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  1. "bottom question...Where is the Single Dagger Travel Photon Art? Why is it absent among all of them? It is Legacy PSU PA and I know it did worked fine in public test...so Where is it?" Uh yeah...about that, PSU JP planned to release Shisoku, the Dagger Travel PA (Since it was from PSP2 Infinity like loads of other content) and due to PSU ending, Shisoku and a bunch of other Infinity content was in the games' data, but never released. Last test, Shisoku was released and for reasons that shall not be mentioned, they aren't releasing that PA.
  2. So I found this picture from last test, and It looks like the Stars Camp & Training Mission were in this counter, which means all we have of these missions are the counter: I swear there was a mission select inside of it.
  3. Pretty much what the title says, my friend snagged this from a JP player and sent it to me after saying that he couldn't find it anywhere on the internet. Here's a download for the public: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/760857618322292736/779476175948480552/ULJM05309DL.rar NOTES: You need a JP Rom of Phantasy Star Portable put this in your SAVEDATA folder of PPSSPP/PSP/PSVITA after extracting boot the game and go to story mode and go to G colony if you haven't Go to the mission counter and select the bottom option for the DLC: MAKE SURE THAT YOU DON'T HAVE NPC's IN YOUR PARTY OR THE MISSIONS WON'T SHOW That should be it for this PSUPEDIA page: http://www.psupedia.info/PSP%3ADownload_missions.html#Current_download_missions_.28JP.29 Quote me if there are any problems with the download
  4. So other than being told that the GC mission in question can't be accessed past the payment NPC. How would one be able to bypass that and what problems lurk inside the mission itself?
  5. Fantastic Voyage (regular) Wicked Invasion (event)
  6. https://www.amazon.com/Xbox-360-Chatpad/dp/B003Q9RGRW https://www.amazon.com/Teclado-inalámbrico-Keyboard-Receiver-Controller/dp/B078B259QB/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=xbox+one+chatpad&qid=1597121207&s=videogames&sr=1-4
  7. It's not gonna be a test (b/c there will be no more wipes \o/) @suou_t
  8. Not only am I happy that the fluges are now working, i'm also taken aback that GAS was stated impossible and now is possible Thank you guys
  9. What's the situation on them photon reflectors?
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