So, I really, really, love Machineguns but I also want to use rifles and the heavy weapon (RL, Laser, etc). Sadly, I can't do this and have an S rank MG. I know Fortegunner is there and has them all, but.. MG is only A rank, and personally, I don't care for most shotguns or grenadelaunchers. I'm curious what people think of this, or if it would be unbalanced. I'm remembering everything slowly and could be easily forgetting something.
  5. Upon starting and entering mission area, all audio is gone/muted for everything. Leaving and returning or abandoning the mission restores audio. This is really odd because we ran it last night a few times just fine. Glitch/Bug is happening for me and my party. If it's needed, it was an S-Rank both times. Edit: Getting to Block 2 restores audio. Edit 2: Audio was lost again upon reaching block 3. Edit 3: Audio restored for me in boss room (Block 4).
  6. Figured it out thanks to user @Skittles#7419 . PSU was detecting the wireless device for my controller, and making it player 1. So the actual controller was player 2. Unplugged the USB device, and went wired- fixed it.
  7. Not sure why there are two, could this probably be why it's not working? Thank you btw. I've tried like a thousand things, I even tried plugging in another scuffed controller but even that doesn't work. PSU just doesn't recognize any inputs from controllers it seems. :c
  8. I've followed this guide perfectly: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/18882-xbox-360xbox-one-controller-setup-restore-triggersvibration/ But it still doesn't work in-game. I've tested it on XinputPlus and it recognizes the controller inputs. I've correctly set it up in-game (going to system and changing the control scheme to controller, from keyboard) and in the launcher. Still isn't working. I've restarted a few times, and yeah... I'm at a loss. lol It worked a long time ago when I first tried out clementine, not sure if I'm missing something or not. https://imgur.com/O9xqNfi Thanks in advance!
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