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  1. Ah okay, I had seen people mention that method on Reddit for some games but I hadn't seen anyone mention it being successful so I wasn't sure if it actually worked. Worst come to shove, I've also found pretty decent success with a program called XPadder as well though I don't know how well it would work with a Steam controller.
  2. Just to save you some headache, don't bother trying to run a Steam controller unless you have a special program for it. Its built in such a way that it doesn't work properly without the Steam API essentially mapping the output from the controller from being mostly rubbish to actual acceptable input. Not sure if this was some cost saving measure by Valve or it was done to make the controller only proprietarily work with *their* stuff but I ran into a similar issue when I tried to use it on mobile and this was the wall I ran into. Its basically an empty husk with buttons without the Steam API pushing it.
  3. I knew it wasn't just me. I played retail so much I can subconsciously recall most map layouts and enemy spawn patterns and I'm almost certain the PA exp was not this slow for Striking on retail for any of the skills.
  4. The only reason I wish to have striking PAs reviewed, is because I'm almost certain that the current rates are slower than the original retail rates. If this is not the case and they are normal, fine leave it. I just want someone to look because it feels ridiculously slow compared to what I remember.
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