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  1. I think most people here, even myself as a purist, don't mind changing the implementation of features to get them in the game. GAS was never about the mission itself. It was just end game content to customize your character. So long as it's still functionally similar in time investment and outcome, it seems great, so long as it's similarly limited in scope I think it's important, at least at first and until the server is stable, to maintain as much parity as possible with the old system in terms of it's limitations.
  2. Aside from account bound items, which are by no means the only items you can get at high rank, That's how the official server worked. The problem is more just that the economy can't really stabilize until wipes stop. Once they do, people are going to have extra rares and they're going to sell them, and money will eventually be worth something.
  3. Do you have two controllers plugged in currently? I know the game doesn't like it if my fight stick is plugged in and I'm using a controller because it thinks my P1 is the fight stick and refused inputs from P2. Also, are you using the plugin from the guide here? Because if that were to be the problem, a reinstall would not have removed the dll.
  4. The slots were always trash. I mean fix payouts, but the slots were absolute garbo. It was never like on PSO2 where you could grind more coins by playing slots for a while. The overall payouts on slots was far below 1:1 and you were basically only hoping you could get a large jackpot. The roulette works but I think you should only bet on red/black, but once again: it's still rigged slightly against you and payouts need to be fixed. The right way to play Voloyal for maximum payouts is to get your daily coin and hoard it. It's just like a real life Vegas casino!
  5. Yeah that's the thing. I really couldn't care less about currently being able to hold 3 scapes. I come close to that limit but never cross it unless I just flat out don't want to risk the 5k and hold 3. That being said, I'm sure there's some content that is going to be way less viable like this, but I haven't personally run into it. It's hard to care that much about something that isn't affecting me. That being said, what about people who are further from the server? This server plays like a dream for me, but what if you just flat out lag and get hit by attacks that aren't even where they look like a lot? Even if it's just lag... I don't think lowering the scape doll limit impacts anybody except those who can't get through missions without them, be it solo players, laggy players, or just bad players, and I don't think any of those three things should be penalized by straight up taking away their MP. It's just not a "punishment fits the crime" thing. "You're bad, so you're going to *BUT* on the other hand it is a barrier to bosses that are harder than you should be doing I guess? I haven't really run into too many things I can't play patiently to avoid except a few attacks that home a bit better than they should. This game doesn't really have evasion mechanics outside of more traditional RNG rolls, and anybody who plays turned based will tell you sometimes you kinda just die to those. As long as the limit isn't 1 or 2 I'm not going to care personally, but I also want to empathize with the players who struggle and don't have the godlike reactions and game sense we all do (Like my wife...She's bad. )!
  6. But outside of De Rol Le, ForteGunner gets Spears and Grenades, both of which are pretty good for bossing, if not the current event bossing, and some other stuff like RCSM+dagger which is mad fun. I used to main ForteGunner, too, but I switched to GunMaster during Dengeki. I did so because the extra mission there needed specifically the best rifles I could possibly have in order to not die instantly. Sometimes you just have to accept that there are better classes for the job unless classes were stat-flattened entirely. I get where you're coming from, and it may still honestly be the case that these classes are too weak. I've never been a fan of master classes, personally, either, but I don't think normalizing PAs to 50 across the board is the solution, either, as that's part of the charm of master classes and AT. If anything those classes should have the gaps closed with some base stats adjustments. That, or nerf the 2-3 classes that are too good instead of buffing every single other class to unprecedented levels. Regardless, until weapons come out to compete with the sheer magnitude other classes have any discussion on balance involving weapon types is kinda futile, as it may very well be the case that ForteGunner with a 15 star grenade launcher is the most viable way to boss the next event mission. But as far as contributing to party, the meta argument comes back up. If you're not doing the absolute most meta build you are in some fashion a wasted opportunity costs, but this game is meant to be fun. There will always be a gap to close, but that doesn't mean anybody should be complaining that you're joining the party. If you feel obligated to absolutely reduce all potential wasted party time, then you should be playing a meta class regardless of how big the gap is, but that would be whack bro and you should just have fun and enjoy what you want. I'm not saying you're wrong, the data may come out and show you're beyond correct and in all instances ForteGunner is outclassed, but I'm saying let's just wait and see. I'm sure more people will want balance once the server is finished. Like I said, if in the meantime as a bandaid fix 50 PAs were released I wouldn't mind, but I wouldn't trade a ForteGunner with 50 bullets for all those different weapons for a GunMaster any day of the week assuming their entire content was available to them. Also keep in mind that when wipes stop, having multiple classes and characters maxed will be more viable so switching when you need is an option. As an aside: If you didn't know the Dengeki event mission in question required an entrance fee from the main event, and would one shot you regardless of setup and disqualify your rewards while you watched and waited for your team to finish. This meant fast knockdown stunlock was absolutely required, as bad players would get DQ'd and I found no other reliable way to solo each proceedingly more difficult room was with Gun Master. The last room started you in a hallway between two carraguines who would charge at you and if you were alone GM could stun both of them enough to kill them, as they had significantly reduced hp. It was only a matter of stopping their charge before they instant-gibbed the party. People didn't like that I wouldn't share rewards, but they didn't say they were willing to do the same before hand (this was not done through party drop changes. The event did it). I'd have gladly shared if they agreed to do the same for me before they got disqualified, so keep that in mind if the event comes out. Gotta keep your social contracts in order.
