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  1. xzarsk

    set effects

    im using quebbler suit with missiouri s012 and for the set effect to work i have to unequip an equip the armour everytime i swap to the shotgun from changing weps or same thing chnging blocks gotta re equip the armour for it to activate
  2. xzarsk


    i dont see ashviens dbl saber on there
  3. xzarsk


    Grand crusher any good and any thoughts on blade destruction trying to find out before I buy
  4. xzarsk


    Does the mjolnir slicer drop anywhere
  5. xzarsk


    Dang ok thanks yeah I seen em on market but not all elements on there
  6. xzarsk


    Does the go booma claw drop anywhere currently
  7. Awesome can't wait for the event
  8. xzarsk


    Ok thx
  9. xzarsk


    Is assault crush as good as it was on jp server or is it just like English server was
  10. Stuck checking for new patch files can someone help?
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