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  1. Making Moatoob more interesting in general would be great. I can only take saxiphones for so long.
  2. I just pray you do end up coming up with a system for already-broken weapons. Would feel real bad and punishing if early players (with likely rather rare gear that's difficult to replace!) got left in the dust with a < /10
  3. Lmao I'm glad I broke my only Psycho Wand to 1/1 two days before this announcement.
  4. Just give us repairs already. Would make a great meseta sink, too. Some items are just way too rare or tedious to get for anyone to 'just farm another.' Let's not even get into the one-time-only deals like Edel weapons. I understand that feeling, but in the long run I feel like the mechanic is going to drive people away more often than it will drive them to find replacement gear, and nothing kills an online game more thoroughly than a shrinking playerbase.
  5. This is lovely. I got a little overwhelmed when I peeked at the customization options. Is there an easy way to adjust the transparency of the drop checker window so it's a bit less obstructive?
  6. Lol this coming from the guy trying to hijack the S+10 market.
  7. I think a more tactful question would be: "Can we have an update?" I'm excited as anyone to play, but let's not get pushy lol
  8. After defeating Dulk Fakis, the death cutscene appears to be preparing for phase 2, but there's no phase 2 in rank C, and you are left in the phase 1 room with no boxes or warp crystal. Unsure if this happens because I'm in a party with multiple people (I recall it working properly before when alone but more testing is needed) or if it's related to the map you get on start.
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