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  1. I noticed the preview that showed the icons for a Switch controller, and honestly... I'm surprised there isn't one for Gamecube controller, since well... doesn't the Nintendo Switch gamecube controller adapter support PC use, or is that only the third party ones? well, regardless, I'm assuming nobody would actually PLAY this game with a gamecube controller actually, but hey, there's always the slight chance I'd try that, even if I'd lack access to certain buttons and have a worse d-pad for menu navigation. regardless, I just downloaded the version of this mod with the xbox controller icons and also i gotta say, this definitely looks better than the UI mod I was using up to this point.
  2. As a former 360 version player, this pleases me. especially since i still play with my xbox controller. thank you for this mod, it is great, and I appreciate it a lot.
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