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  1. This is a known issue, at the moment there's no way of scaling the UI.
  2. We put together a getting started guide, aimed at covering off some of the most commonly-asked questions new players have: https://psu-clementine.net/wiki/index.php/Getting_Started_with_Clementine
  3. There's a Looking For Group channel on Discord. If you aren't seeing it, make sure you've reacted to the post in the Rules channel, as if you haven't many of the channels won't show up.
  4. Yeah please don't multibox Resta / Reverser parties are a thing, you'll often find them in Hill of Spores next to the... smog turret things, as they deal percentage-based damage very rapidly but also inflict confuse, so are good for both. Your best bet would be to try and get one going using the #looking-for-group channel on the Clem Discord.
  5. New version fixed it for me - I was having the same issue as a lot of people above, where you'd boot PSU but wouldn't be able to get the overlay to display.
  6. We've updated the wiki to reflect this behaviour while it's worked on. In the meantime Marm has suggested they're happy to change the colour of the clothing to what you originally requested, but there might be a bit of a delay until time can be found to go through the requests.
  7. Update: it does. I find that I have to switch armour at the start of every block (if I'm holding the Missouri at the end of the previous block) and if I switch away from the Missouri to use another weapon, when I switch back to the Missouri I also have to switch armour again to get the set bonus back. Switching between two Quebbler Suits works the same as switching away from a Quebbler Suit to a different armour and back. I'm doing this using the chat macros - the only pain is that if I'm already wearing the armour element that I want to switch to, I have to switch away from it first
  8. I've just purchased an S012 and can confirm that this behaviour occurs for me too. You can work around it by carrying a second armour of a different element and using macros to switch to the other armour and then back to your Quebbler Suit - appreciate it's not ideal but trivialises the faff required. Wonder if it activates the bonus if you switch from one Quebbler Suit to another. I only have one and have logged off for the night so won't be checking for a little while
  9. This looks pretty good to me - the main concern I have is that it may turn the game into an MP farming fest (more so than now), and it does affect people who like to level a lot of classes more than people who stick with a handful. In all honesty I'd just be grateful to have something so this solution is something I can get behind. Only criticism is that I'd like to be able to upgrade tech level caps - LV50 bullets on PT or LV30 skills on AT for instance. If we're already tying progression to a specific class, then altering the parameters/limitations of that class for yourself would
  10. Noticed this morning that Machineguns now have PP Regen. Happy days. Unfortunately they also seem to be regenerating chunks of 100-500 PP seemingly at random to the extent that I managed an entire run using only two Greaseguns and didn't have to use a single photon charge. Don't have footage but happy to discuss further. I didn't find any specific actions that were able to trigger the regen but will have more of a play tonight (UK time) if any more info is required.
  11. This also happens on Beach Bum Beasts, on certain maps - the spawn of Bal Sozas/etc after the island don't take hits from Sturm Attacker.
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