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  1. Updated shop listings 7/11/19 different items than last update check it out and buy anything u might neeed
  2. Updated Prices in myshop search Bishi its the CAST Bishi shop and buy buy buy Everything made a bit cheaper i need Light Attack techs so please buy! trading stocked items for the techs i need too if you're into that.
  3. there is a cash shop. Arks Cash every 2-3 weeks they release an AC scratch Gacha with fashion/accessory/lobby actions/gear affix items its not needed at all to play i myself usually buy ac every month but lately the newer scratches have been shite and i make enough money just playing the game anyway cuase i know what items sell well. if you have a brain making ingame money isnt that hard it literally takes 10 minutes to make 1-2mill depending on what you do and your RNG
  4. Way too late for this release... i have 3 accounts on JP PSO2 with around 15k hours over all my characters bored of pso2 now lol Also this release will most likely have less Fashion choices it probably will not have any of the japanese player contest winner design fashion / accessory and most of the collabs won't make it to the western version if sega are as lazy as i see them as [ i dont see them making any efforts for any collabs from jp to be in western version] rest in peace my twinkle stars accessory and also a bit less content some of the collab's were bosses and missions yes they could have new western only collabs but they will probably be trash XD unless of course we get a bit more final fantasy collabs [there was only 1 in jp an ac scratch and odin as a boss in pso2] the persona collabs are probably safe but the vocaloid collabs [mainly the concert] probably wont be in the game over in the westbut im just guessing at this point. and from the trailer it doesnt look like phantom and etoile classes will be included from the get go so thats a con for me etoile and rifle phantom are my 2nd/3rd choices after Techer/Phantom main.[even though etoile isnt in jp at time of posting this i main wand so etoile for me is a no brainer it uses wands]
  5. Updated prices added some thing removed something
  6. Selling cheap S-A rank weapons 49k-140k each techs 60k - 1.5mill price depending on what the tech is and its lv Search Bishi [ race CAST] for my shop and please buy it all Thank You
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