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  1. I just pray you do end up coming up with a system for already-broken weapons. Would feel real bad and punishing if early players (with likely rather rare gear that's difficult to replace!) got left in the dust with a < /10

  2. Just give us repairs already. Would make a great meseta sink, too. Some items are just way too rare or tedious to get for anyone to 'just farm another.'

    Let's not even get into the one-time-only deals like Edel weapons.



     I want want Phantasy Star Universe: Clementine to last forever. I don't want to beat it in a week.

    I understand that feeling, but in the long run I feel like the mechanic is going to drive people away more often than it will drive them to find replacement gear, and nothing kills an online game more thoroughly than a shrinking playerbase.

  3. After defeating Dulk Fakis, the death cutscene appears to be preparing for phase 2, but there's no phase 2 in rank C, and you are left in the phase 1 room with no boxes or warp crystal.

    Unsure if this happens because I'm in a party with multiple people (I recall it working properly before when alone but more testing is needed) or if it's related to the map you get on start.

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