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  1. Thank you @ShawnTehBot, I really appreciate you taking the time to answer this without any immediate bias towards me.
  2. Really wish just one person would answer at least one of these questions instead of ridiculing an opinion. Great community.
  3. And as I noted in the original post. Odds being stacked against me as always. I would like to hear about your feelings towards the game. How do you feel about the games current state @Aelphasy. This isn't just about just my feelings. The damage has already been done. From what you posted it seems all you had to say was to ridicule me for going to school and that the game is not difficult. Which sounds more like you have feelings towards the game that do align with mine quite a bit. Go ahead, let it out.
  4. It was easy to see that the grinding system was going to change. I would not see that it would change negatively in my favor though. As others agreed with me as well. I simply wrote this post because I saw someone saying he would quit because of the market being so horrible in the discord. Some people even commenting that the player base was even worse than pre grinding update. I really just wanted to hear more on this issue to be honest with you. I am not getting on anytime soon to play a child game anymore. You are right actually. PSU Clementine has absolutely nothing difficult in it. Which is why I am even questioning coming back. Play the same rooms constantly over and over and never die. Guaranteed item drops and now guaranteed weapon grinds. You are definitely right on the game having absolutely no challenge whatsoever. Might as well play animal crossing at this point. I would call it Elementary School Universe Clementine. Maybe one day the game will advance and so would your spare time along with it. Oh, another thing. While studying economics, professors often tell students that it is absolutely impossible to foresee, or predict the outlook of any economy. Otherwise everyone would be a billionaire from precisely predicting stock market prices. I also could not find any information on a "PhD in gamedesign" anywhere. @Aelphasy
  5. Just checking up on everyone to see if anyone wanted to leave any input on how they feel about the current game state. I saw a few comments on discord about how the market has been. Mixed comments. I do want to state how my feelings were effected during the whole grinding change. First I want to explain myself that I fought extremely hard to have mods/ community members to look closely at grinding. I invested heavily into this game, and my play style revolved around buying 1/1 weapons and trying to buy 0/0 weapons. Paying millions of meseta in the early game just to acquire such weapons. Just for them to be destroyed by the update. I also spent countless hours pouring every single resource into accumulating S+10 grinders. Just for their value to to diminish with a swift motion. Leading up to the grinding change I was playing regularly. Taking note of a particular mod (Ethateral) who would remove some of my trade posts on discord just because he disagreed with my opinion on grinding. It truly felt like the odds were stacked up against me. One thing that really busted my bubble along with the people I played with was that an honest players' opinions were overlooked. I never cheated in my time of playing Clementine. However, the opinions of people who played with client hackers were put into more consideration than our own. It was a bad deal. So you can understand why a guy like me would quit the game. I do want to note that I will be back on Clementine. I will bring some people back onto the server as well. This will be towards the "end game." When all the weapons are available and all the cheap weapons are obsolete, I will come back. There will probably be a leveling event. I will easily acquire some of the rarest weapons during that time of month. Then I would take some of my S+10s being held by a friend and easily 10/10 the end game weapons. Boom, game complete. In the mean time, I will being working towards my PhD in economics and spending my time more productively than with a game that an elementary schooler can pick up and easily play. Grinding is the sole mechanic that makes the game difficult. Clem Flex channel- just so you can show off fruitless accomplishments? okay Maybe in the future, or after a wipe, there could be a server for people who have a different preference on grinding? Maybe you could swap servers but have zero influence on the market/ trades depending on your home server? Maybe I am just a hollow shell of a player talking to myself. Thoughts? How is the player count? How is the gameplay? Do you die often?
  6. Some of my closest, and longest lasting friends are quiting because of this grinding change. Grinding is the only challenging thing that this game has and it is being stupified. The people who cheated last server get thier way this server. Yet honest hard playing players get thier ideas pushed aside by a corrupt mod team who have the ears of previous cheaters. I quit too. I'll come back when everything is released. Level up in a week. Buy one of the best weapons. Then 10/10 it with no effort. Anyone else would be smart to do the same too. All your weapons will be outdated soon anyways. What is the real reason to even play if there is no challenge. Peace
  7. Hey Marm. The new forums look amazing!! I really feel like the grinding change should appeal to most people. I think it has a great overall and thought out idea. However, the prototype weapons will definitely be needed to help maintain the value of weapons in the game. The market will not like the influx of a lot of base 0/10s. Prototype weapons is the solution to so many questions. I would just want to propose that maybe the boards for making grinders be higher? That way, a 7/10 weapon will be worth substantially more than a 0/10 because of the meseta or grinders put into the weapon. I want to say 100k be the lowest and 250k being the highest for the S rank boards. Some A rank weapons are also on par with S rank weapons especially when it comes to whips with WarTecher. I am unfamiliar with the A rank grinder market and I am unsure about the pricing for those grinders as well. I hope to hear a response to my feedback. -M
  8. I really want to give a shout out to Marm. He is the true MVP here. I am actually very happy that he is taking some time to himself. He deserves it. I just hope that he remains the top dog indefinitely when it comes to major function changes. I personally feel like his insight on what Clementine should be is the one true insight. He legitimately knows what is best. He is also extremely neutral when it comes to opinions. Unlike some of the mods who have succumbed to the opinions and wishes of side communities in this game. Whenever a complaint is raised. He looks very closely at the complaint. He then puts all the logistics together to look at the bigger picture. He knows what direction Clementine should go. I feel like the community, and the other mods, should not have any direct influence on where the game should go. Marm has such a strong outlook to what he thinks Clementine is. We are all characters to his game.
