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  1. "Next one should be a bit more fantastic…" Fantastic Voyage next? :thinking:
  2. not to sound stoopid, but when the server comes back on in those next few months, would the current account databse be wiped?
  3. i found more, but i'll make a list one one post soon
  4. I couldn't find an upfront picture but in the video, she's moving around a lot cuz she's using vivi dezza and other PA's, but its easy to realize if u pause a lot ( 1:30 - 2:12 is the hair )
  5. Right now, it equips like any other weps SFX and its missing casting visual effect is the one similar to Divine Amataresu, i hope it can get fixed soon. ( sfx/visual at the beginning when the mission starts )
  6. wait, So Kronos Scythe and Girasole in the case of PSU are seperate copies of each other and clem just released the "Girasole"?
  7. Looking at the pedia, it's original name is Kronos Scythe http://psupedia.info/Kronos_Scythe.html More Info if needed
  8. i dunno if its just my end or its glow is missing for everyone,
  9. SOLFERINO?! I F*CKIN LOVE TODAY ( gonna be at school... ;( )
  10. i wish my siblings and parents could play psu w/ me......
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