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  1. oh i got banned for grinder duping so had to make a new GT but my mains were. FROBOT in disguise, the yellow and black afro CAST the PSU Bootsy collins multi class gunner/fighter Jaguar, RAmar...fighgunner acrofighter, twin saber and twin handgun specialist i usually had a Newman female switching between HUnewearl and FOnewearl and Guntech (oh how i miss Guntech ), her name escapes me ATM, its been a long time.
  2. Jaguar

    shadow mapping

    ok heres a question someine will probably know the answer to pretty quikly haha (im a layman). in the graphics options we have shadow mapping for yourself, party or enemies. is there a way to force universal shadow mapping for all? its not like our modern systems will struggle pmsl maybe an ini tweak to force all 3 (or 2 for party/enemy) to enable?
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