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  1. @Bramble They amended "soon" to "Late May" about two weeks ago. My guess is late night on the 28th, as that'll essentially be a Friday release as people download it overnight to play the next day.
  2. I would say that I'd really like to see Photon Fortune sometime soon (if possible) which would obviate the need for easily accessible S+10s.
  3. Oh wow...that's a hell of a nerf. Rare enemies just got a lot less exciting.
  4. I meant to report on this myself last night. De Rol Le itself also got stuck in an infinite loop of horizontal undulation with its tail presenting an easy target for the latter half of its HP.
  5. I really want to try out some of the GAS stuff as I couldn't really play the JP servers reliably after the U.S. ones closed. The degree of customization was really interesting to me. One of the things I really wanted to try was to go for a Twin-Daggers focused AF with the innate Incapacitation bonus as well as the A-Rank weapon power boost. Or maybe a FM with the same deal with Double Sabers...minus the A-Rank thing of course.
  6. Burn Trap EX seems to be the cause of repeated item desync errors for my Protranser (Funky.GUN). I haven't had such errors while using any of my other characters, and the error warning has only appeared shortly after activating Burn Trap EX sometimes (not always). *Edit* This same desync issue has now occurred with Freeze Trap EX as well. I'm starting to wonder if EX Traps as a whole are just borked...but I haven't experienced it yet with Stun Trap EX. Edit 2 - I have now experienced this with all G and EX traps. I switched my PT into an FG for the time being.
  7. The most recent server maintenance made Grants more like it was on the official servers. Unfortunately, this makes it not really worth using the vast majority of the time. It's my opinion that it should either go back to how it was, or find a middle ground between the huge AoE it used to have, and the tiny AoE it has now. It already has a decent limiter in its small target number of 3 (at least before 41), and it didn't need to be nerfed this badly. I don't know...what is everyone else's opinion on this? Is this one of those things that should be fudged to be better than official...like MP rewards and the like, or are people happier with the new version?
  8. It's too bad about Grants. I never used Grants in PSU before a week ago or so, so I thought the way it was before this maintenance was correct. With the reduced range, it's basically only good as an opener versus heavies that use techs, as opposed to being a decent analogue to a Ra-tech for light elemental. With NaGrants being essentially just Twin Penetration...but for techers, this means that DamGrants is the only good light element damage dealer for the majority of situations that don't involve a hallway filled with 100 enemies. I'd never pay 2mil for Grants in its "fixed" form. I still often found myself using other non-light techs as damage dealers, even in 100% dark areas, with Grants and its double range from before. I don't know, but I think this might be one of those things where server accuracy isn't superior to the "incorrect" version with good AoE. Did anyone feel that the incorrect Grants was overpowered? Maybe I'll make a post in suggestions.
  9. Lightning Beasts is pretty good too...decent EXP, everything is the same element (electric), good MP, and alright drops. It's at the Old Rozenom -> Paracabana node on Parum.
  10. On my Cast, Equipping my Line Shield with an extra unit (Sturm Attacker) in the inventory automatically equips the unit, as well as "equipping" a random item from my Synth ingredients tab. This disables my ability to use any guns, which go through the animation and deduct PP, but does not actually produce any projectiles. To fix this, I found that entering a mission, then unequipping everything completely, followed by dropping everything from my synth ingredients tab before re-equipping everything gets rid of the issue...however, the synth ingredient that was actually "equipped" shouldn't be picked back up as it re-establishes the issue. So...you lose that ingredient. Given that ingredients can't be used yet anyway, the only way this would be a real problem is if a decent grinder were equipped, though I haven't had that happen yet and so am unaware if it is possible for it to. The equipped ingredients I've seen so far are "Zepotite", "Carlian", "Soural", and "El-Photon". I'd have taken a screenie of all of this, but taking a screenshot minimizes my game client window and automatically closes it in the process. *edit* I have also now experienced this same bug with "Sol Atomizer" being "equipped" (not in tab..."equipped"). This especially messes with launchers, with the grenades firing straight up and down.
  11. Military Subway C gives 117 Mission Points I think (it might be 121, I can't remember...in any case, it's a lot). For an S-rank that is.
  12. @duithy I was able to use both megiverse and foverse a couple of days ago with success on that front.
  13. Earlier, I ran the "Military Subway" mission, and when I entered the 3rd area, I was loaded into empty space about a dozen meters from the level geometry. I couldn't move, but I could see inside of the level. I had to abort...which was admittedly annoying as I just started the character and the class xp from Military Subway is really good from what I remember.
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