  7. But you didn't But they aren't You mean efficient with damage. Not overall efficiency. I'm assuming you have the deaths per run, contribution to a party, and overall run speed for every mission, then, else this is speculation. I also never said that GAS made Expert types comparable in damage. I said customizeable. This for me mainly means more fun and a way to justify off-meta builds. If you want to get technical, so long as there is an idiosyncrasy between the damage output between weapons within a class, then there is no point in any hybrid class ever. If they did more damage, or even just similar damage then why would you play a non hybrid? Hybrid classes have far more utility. This is not a debate tactic. You don't just state you're right, dust your hands off, and call it a day. Some people are defending the point you're trying to make with both opinions and evidence. This you are not. You posted an opinion and then stated it as a fact, and anybody who needs to argue they should just be given the benefit of the doubt: shouldn't be. I'm sorry if this comes off as too confrontational. You're entitled to have your opinion, but you are not entitled to tell people they aren't allowed to have their own. We can always agree to disagree, and that's where I'll leave this.
  8. Appropriate user name! Sounds buggy. Also at any payout ratio, using an army of alts would be more viable, but that's just a problem f2p games are gonna have. I'm sure there's loads of ways you can exploit the server by making 30 accounts, but it should be pretty obvious who's doing so. Regardless, I always knew those girls at Voloyal were running a scam. Innocent people don't stand like that.
  9. Aaaaaaah. I thought this was straight up "Give all classes level 50 PAs forever". That changes my stance to a degree. I'd still rather play without that change but I mean I'd be down for it for testing purposes. Wartecher with 50 whips tho is gonna be bonkers.
  10. Psychology is the field of study of human behavior, and every post on the forum, action in game, and decision you make here falls into this field. It has been used to describe and treat gaming addictions. It's also been used to describe the human behavioral link to video games including understanding why we play them, why we quit, and why they are so effective at holding our attention. Guys: I know my opinion here is unpopular and that's ok. I don't want to change much of anything other than supply a comprehensive viewpoint for what I feel (and cited evidence for) is an underrepresented view here - that less change is better I also have received constructive feedback here and elsewhere that some users feel that the format isn't ideal, that it's wordy, hard to follow, and loaded with jargon. I tried to limit jargon, and, when used, I tried to provide ample definitions within my line but this topic isn't something I feel can be breeched without at least cursory knowledge of topics such as psychological conditioning. As far as being wordy, I agree but I don't think I can effectively condense it. I'm not doing very hot physically right now and am getting hit on all sides by illnesses. I also want to make something else clear: the server or very enjoyable right now. I'm not trying to move the Earth just yet. I just wanted you guys to know that in many ways I think parity with vanilla is ideal, and I think a certain type of person is attracted to the forum than others, and, if pso-world is any indication, without a firm pro-civility stance this place can become even more off-putting defeating the concept of a free exchange of ideas. Aelphasy thanks for the constructive discussion. I can't deny PoE's continued success. I can question how well some of their concepts would apply to psu, but others are certainly words of wisdom. If levels become full on randomly generated though I may be sick I've always disliked rogue lites and pso2's random level design, but I like Diablo 2 and torchlight. It's hit or miss. Yes. Thanks everybody for powering through my cringefest. I just wanted to be heard before I stop voicing my opinion here.
  11. I'd like to point out something you did well with this topic: you proposed an idea without leading the question. By not stating your stance you don't discourage people who don't want to insult it or contradict you for no reason. I only have mild opinions on the hp scaling currently, and if it was something I knew you cared about, I wouldn't have felt ok voting against you.
