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  1. the JP beach mission translates to Beach Bum Beast
  2. Dallgun is temporary, so the shop wont be there forever and will be removed eventually, and it doesn't look like anyone is complaining about weps eaither? Also, since we're only able to go to 100 right now, the cost of an op or endgame item/wep would be very high and we would have to grind a LOT of meseta in missions and hope that people buy from your shop, so it's not that easy...
  3. well, the point of this is to request items that cant drop, but for a high price, we can buy them early before we can get them normally lol
  4. Weapons - Tsumikiri Hyori - Emperor Axeon - Soul Eater - Evil Satanas - Lambdacalibre ( Lame D'argent ) - Chrome Lance - Tyrant Spada - Rep Nasur - BloodSpear Vlad Bram - Imperial Pick - Dios Despertar - Hyakkaryolan SUV - Starlight Cluster - Eternal Punishment ( when it's working ) Units - Lumira/PowerCharge Price ranges: should be 500k - 2.5 mil if neutral for weps, SUV would be 20-40 mil, Unit would be 2-5 mil ( my opinion ) GM/Mod, DM me in discord plz if an option gets considered ( discord is Birthday Rappy ) I tried doing one of those banners ppl have at the bottom of their posts.....
  5. Kanako

    I'm BACK!

    welcome back!
  6. Thank you for bringing back Protectors Kappa ( k ) even if it's just for 2 days! I'm still grateful for your hard work. Thanks a bunch!
  7. Love Death 555! ( らぶです555!)is a 6 player Ecchi game where you can do random shit playing as loli's depending on the map ( you can also make a loli T H I C C ). This game requires no private server to be made as its a game where people connect to a room you make and everything is client side anyways ( it also has an offline mode ) This is intro for the Story Mode: you can download the game, the hongfire patch ( patches the game in english and allows you to pay w/o the original DVD ) lemme get the site https://kimochi.info/love-death-555/ also, no price, game can be a bitch to run if you play it right after your PC starts up. there is a password to the download so when your extracting it and it asks for the pass word, its there DLC is optional(edited) Passwords: Game: kimochi.info HF Patch:: dameiku Specs: OS: Windows XP/VISTA/7 CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHz RAM: 1.5 GB VIDEO CARD: DirectX9.0c you can also download other Love Death games here Story: (if you want to do it) Yuu has the ability to foresee the near future. He thinks it is more of a nightmare than a gift. His childhood friend Mizuno has bad luck and he has always saved her from accidents. One day, he saves her from dying in a traffic accident. In her place, someone else that they didn’t know passed away. A girl appears before them and tells her that she should’ve been the one to die. That’s when his bad luck began.
  8. My favorite mission in the entire series was Fantastic Voyage, this mission has my favorite track in PSU, and has the fork-in-the-road feature which i thought was cool at the time. This mission was added around JP PSU's end ( I only played this mission during this time, correct me if i'm wrong ) It was located at the NanoTrance Vortex ( Entrance cove at Falz Memoria ) This mission also allowed you to fight Dark Falz. This saddens to hear that this mission wasn't saved on clementine's data, meaning the only way we could get it is by importing it from Psp2i ( FV is from Psp2i ) to PSU. Instead of reading me bitching about a lost mission, see it for yourself. ( "Ian" and "EvilMag1" are playing on Clem as of now, if you wanna say hey, say hey if you see him )
  9. Mine was the 6th Anniversary Thanks Festa ( JP ) it was PSU's final event, but i had some of my favorite missions in the game, this was it's poster, it had the girls from PSP2i, G colony played the Carnival theme, some of the missions in this event were Protectors V, Zeta, Kappa, and Iota. NOT the snow mission, something better, luckily all these missions are saved on rewrite, they're only used for events.
  10. Hi, to pass the time, I played some other mmo's, and they're pretty heccin guud. there is... Street Gears ( for you Jet Set Radio fans out there ) Phantasy Star Online 2 Phantasy Star Portable 2 Infinity ( HunsterVesre ) Phantasy Star online Blue Burst ( Ultima, Ephinea, and Destiny ) PSO: Epsiode 1&2 on Scthack PSO DC/PC on Sylverant Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Online SoulWorker and Mario Kart Wii. If you wanna join me in any of those games, message me in forums or DM me in discord. 6th generation gaming ftw!!
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