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  1. thank you so much for help me understand the difference.
  2. Hi everyone Im new to this Forum and Im level 30 Actrotecher and its been very hard for me to to level my support techs, I reason join PSU Clementine and I notices that the Community is very small. Kinda sad and disappointed only few show up but there not many around to do a buff party and the Buff exp slow as heck.. when your buffing alone at PA level 21, and every hard, I don't recall the Buff exp this slow and low exp . I'm not trying to start no drama here, but I want to make a complaint about the rules you Establish here.. one the rules are MULTIBOXING/MULTICLIENT About multiboxing. Anything beyond your initial client will be seen as abuse until and after measures are in place to stop this. This goes along the same lines as unfair advantages and outside intended use. Sorry if this is seen as less efficient, but this is infact abuse of the game. I was with my wife and I ask her to install PSU Clementine on her PC so she can help me with my buffs. and one the player shown up to are buff party and started having a conversation and he brought up the subject and said what I'm doing with my wife is against the rules... but my wife is using her pc and I'm using my own pc so please help me understand HOW that even against the rules ? he said we are MultiBoxing...... now let make this clear..... if we have 4 pc and I ask my Family and Friends to play and install PSU and is that Multiboxing ? I don't know the difference between Mutilboxing or Having 4 of my family shares your Server knowing I have family that do play on your server so therefore my main question is are you going to banned me and My family from this Rule ? because we using 4 different PC in my House hold ? back in 2006 I invested 4 XBOX 360 and I invested a lot my money and time when I had my wife and kids playing PSU by Sega and Microsoft.. they never banned me from Invest my time. so how I am breaking the rules if we invested 4 PC for my wife and full grown kids want to play on your server ? how that against rules ? I like for someone make this rule more understanding and reasonable, I don't want to me and family get banned because of it. So explain to if I'm breaking the rule ?
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