  9. Can we change the drop table for SEED-Magashi please? He is probably the hardest enemy to fight in this game. I will not spoil where he could be found. However, he is difficult to find. Instead of Agito Repcas, Can he be the sole dropper of Ultimate Chains? Also, have his rate for this item or whatever item chosen extremely low. I would love to see a better drop variety for this enemy. Currently he only drops Kokuintou Kagachi, Agito edges, Buccaneers, and Agito Repcas. I know we will not be seeing the big guy for a while. However I just want to plan ahead for when he does show up. During the last test server he was HARD to fight. I would like to keep that challenge alive and also give the guy a very interesting drop table. Please?
  10. Greetings friends. I would like to propose that the next grind boost week to be held on the week that holds Easter. I would also like this post to be the end of all the nonsense over how hard grinding is. The current grinding system is in place for a reason. Once the end game weapons come out, the final weapons to come should not be receiving their finishing grinds IN A WEEK OR TWO. That would simply kill the game. The general agreement on Discord during last test server was that there were to be grind weeks. We already had one so why not another? Grind weeks, EXP weeks, I would even like to see Mat weeks, Meseta weeks, Class EXP weeks, etc. Most people agreed that a system similar to PSO2 was to me implemented for grinding. Looks exactly like what we got. I believe all the discussion on changing a core function of the game should have been said during the different test servers. No more test servers please. anyways, Can I get a CHEERS for EASTER ?!?
  11. @Slade You read my mind so well friend. I do not understand the many different posts on how grinding should be changed. I can 10/10 any weapon I want right now with barely any effort at all. What I really want to see is very very few Ultimate Chains when they come out. I want to see maybe 10 on the server during an event. Then I want that event to end. Think about the prestige amongst others. Having a few people with such a desired item is something that happened on the last server. I kind of wish that SEED-Magashi would be the ultimate dropper of 15* items. Have him drop the items at a very VERY low rate. Then people can save their precious 15* items for grind boost week if they are soo important.
  12. I do not agree with the second chart. Low end grinders are given way too high of a percentage in my personal opinion. This is a really bad chart for me. If something like this is to be implemented, then I believe all grinders from the server should be wiped and olpad, copernia, and base S should definitely have their rates reduced drastically. This system would make 10/10ing a weapon cost pennies. Sorry Cake, no thanks.
  13. It is nice to read a post from you friend :). Problem 1. I don't know how I feel about this, look at problem 3. Problem 2. You 100% have my support in giving master force and all other classes a travel PA. There is already a travel PA out for double sabers. Why not just release all the travel PAs and for every class too? I personally agree with your stance on problem 2. I feel like GM should be able to use grenades. Also I do not see why FM does not have knuckles. I mean, why not. Here is my big problem. I really want to see more classes in the game. I know that Clementine is limited to how many classes are available. However, I want to see Acrogunner make a comeback. I also want to see Ranger, Hunter, and Force become custom classes. These classes just take up space at this point. I understand they are there to influence early gameplay. But in the long run I would love to see more differences in classes. Clementine is a custom version of the original. I would love to see more customization in the gameplay. I want to use S rank whips, machineguns, crossbows, grenades, sabers, and a travel PA all in one class. I really want to see more variety in my gameplay. Problem 3. I defiantly feel like enemy damage onto the players can be boosted with more party members. If you have a full party, you are just mindlessly fly through missions without dying. I really like this kind of gameplay. However, I can see where you do not feel the challenge. There was a suggestion for an ironman like mode earlier on the forums. I feel like this is the true solution to this problem. I love you friend and hope you get some good drops this week. BTW One does not simply "play a better game."
  14. I think broken weapons are a great way for new players to achieve better gear. This system I am proposing could make weapon grinding rates easier. The grind percentage can be boosted up 5% overall. Plus there would be an additional incentive to try and go for 10/10. If you 10/10 a 40% element weapon, it could be as powerful as a 9/10 50% element weapon now. So this proposal can directly benefit fighters. There will actually be more "10/10" attack value weapons through this by having more 9/10s. I am making this discussion to have a community effort put into what probabilities can be made up.
  15. Actually it is. You will be skipping a grind while on your path to 9/10. Grinding a weapon to 1->10 can be somewhat similar by just going to 1->9, but maybe even easier through better percentages discussed here.. This will still give incentives to grind to 10/10, however people only wanting to risk breaking the weapon will do so. Otherwise they can just keep it 9/10 for the same weapon stats as 10/10. There are multiple things that Clementine does differently than the original game. Lets make the weapons a bit stronger as a Clementine version of all the weapons. This is a solution that would keep the motivation for better weapons alive.
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