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  1. It happened to my character after logging in after the update dropped. At first glance, my characters items names and types have been switch around, I tried logging in and out of my game and still had no luck. Then I place all my items in storage then taken them out once a changed universe and went to my they began to change again and once a tried to repeat storing and weary them to remedy this nothing had changed.
  2. Finally Twin Dil Edges
  3. ACROFIGHTERS! RISEEEEE UP! http://psupedia.info/Twin_Dil_Edge.html
  4. http://www.psupedia.info/Major_events.html to refresh your memory you can check them all out there. My top five would probably be... Absolute Zero Maximum Attack G Great Arms Race Maximum Attack X Guardians Chronicle Absolute Zero is probably my most favorite because I made most of my meseta from that event selling Ank Buti synthesis boards.
  5. I migrated to the 360 servers after the English PC/PS2 servers got cut, my main characters we're Guykid, Gordon, Argula.
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