  12. I may be misunderstanding you and OP, but I thought the point of this was to just go into the data and edit it so everybody gets some level 50s. That wasn't how GAS worked. You had points to spend and could increase like one weapon's PAs a lot or a few from say 30-31. Just rebalancing the classes by making them all level 50s would be magnittudes greater than the changes made by GAS, and it would make the GAS, when implemented, pointless. If this is all for a sort of hot fix, you guys should know by now that giving people a hot fix and then taking it away is just going to upset first one, then the other group of players, so I don't think that's what's happening. GAS looks hype as fuck. I want to try it when it's implemented. Finally a system to reward late game grinding.
  13. I still think it's wrong to argue that because something is meta that it's the only way to play. The GAS was made for customization. It specifically allowed you to go off meta. It was also something to work towards in the end of life, the last thing we need to do is remove even more end game progression from an extremely linear game. I can also absolutely promise you if this change were implemented, the meta would shift and then people would want THAT meta changed. If you want to min-max and parse your DPS to see how high you can go, do it, but it's never going to be the case that every class is acutally equal. Fortefighter was never meant to compete with Fighmaster's damage output. They get more weapon variety and more tank. How is that not an ok tradeoff? If you want more damage go for it, but a change like this would be just as bad at forcing certain play styles as the current system. Finally, this was only brought up because new content was released. How is balancing the game around an incomplete state going to make the game balanced down the road?
  14. Point one: It's naive to say that passion and intelligence create success. I cited the creator of MegaMan failing at his job and I can assure you he must be a passionate, intelligent man. The fact that when we see successful people and see they are passionate and intelligent and assume with these traits will provide a successful outcome is known as the survivor bias, and it exactly that - a logical bias that skews our perception of reality. Point two: I cited a first hand account of exactly this. It's not that an ultimatum is issued like "if you don't make x change, I'll quit!" It's simply that if we become dissatisfied with the overall experience investing time elsewhere is a natural outcome. Point three: appeal to authority is the logical bias that only people of a certain priveledge should have their stance taken seriously and it is a common logical fallacy. If a sentiment is correct, the speaker is irrelevant, and any claim to the contary is more an attack on them than their point (not that I think you're attacking me). That being said, I don't doubt this version will end up even better than original even with changes I don't like (I'm even against the gender stat squash.). I'm just advising caution. Finally your video, I can't watch it at the moment, but once again I suspect it will fall under the survivor bias. I never claimed that listening to the player base can't in some circumstances generate success. I only conjecture that it can also generate failure while maintaining a status quo is tried and true. I'll watch it later and get back to you. I'm interested to here what points they make. I just have witnessed first hand in the fighting game community public consensus can be very, very wrong. That being said, in not saying literally no change is good. There are cases of extreme imbalance within this game and as mentioned there are mechanics which for various reasons most be implemented differently than from official. For a fact story mode (to my understanding) and cash rewards can not be implemented as intended. As a matter of opinion, this game is very top heavy in content with a huge issue with things like drop distribution being heavily weighted in end of life content making much of the content pointless not only late game, but too dead to grind early game meaning fewer missions are viable and burnout. I would love to see both of these remedied. That being said, I would still personally love a vanilla version, jank and all, but if I advocated solely for that I wouldn't be following my own advice on compromise. It's sad that expressing this was met with outright hostility on some fronts rather than discussion.
  15. I mean I remember during Dengeki where as Gunmaster I could solo the extreme difficulty quest where every enemy one shots and at the end two carraguines chase you. They may have been the only class in the game that could pull that off, but a class having a time and place to shine is fine. For GunTekker I would primarily take the class on my beast to missions like Scarred Planet to solo. Soloing bosses has never been super viable unless you're overleveled aside from melee classes, which is kind of their forte. MasterForce excels in nuking entire rooms and spreading status effects while they do it, but they're a turret with no health. For sheer crowd control, no class can really compete with EX traps of PT. If anything the fact that these classes aren't decent in certain scenarios just provides depth of gameplay, not restricts it. Now you have a reason to play multiple classes which in my experience is one of the only things fending off burnout. In fact if it weren't for Dengeki mentioned earlier I wouldn't have ever played Gunmaster, yet there I was leveling rifle bullets to 50. I never got to play jp servers. I'd like to at least see what all those changes were about before I jump the gun and call them trash.
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