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  1. It's pretty exciting when i have 20 different people pinging me on discord about an update post for Clementine. Glad to see everything is going along well!
  2. I know it's not something that can't be done now, but i'd love to see this in the future. I'd be pretty awesome if we could highlight over a mission and see the fastest clear time on there. It's something the TA'ing community would love to see since that's all we used to do back on the 360 days for endgame content.
  3. It was 5mil in the GRM shop when the servers were live. Casts need a way to keep up with Beasts and that can slightly help.
  4. Carriguine-Rucar is showing as a 2* weapon when it's definitely a 10* S rank weapon. (This causes the model on the ground to show a blue weapon instead of an orange rare weapon) Alseva Borega is showing as a 13* weapon when it's really a 11* S rank weapon. Mega / Power Unit is showing as a C rank, but it's a 4* B rank. This one actually shows it as a C rank item in game.
  5. If striking PAs are fine, then we need to reduce the rate of bullets and techs to match them
  6. I was Dexter The Great, lvl 180 Gunmaster or Fighmaster
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