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  1. I think to slightly change up the idea - and to simplify the potential for such a buff: Make it so that any attack 2 seconds after the buff is applied, PA or normal would cancel the buff - if you use an attack, you're either in your next fight already and don't need it, are getting items - which is a choice, or you've made a big mistake and just take the penalty. Making it so attacks cancel the buff 2 seconds after the kill would prevent accidentally removing the buff by hitting attack and not realising the enemy was dying already.
  2. Best thing you can do is just lower the alpha level on the window background element (I forget the exact name) That will make it show a lot less so you can see behind it better.
  3. Strange and unfortunate. Just to check, have you made absolutely sure you've got any prerequisites for using ImGUI? This is an ImGUI-based system and will not work if you can't get ImGUI working. (you'll definitely have ImGUI running if you use Re-Shade, in which case, problem is a bigger mystery)
  4. Has any of the previous versions worked for you? I've had big problems with 1.11 and 1.13 myself, but it could be something really simple like a file hasn't copied over properly or you have a file from an old version that you might have accidentally left out in the update.
  5. unfortunately, the best workaround is to either temporarily shut off defender for the download (which might result in it being deleted as soon as you reactivate) or make a scanning exception in your download folder (dangerous if you aren't well-versed in protecting yourself) Also you'll need an exception in defender for the actual executable in your game folder and maybe even the DLL
  6. I'll also add a "can't get it to work" to the list unfortunately. Followed all steps, gave elevated privileges to the file, ran as admin, FORCED admin, tried without admin, removed all elevated privileges, no methods worked.
  7. They're a few hobbyists reverse-engineering terribly made server software, not a bloody corporation. Also they said they hope to release mid to LATE August, they didn't promise a set date and they don't owe anything to other people's utter impatience.
  8. Maybe if you want to see people's suggestions on what missions to prioritise for future updates, a poll could be an idea? I'm not saying try to remember and post every mission under the sun for a vote, maybe just some top picks that you feel might not be too much headache to tackle and see what the people say on those choices. Then, in the next update, you can replace the one(s) that got finished for the next vote.
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