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  1. If there´s some need for a German translator just say a Word. Currently my Company informed me about short Work. So i have Time to do some Translations for U :).
  2. Hi Guys, starting the PSU.exe as Administrator works for me. If the d3dx9_33.dll is missing you can download it from here -> https://de.dll-files.com/d3dx9_33.dll.html If you are using an 64Bit Operating System use the 64Bit download if not choose the 32Bit. Copy the file to the same directory as the PSU.exe file is (should be ur install directory) and then run the PSU.exe as Administrator that should solve the d3dx9_33.dll missing Problem and the game should work.
  3. Hey there, if u want some Friends, send me your Card if u see me ingame. I´m most of the Time in Clyez City 5th Floor Guardians HQ. My Charakter´s Name is Sathendia. See u soon ingame
  4. Thanks a Lot for that. That helped me so much :). Now i have to find a farming Group and that should not be that hard ;).
  5. So i have to do the Mission Distant Memory S and S2 in Falz Memoria or Dark Satelite S2 in Clyez City: 4th Floor Space Dock if i want to have the Hyper Viper? PSUPedia.info say that Hyper Viper will be dropped from Mother Brain Lv. 100-124, is this on Clementine the same?
  6. Hi there everyone, i wanted to farm the Hyper Viper or Twin Tornado Twin Handgun. The Missions for These Weapons are Illusionary Shaft S and Security Breach S. I Can´t find These Missions at the Guardians HQ Mission Counter. Are These Missions not implementet yet or did i have to travel to the Parum Mission Counter to Accept These Missions? Hope u Guys can help me. Sathendia
  7. Sathendia

    PSO2 on PS4

    Hi there, Yesterday i was creating a JPN PS4 Account for testing PSO2. Now i´m downloading it and i have some Questions. Hope someone of u can help me. 1) Can i Play PSO2 after downloading it with my other non JPN PSN Account. 2) Can i delete the Game normal like my other Games if i don´t want to Play it anymore? 3) Is there any Chance to Change the Text Language of my JPN Account into German/English (current Console Setting is German which also is the Language of my Main PSN Account)? Thanks a lot for helping me. Have a nice Day Sathendia P.S. If anyone wants to Play PSO2 with me send some Friend invitation to Sathendia (My PSN Name)
  8. Thanks for the fast answers :). I found out a Way to change the Text for some not Server sided Menu´s and with the English Voice files from the Forum it´s ok for now :). So u have to translate all of the Server sided Text by urself? Are there no English/German translated Server side Text found on the Internet? If i find the translated Text will u be able to use it? You Guys from the Clementine Staff do Great Work and i´m very thankfull that we are all able to Play together on this Great Server :). Thanks for the hard Work and Time u put into this Projekt and i hope that in the Future the Game is what all of us wanted it to be. Sorry for my bad grammar. See ya Ingame, and have a nice Day Sathendia
  9. Hi there Guys, i´m new here and i would like to know if there is any way to set the ingame Text Language from English/Japanese to German? If there is no way just English would be enough, Japanese is a bit irritating. I posted a Screenshot for better understanding what i mean. Hope anyone can help me :). Thanks a lot and have a nice Day Sathendia psu20191130_112722_000.bmp
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