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  1. Mine is working fine, and even work alongside Reshade. But it won't let me modify the colors (trying to use Nord colors), I push enter then it goes back to the previous numbers. Found how, lol. Edit: Can you make it so we can changes the R G B colors without going through that horrible HSV color picker ? (which is not even working like a normal HSV, too) Edit2: 10* appear in green (as shown in the screenshot)
  2. Maybe you have an unstable Internet which result the file to lose packets (It's a big archive after all) I suggest using a download manager for such big files, like https://github.com/subhra74/xdm . I just discovered xdm today (I was using IDM for a very, very long time) and it seems very legit.
  3. Everything on Clementine Wiki is available on the server: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Main_Page/
  4. Web based (on here) would be nice, it would also populate a bit more the website/forum.
  5. Jyuki

    Limit break?

    Yes, the Fortetecher Limit Breaks only applies when you're currently using Fortetecher Lv15~20
  6. Using PSO's dragon sound would be a nice touch for nostalgia
  7. Oh, I didn't know Megistar was for self only, my bad. Well then, it would be nice to have it for everyone too, haha.
  8. I think Midori was sarcastically saying that it already exist: http://psupedia.info/Megistar.html
  9. It just sounds like a download error. I'd re-download the zip file and try again. Also make sure that your Anti-Virus doesn't block anything.
  10. Heya, the photon fortune isn't random on Clementine, you can easily plan your lucky days. Each day, the luck rotate between Human - Newman - CAST - Beast. So if Newman have luck 3 today, tomorrow it'll be Human (that have luck 2 currently) etc...
  11. Heya, I'm sharing with ya'll a simple controls scheme for PSU. If you want advanced controls, check out @Midori Hoshi Guide at this link. I've made these simple controls because I don't like the use of Keyboard controls In-Game (needed for the advanced controls) and the use of AutoHotkeys and all its codes. I'm a big player of PSO:BB and I've been using Xpadder for a very long time, so I decided to use that for my controls (it's very simple to setup and require no coding skills). I'll be sharing my configuration files at the end of this thread, if you just want to use my controls as it (or use it as a base and make yours) N.b. - Be aware that it deviate to the default Xbox360 controls. If you don't like it, you can changes the buttons in this guide to whatever you want to use. N.b.2 - I'm not an expert at making guides so be easy on me if there's something going wrong on your end. We all use different rigs and peripherals so things are bound to be different to some extends. For this guide you'll need: Xinput Plus: https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/18882-xbox-360xbox-one-controller-setup-restore-triggersvibration/ Xpadder: Freeware Link or you can support the Dev and buy the latest version Here (The free version should work just fine but I'll be using the latest version in this tutorial) To, at a bare minimum, understand how these software works and try not to blindly follow every steps here hoping everything should just works. 1. Set up Xinput Plus Follow the steps in the link above (you probably already did if you're using a Xinput controller). In the DirectInput tab, activate the Shift button to LB. See Picture at step 3 In the same tab, go to Customize and set the SHIFT+DPAD Up,Right,Down,Left to Button31,32,33,34 respectively. Picture Still in the DirectInput tab, go to the Advanced tab and disable Xinput. Picture Optional: Go to Buttons/Rapid Fire tab, check X and Y and set the Toggle Enable/Disable to LB+RB. (it'll enable a turbo function on both X & Y to spam techs/bullets). Picture Optional: Go into KeyAssign tab and set Multiple Key to both X and Y including Guide to both (it'll launch your SUV/Nano Blast using the Guide button, require to deactivate the Game Bar in Win10). Picture 2. Set up Xpadder Setup your controller controls in Xpadder. I wont go in details about that, you can find a lot of guides on internet. Or use my files at the end of this thread (for a Xbox One pad). On LB, go to advanced -> Set Selector and select the Set 2 While held command. Picture In the 2nd set, Set F1 F2 F3 F4 on the DPAD, F7 on back, F8 on start and F9 F10 F11 F12 on X A B Y respectively. Picture 3. Set up PSU Open the file PsuIlluminus.ini at "%localappdata%\SEGA\PHANTASY STAR UNIVERSE Illuminus" and changes the Gamepad1 settings to these: [gamepad1] BUTTON_B=1 BUTTON_A=2 BUTTON_X=3 BUTTON_Y=4 BUTTON_L1=12 BUTTON_R1=13 BUTTON_L2=7 BUTTON_R2=6 BUTTON_R3=10 BUTTON_START=8 BUTTON_L3=9 BUTTON_U=0 BUTTON_R=0 BUTTON_D=0 BUTTON_L=0 STICK2_INPUT_X=4 STICK2_INPUT_Y=5 In the game, go into System -> Options -> Function Key settings and set it to Chat shortcut. Set these to your chat shortcuts: F1: Your favorite chat shortcut F2: Your favorite chat shortcut F3: Your favorite chat shortcut F4: Your favorite chat shortcut F5: Unused in this guide F6: Unused in this guide F7: /sl dark F8: /sl light F9: /sl ice F10: /sl earth F11: /sl fire F12: /ls lightning Now everything is done, here's how the controls are: LT: Lock-on/Camera LB: Shift button RT: Switch weapon/palette RB: Chat Log Back: Accept invitation/mail/Mission reward Start: Menu LS Click: Overhead Text Display RS Click: First Person View A: Action B: Item menu X & Y: Normal attack & PAs or Techs LB+RB: Toggle on/off X&Y Rapid Fire LB+DPAD: F1~F4 Chat Shortcuts LB+Back: Dark Line Shield (Back = Dark) LB+Start: Light Line Shield (Start = Light) LB+A: Ground Line Shield (Green = Grass = Ground) LB+B: Fire Line Shield (Red = Fire) LB+X: Ice Line Shield (Blue = Ice) LB+Y: Electricity Line Shield (Yellow = Elec') As promised, I've attached my configuration files to this thread. My files.7z PS: I'm not using the Weapon shortcut as it's a bit finicky for the moment. The item menu is not sync'd with the weapons you're using from the commands.
  12. While Tech PM is annoying af..., lol. I'm feeding mine with tech items I found during the day (not much tbh) and then finish by feeding Reverser disks. Reverser gives +9 tech for 1500 meseta, definitely the best value for tech. That's 9 level per day for 150k Meseta (Lv100 = 1.7~M meseta) Read below.
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