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  1. I love the idea of expanding the Class leveling up from 20, and embedding within 21-50 a way to purchase class-specific upgrades from the Weapons Skills and Attributes/Resistances categories. I would recommend a much lower character level requirement to engage with this content than the 200 for AEXP; for example, I think most players can max a class by 80, so somewhere between there and 100 would keep the improvements flowing while on the way to the character level cap. If it is feasible, I endorse @Ravieth Arvenel 's great idea about multiple currencies requiring players to farm different locations for their character-specific improvements (Basic/ Special Abilities and Weapon/Shield/Extra Styles). Again, 200 seems a bit high to start these upgrades; maybe once a character has reached level 30 in any class and 120? There could be particularly potent abilities that would require higher thresholds, of course..... Very excited to see how this evolves, and mega kudos to all involved in restoring this wonderful game.
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