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  1. Hey there, if u want some Friends, send me your Card if u see me ingame. I´m most of the Time in Clyez City 5th Floor Guardians HQ. My Charakter´s Name is Sathendia. See u soon ingame
  2. Thanks a Lot for that. That helped me so much :). Now i have to find a farming Group and that should not be that hard ;).
  3. So i have to do the Mission Distant Memory S and S2 in Falz Memoria or Dark Satelite S2 in Clyez City: 4th Floor Space Dock if i want to have the Hyper Viper? PSUPedia.info say that Hyper Viper will be dropped from Mother Brain Lv. 100-124, is this on Clementine the same?
  4. Hi there everyone, i wanted to farm the Hyper Viper or Twin Tornado Twin Handgun. The Missions for These Weapons are Illusionary Shaft S and Security Breach S. I Can´t find These Missions at the Guardians HQ Mission Counter. Are These Missions not implementet yet or did i have to travel to the Parum Mission Counter to Accept These Missions? Hope u Guys can help me. Sathendia
  5. Sathendia

    PSO2 on PS4

    Hi there, Yesterday i was creating a JPN PS4 Account for testing PSO2. Now i´m downloading it and i have some Questions. Hope someone of u can help me. 1) Can i Play PSO2 after downloading it with my other non JPN PSN Account. 2) Can i delete the Game normal like my other Games if i don´t want to Play it anymore? 3) Is there any Chance to Change the Text Language of my JPN Account into German/English (current Console Setting is German which also is the Language of my Main PSN Account)? Thanks a lot for helping me. Have a nice Day Sathendia P.S. If anyone wants to Play PSO2 with me send some Friend invitation to Sathendia (My PSN Name)
  6. Thanks for the fast answers :). I found out a Way to change the Text for some not Server sided Menu´s and with the English Voice files from the Forum it´s ok for now :). So u have to translate all of the Server sided Text by urself? Are there no English/German translated Server side Text found on the Internet? If i find the translated Text will u be able to use it? You Guys from the Clementine Staff do Great Work and i´m very thankfull that we are all able to Play together on this Great Server :). Thanks for the hard Work and Time u put into this Projekt and i hope that in the Future the Game is what all of us wanted it to be. Sorry for my bad grammar. See ya Ingame, and have a nice Day Sathendia
  7. Hi there Guys, i´m new here and i would like to know if there is any way to set the ingame Text Language from English/Japanese to German? If there is no way just English would be enough, Japanese is a bit irritating. I posted a Screenshot for better understanding what i mean. Hope anyone can help me :). Thanks a lot and have a nice Day Sathendia psu20191130_112722_000.bmp
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