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  1. I'm in it actually. But I know people who arent in it. Just suggesting a way to help people who aren't in the know and are not social enough to join a discord. Because discord can be intimidating to people who are not naturally sociable.
  2. Not everyone is in the discord, I think a declaimer when people are making a character would help. So when new people come to try the game out. They know off the bat.
  3. I didn't know there was going to be a wipe and was playing the game normally. Im just stating how I feel about it and going to wait until the server is out of testing before picking up again. The game feels nice actually. But I think people should know there is a wipe so nobody takes the game seriously and doesn't get burned out when the wipe hits.
  4. On your keyboard, there is a print screen button you can press. You can paste that into paint. And then use the cropping tool. It will take a perfect screenshot of your screen so you don't need to use your phone camera.
  5. Well I just lost motivation to play. Its already annoying to level up with low miesta rewards. Finding out im going to have to do it again just sucked my desire to play entirely.
  6. I heard from my friend there might be a wipe because this is still a beta.
  7. Playing it casually doesn't give you much freedom though outside of playing whenever you want. Especially if one of the casual things you enjoyed doing the most has this large price gate on it in which you have to farm a single mission over and over because other missions don't really have good meista drops. I was showing my friend the game because he never played it and we ran into the issue of constantly spending all of our money on restocking on consumables. We are still sporting standard gear because we haven't got any good weapon drops and have enough money to look for them via the player shops. It seems until like level 20 you will start experiencing having more freedom in terms of spending power.
  8. Didn't they have to play the same mission over and over to do that though? If you increase rates across the board for money drops, people can experience the game normally without spending all of their time on neudaiz. Because its now viable to play normal missions in different areas and planets.
  9. Yeah we don't need that much. I would divide that by half at the very least. Don't get me wrong, the old days were great. But not everything about the old days were that great. Spending months to level and grind was the absolute worst. Which turned me off to mmo's in general during my teen years. PSU was I think the only mmo where I actually got to a really high level and experienced the intended content because I didn't have to take forever to get there.
  10. That is exactly why I made this thread is because of that initial wall you face to just get decent weapons for being low level. I wonder if its possible to make like starter kits or something for new players so that way you don't need to touch rates across the board. Enough to get them started so they can help themselves. Though I most likely would spend it all on clothing and customizing my character lol.
  11. It doesn't need to even be like a significant boost. I agree that the old end days of the game was waaay too fast. But I don't really know their actual rates from back then. Be like 2x or 3x. It just seemed like over kill in my opinion. The early game is a slog when you got no money, when you start making alts you can negate that issue entirely because of the shared box in-between rooms. I played the psp version. I think that game had a very nice progression system. I had to grind but I dident need to grind my life away. I think copying the psp game is a good way to go in my opinion in terms of progression time.
  12. The thing is though it follows the old school 200 hour grind to just get anywhere mindset that wow instilled into people for years. I don't know how I tolerated spending months to level up anything in ragnorak online back in the day. I just did it because I was brand new to mmos and diden't know better. Now im like 27. I see the flaws in constantly grinding to get a better boat. If its a little faster it would make it feel like im not fighting a phone game.
  13. So when I picked up psu back in the days on my 360. I noticed rates were like 3x or 2.5 more compared to the usual 1.0. I got money fast, leveled fast, and was able to get to end game content within like a week. I understand why they increased the rates because of how slow progression was but in my opinion I think it was too fast. Early game is very much of a chore because it takes forever to get money especially if you are rusty as hell or just even new in general before getting multiple weapons that are different elements before you can fight optimally. My suggestion is to increase rates in general to like a 1.5. Where its fast enough to get enough money early game to have a viable character to make later leveling easier. My favorite thing to do with the game back in the day was to play dress up and coordinate outfits. And it was super easy to get money to buy clothing. Now its hard get back my old characters look because my money rates are a lot slower than what I was used too back in the day. I think a little boost to make the grind a little easier is a good way to help out solo players who don't often do groups outside of mandatory party content.
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