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  1. SOLFERINO?! I F*CKIN LOVE TODAY ( gonna be at school... ;( )
  2. i wish my siblings and parents could play psu w/ me......
  3. GAS is in the works and possible update when thats finished so please just hang in there ( not many ppl are left playing.... )
  4. *reads uprades* ok thats pretty good bro *reads decrease PP usage* YES
  5. nagrants took me aback, thanks for releasing the last technic ( and gold bar )
  6. Kanako

    Event Idea

    i like it
  7. i just got massive PTSD, but who cares its PSU lmao, thanks Marm!
  8. what if...the SD limit was based in the amount of party members? but reversed 6p/1SD 5p/2SD and so on
  9. they chose to fight and saved this world
  10. every universe has people in them, at nightime ( EST ) at least 1 universe has 3-4 stars ( 150-200 ) Yuzu Iyokan and Satsuma can hold 250 players ( 50 players per star, 25 per half ) but the Clementine universe can hold 500
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