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  1. I’m loving this control scheme the more I play. Thank you, Midori!
  2. It should be: Public Chat = View/Back Button while holding RB + RTParty Chat = Menu/Start Button while holding RB + RTPublic/Party Chat = Guide Button while holding RB + RT
  3. Did you know that I never mentioned only using Giresta to heal teammates? Did you also know that this trick is easier to pull off with Giresta due to its longer cast animation? Thanks for the input!
  4. Here’s a fun tip that I used back in retail. It’ll help you in a pinch! If you get staggered or knocked down after initiating a Tech, it can still eventually launch the Tech, even without your casting animation finishing. Giresta has a pretty long cast time, so you can use that to your advantage! If you know a strong or unavoidable attack is coming to you and your teammates, try casting Giresta slightly before the attack lands. You’ll cast, fall down, and the damage you sustain will be healed before you have time to get up! The timing could be tricky at first, but you’ll definitely get it. It’s really helped me out of some tight spots. Have fun supporting!
  5. Metsume

    PhotonFX ReShade

    Unfortunately, all I have from PhotonFX is in the attached rar. I was never able to download the original from the old forums. If there was a texture extractor, I can’t say that I have it. Sorry! It does still seem to be a closed-loop program. All I can think of is maybe deleting the ReShade folder and the d3d9.dll and ReShade.fx files and then dropping them back into your Clementine folder. Something may have went wrong when the files were initially dropped in. It is being detected though if it’s loading the splash screen at the beginning... Yeah, something’s not right. Try to delete and reapply the files to your Clem folder. It could be something as simple as that. I hope it works!
  6. The wiggling free of Freeze is a really neat idea. Also super appreciate all of the updates. Not even mad about how frequent they are. The amount of progress this server is making is fantastic. You guys rock!
  7. That’s the fastest I’ve ever had a wish come true. lol That is amazing news. Feel slightly dumb for making this topic? But I really can’t complain. I’m happy it’s already a thing!
  8. Talking about increased buff durations reminded me of something I’ve wanted since waaay back on official. If someone casts Shifta Lv 31+ on the party and then someone comes right behind them and casts their Shifta Lv 21+, the last buff would stick, so the lower tier buff in this case. The most recent buff, no matter stronger or weaker, would apply. The same goes for debuffs. And it wouldn’t necessarily be anyone’s fault. Sometimes it’s hard to tell unless you stop what you’re doing to open up the party menu and personally inspect someone else’s Tech levels and go, “Oh, guess I shouldn’t use my Deband.” lol I would love some way of letting the higher tier buffs and debuffs take priority to avoid being overwritten. Maybe casting a lower level buff would just increase the duration of the higher buff? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
  9. Sure, I’d of course not mind buffs lasting longer. But I’ve got to say that I love the multitasking aspect of being an Acrotecher. Quickly buffing teammates when they need them, debuffing new enemies that appear, quickly switching to heal in between it all... I love being support. BUT. Not everyone is an Acrotecher, and not every party will have one. If the only support is a DPS-oriented class, I can see them not wanting to constantly reapply buffs every couple minutes or even use a Photon Charge to replenish. I don’t mind how long buffs last personally, but I can see this change really helping less support-driven classes, for sure.
  10. Oooh, wow. I see. So that means Clementine would have to increase mob levels, add mobs and spawn patterns, or what have you to increase MP received? That’s way harder to adjust than just simply changing MP payout. Is it even possible for Clementine to manually adjust each mission’s MP without mobs considered? I can’t even begin to know how PSU’s code works. How bad would that effect things?
  11. So are Vanilla missions buffed while AotI missions are nerfed in terms of MP, or are just AotI missions nerfed? I just like the idea of being able to enjoy any mission instead of being like, “I haven’t played this mission in... 8 years!” If it’s really affecting players’ overall experience, I’ll be for changes. I’d really like there to be a way to make older missions viable, but not at the expense of nerfing popular missions. Tough...
  12. I’d be OK with that. Especially since Sega buffed WTs to use S Rank Axes as well, giving them a total of 7 S Rank equips while ATs sit at 8. Could always use more Whips. Whip it good!
  13. Metsume

    PhotonFX ReShade

    Hmmm, the game closes before the title screen appears? When it says compiling effects in the top left, does it ever say succeeded after?
  14. Metsume

    PhotonFX ReShade

    This is a ReShade for PSU created by 8Phantasm that was lost with the old Clementine forum. It helps with a lot of the jagginess, makes colors vibrant, adds bloom, etc. Huge thanks to 8Phantasm and anyone else involved for their hard work and I would not be able to post this if it weren't for Andromeda (DandyP#2536 on Discord), so shoutouts to him! Super helpful and friendly guy. I've attached the files needed to get this working. All you need to do is open the folder after extracting the rar and drop the "ReShade" folder, "d3d9.dll", and "ReShade.fx" into your Clementine folder, so 3 items in total. No need for ReShade installation! Here's a simple comparison of what it can do: BEFORE ------------------------------ AFTER Here's a video I found that can help with any setup you may need, like customizing settings, but really just drop the 3 items into your Clem folder and launch the game. Also, fun tip, the Scroll Lock key will enable and disable the effects if you're interested in seeing the difference in-game. Have fun trying out different settings! See you guys out there! Backup download link PhotonFX 1.0 - ReShade+Framework 0.18.7 Preset.rar
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