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  1. My vote goes for Ohtori Encampment as well. It had some nice unique drops and was a fun mission overall. As always, thanks for the update post and I'm looking forward to what comes next!
  2. It's exciting to see lost missions being revived and the progress you all are making! I look forward to seeing the end result of what you guys are able to do with this downtime and hope the final release is far less stressful than the test ended up being.
  3. I feel a system like GAS is too big to just leave out. Having some form of character progression beyond RNG item drops will really help keep people playing for longer periods of time and GAS can give people chances to make unique builds if they're able to implement the customization aspects fully.
  4. If it's entirely possible I'd be very happy with tying most of the upgrades as 'passive' unlocks to type levels beyond 20. Some of the bonuses like the stat and PA level categories would be perfect for this but we might need to have some system in place so people can pick and choose between the extra categories as just unlocking everything passively would probably be a bit overkill. GAS was a way to keep progressing after hitting the level cap while hunting so I'm really looking forward to what you guys can come up with!
  5. Your weapon breaking does reset the grind though as we went back to the old system no? Honestly, a method to restore the max grind on weapons is a good idea but I feel like the old system was bearable only because it was easy to craft grinders and you could stockpile tons of them. The current drop rate on grinders just doesn't feel generous enough to warrant going back to a system that can be so punishing. I said it on discord but I think a good compromise might be to make it to where failing a grind doesn't reset the grind level but does lower the max grind available to the weapon. So if someone gets to 6/10 but fails going to 7 they'll just be at 6/9 instead of 0/9. It'd still keep the new items worth using and having lower drop rate on grinders wouldn't feel so bad if you aren't risking everything with each grind.
  6. Ran into this bug while running the Protector's Zeta event mission solo. If you die during the De Rol Le boss fight and get revived via a Scape Doll, De Rol Le will stop doing anything. If it was mid attack it'll still finish the attack but it'll then just proceed to sit in its last position and do nothing until you either kill it or abandon the mission (if it happens to be out of range of your attacks). This can be a bit of a nuisance for melee types that lack access to longer ranged weapons/techs if you're running solo.
  7. I've noticed a minor bug with how the client currently decides when a PA is usable while playing on Fighmaster and Fortefighter and this might be present with all Master/Forte types. Simply put, this bug seems to be tied to these types' PP consumption bonuses and penalties and the client currently will make PAs usable when your weapon has enough PP to use the PA regardless of the type's bonus or penalty to PP consumption. For instance, Tornado Dance costs 30 PP to use normally. On Fighmaster, this PA consumes 39 PP per use but the client will allow you to use Tornado Dance as soon as your weapon hits 30 PP. For Fortefighter this bug works against the type. Gravity Break normally costs 20 PP per use but only consumes 16 PP while on Fortefighter, but due to this bug you have to wait until you have 20 PP on your weapon to use Gravity Break. I've tried testing this with units like Drill/Power that reduce PP consumption as well and the client will correctly apply these units' bonuses to the check before allowing a PA to be useable. Overall, this is a relatively minor bug and you have to practically drain your weapon of PP to really notice it but I figured I'd point it out as I haven't seen any mention of it on the boards.
  8. The weapon prices are definitely inflated by about 4x what they were on retail but when I checked the recorded prices on the JP PSU wiki it seems like line shields were actually sold for such high amounts in the NPC shops. I believe Marm has said that the NPC shop prices are higher than intended so this should hopefully get fixed soon. And for anyone curious here's the page on line shields that I'm referencing with the prices: Line Shields
  9. If Feril/Cronos is considered too good of a unit to be added then I really want to stress Red/Knight getting added at least. It may be a 12* unit but it's not really got any special properties to it and the arm unit selection could really use some love to help out gunner and melee types.
  10. Red/Knight - Clear box reward so this may not be available for some time. Feril/Cronos - Not sure if the JP mission where you faced off against major NPCs will ever be restored but this unit dropped from Ethan in that mission. Both of these are arm units as we could really use some better options for that slot right now. A lot of arm units past B rank are clear box rewards.
  11. Ah, wasn't aware of that so I amended the poll questions.
  12. I only recently learned about this change to Fortefighters and Fighmasters and wanted to see what other people's opinions were on having this also apply to the melee hybrids like Fighgunner, Wartecher, and Acrofighter. I understand the reasoning behind removing the block animations for the pure melee types but I feel like the hybrid melee types still spend a good majority of their time in melee and rely on melee weapons for most of their damage. I'd personally like to see the block animation disabled during striking PA usage if that's at all possible as a QoL change/buff as the hybrids easily have at least several times the evasion mods of Fortefighter and Fighmaster.
  13. Aside from the obvious missing interactions that have been mentioned already I think the ATA changes feel about right. I want to hold off making any major judgement until we can start getting access to some of the better arm units as we're pretty limited in choices right now. I'd like to see how much of an impact some of the higher tier knight and other ATA units have for instance.
  14. So I know that Fighmaster and Masterforce both had the ability to equip C rank handguns added to them on this server but I switched over to Fighmaster and found my 3* handgun was still unusable despite this change. This isn't technically a bug in the normal sense as the master classes have a restriction that prevents them from using weapons and armor below S rank and that's what's stopping the use of C ranks. Still, I figured it'd be worth pointing out this issue since there was an effort to change these types to help them solo missions.
  15. Box and area drops should be included in that list. But otherwise I think that pretty much covers everything currently.
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