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  1. Hey all, Just jumped back in to the game as roughly a level 40 to check out the new updates, and was pretty shocked by how steep some of the daily/weeklies were. I was under the impression these were implemented not just as a way to introduce new rewards, but also to encourage more frequent play/doing missions you wouldn't normally. However, killing 35 of the same boss in 1 week is not something that is very appealing to me. If I were to do this in my free time, it would probably take up all week, and would cause severe burnout. Any 50 bosses isn't nearly as bad as this, but it still just kinda shocked me. Now, I'm in no position to request changes, but if I were to implement something like this, it might be more like "do 1 mission on each of the planets", or "clear the following mission" or something- for the dailies at least. Something to spice it up a little, and reduce the risk of burnout. Granted, maybe I'm not the demographic for these quests, and maybe it's for those with a bit more free time/ dedication? How do other people feel about these new quests?
  2. Pretty much since launch, I've been disconnected from every play session after a few hours. It's not totally unbearable, but it's upsetting midway through high level missions. It's usually just a "server requested disconnect" or session timeout, even though all my other internet services are fine when i'm disconnected. Has anyone else had this problem? Haven't seen any posts about this, but feels like it's to be expected from a recently re-launched server.
  3. Hey team, I was wondering how much of Agrajag's "Unofficial AOTI Offline Expansion (Despair and Hope)" was going to be incorporated into Clementine? It seems like the purpose of it was to play the online content offline, but does that mean that when Clementine comes back up it will automatically have Agrajag's intended content? Put simply, what does Agrajag's expansion have that clementine won't? I know that they got their own board on here, but I haven't seen any updates in a while. Thanks in advance!
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