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  1. While getting the basic functionality of the original game should come first - area clear boxes, crafting items, and AI partners - I'm interested in how people who play multiple characters will be handled (because I'm one of them - Fortegunner, Wartecher, Guntecher, and Fortetecher). Of course, getting area drops tweaked to be more inline with what the original did should be on that list as well. As has been mentioned by others - Thank you for running the server, and thanks for the Dev team for making it happen.
  2. I'm game to help. I did a whole lot of work with PSO / Skies of Arcadia / Dreamcast models, basically decompiling .njm files to .obj files and .ms3d How did you manage to extract the model from the file, or was this through the use of a d3d utility? The process you used would be a good starting point. Or is the problem with finding the individual elements in one of the files...? Someone ages ago gave me the texture dumps for GRM rifles, I was hoping to use them in PSO PC... (Been working with various 3D programs since 2005... Lightwave, 3DCoat, and Blender are my tools of choice)
  3. I have a small, minor bug: mega/power units are mistakenly listed as "C" class units, when in fact they are "B" class units. It's happened every time I've gotten a mega/power, and then tried to equip it in a "C" Line shield, and it didn't work.
  4. Thanks. I'm already using default 2, I'm getting tired of having to reach for the z key twice every mission, though. I think my problem may have to do more with windows than with Joytokey or any of the other remapping alternatives. Several things were broken in the last couple of updates, that affected several software packages I use.
  5. Again, another informative answer. I'll be patient. And thank you, too. And now, another question... Does anyone have a joytokey profile that duplicates the XBox 360 version of the controls? I've been trying to get mine set up, to no joy...
  6. Thank you, question answered.
  7. A quick question that may turn into a bug report... I was slogging through the rare mission Phantom Ruins C (I've seen more of these in the last week of playing on Clementine than I did while playing AotI on the official servers, I'm not complaining about that) (And yes, it was a slog - solo L10 force going in, died twice, used all my photon charges, but I finished it!) and noticed something odd: Even with the 5x drop rate, none of the area boxes or the clear boxes dropped anything. While I know Synthesis hasn't been implemented, which removes any of the boards from the drop list, 8 clear boxes and 16 odd area boxes should have dropped -something-. Have the area / clear drops not been implemented yet for the rare missions? Or, is this because of the general nerfing of drops in general? While I'm not going to sneeze at the Palasra and Izlucre I got out of the mission (critter drops) (also 8 levels and 3 type levels), it seemed odd. In fact, I've noticed a lot of empty area boxes across a wide range of missions in general...
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