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  1. Hello everyone, I got tired of looking at the fuzzy, pixelated and blurry Area / Mission Select Maps so I decided to upscale and give them a bit of a clean up. DOWNLOAD MOATOOB NEUDAIZ PARUM A PARUM B All source files included on the git, throw the files into you DATA folder, backup your originals of course. https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/DATA Files Note that the Space Map is not included at present. PREVIEW (Warning big files) https://github.com/JoycieC/psu-upscaled/tree/main/Area Maps/Map Previews There are two versions of Parum because I couldn't decide which one looked better, of course the results vary between maps and I'm not 100% satisfied with the result for some parts, so I may revisit these later as there is a lot of detail loss when upscaling such low resolution source files. They are not intended to be professional replacements, but hopefully somebody will find a use for these or be inspired to make better versions. These were made using Topaz Gigapixel AI and cleaned up in an image editor after.
  2. Moatoob has benefited the most from this in my opinion, it's much less of an eyesore and definitely looks a lot cleaner. I'll throw everything into a zip in case anyone wants to use them, not sure how much more I'll do but hopefully someone will find use for these. BEFORE AFTER
  3. Have been upscaling the Mission Select Area Map's in my free time, some yield very impressive results, others not so much. Moatoob is looking pretty nice, whereas Parum is a challenge. These are put together like jigsaw puzzle pieces, upscaled and slightly edited to correct colour, then cut up again into x20 1024x1024 squares pieces. Original vs Upscaled at 5120x4096px (resized for forum post)
  4. Hey that sounds great! I always enjoy seeing efforts to breathe new life into older games, how much work have you put in so far and would you be willing to show some off? I've replaced a few things to give PSU a fresh coat of paint just for my own personal use, of course with this sort of thing it's always a time-sink, I've been replacing things in my free time when I'm not working but of course it's all down to preference. I found replacing textures outright instead of upscaling some did a better job depending on the scene, the login screen became such an eyesore even after trying to upscale and redraw some of it so I took a page from older PSO and went the Hexagon route, hoping to mimic a bit of that classic PSO and Dreamkey Online visual appeal. It may not be for everyone but it works well enough for me and seeing it before login makes me feel like I'm entering a new PSU experience. BEFORE AFTER
  5. Hey, I thought posting in this topic would be better than opening a new one since they're on the exact same subject. I wasn't happy looking at the really pixelated space map background on the Mission Selection screen, so wanted to give this a go myself and bumped up the 20 texture files that make up the map with upscaled ones to 512x512 each, this was just for fun and I doubt I'd be doing much more but it goes to show the potential of what a community effort could do for the game. I'm not aware of any other efforts to upscale or remake textures, but this wasn't a long process and very easy to do, the difference is noticeable enough that it takes away some of the eyesore on modern resolutions, there definitely is room for improvement but if you had free time on your hands you could quite easily throw everything into an upscaler, repack it all and call it a day. BEFORE AFTER
  6. Hey thanks for posting this info, it's pretty fun to change things up a little in-game! Does this also apply to Sound Effects and Voices? Thanks!
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