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  1. not much of a QoL but more of a make me better without having to play better imo "Alot of the time as a melee user, instead of basic attacks, we just go straight into the PA without JA'ing the first combo, it's more for conveniences for not having to basic attack." this is simply not true, maybe new novice players but nah "You can only JA after blocking with Technics or Shooting" This is a JC (just counter) not a JA "To add, JA's already function as a "crit" so it wouldnt change the output of the damage, Rather it would simply allow us to JA without needing to use basic attack for a variety of skills." functions as a crit isn't exactly the best way to put it when JA/JC is much different from a crit "The reason why it's useful is because when your forced to run at a enemy, and do a basic swing just so you can maximize your PA's damage output, you run the risk of being knocked around like a ragdoll every 5 seconds" melee is more of a skill oriented fighting style and relies on positioning and timing, it's a part of the melee classes identities and adds risk/reward play styles
  2. use borderless gaming instead: https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases xinput plus and psuseed don't work together
  3. false positive, added a new zippyshare link and virus total report
  4. yes i have successfully collected hundreds of clem accounts and run an automated bot farm now
  5. thank you, i've been slackin on V2 but now that agra has updated the parser i use for editing the textures i have gained motivation back to finish it. i don't have a time frame besides the dreadful soon since i don't want set a time frame and have something happen and me to miss it again.
  6. do you not see the retarded animation? there's no way to fix that. all they did was change an animation value in Cheat Engine for this video. they didn't "enable strafing on a non-strafe weapon" technically. that's why they keep doing a lobby animation during the shot, and they can shoot as fast as they can press the button, no shot cool down. people that actually have messed with PSU at it's core understand that no, it's not possible in the sense of this post. as seen in the video, it just causes problems. you cannot make non-strafe weapons act as strafe weapons CORRECTLY. don't try to correct someone when you don't know what you're talking about lmao.
  7. i use imgui for mine as well, looks awesome man good shit!
  8. "When a grind fails, it will only fail and nothing more, for example a 5/10 failing going to 6/10 would remain at 5/10 but the idea is to have the success rates quite low to turn it into more of a resource spam system..." seeing as how grinding is already a "resource spam system" with not only MESETA but a person's TIME as well, (buying pre-made grinders, buying/farming boards/bases to make grinders, *which is a gamble in itself already*, ruining a new weapon drop and having to buy/farm the item again). *[HIGH % ELE, LOW % DROP BABY ]* actually having POSITIVE, or at least NEUTRAL results (i.e making grinders will be more worthwhile since other grinder values [+2, +3] will have a reason to even exist finally) (i.e failing going to 6/10 would remain 5/10) is a great move forward in making grinding not only more accessible to all players, but also less of a COMPLETE WASTE and a less dreadful experience all around. we're either not touching grinding, or already wasting lots of resources just to 2/2 a weapon and have it be worse than an older drop, as you stated in the proposal. we should at least be able to sink these resources knowing it's not completely all for nothing, and there's actually a chance to BENEFIT from these risks we take, for the weapons we worked so hard to get without throwing away all that TIME you spent to get it. lots more to go into detail about but just an initial thought on the proposal, looks and sounds great! having a 10/10 is not a trophy, and it's not just a min-max thing. if grinding isn't changed then most weapons later in the game will have to go undergo stat changes cos lots of weapons are SHIT compared to previous/lower rarity weapons with out being fully grinded. naturally making said weapons USELESS! not to mention a 10/10 isn't as valuable as it was on official since we're missing FCP from GAS anyway. stop putting 10/10s on a pedestal like they are the end all be all for a character, most 10/10 weapons are not that valuable LOL. grinding shouldn't be a 100% chance to 10/10, but what we have now is an abomination of a RNG shit show that benefits no one, nor is it a fun system to strive towards at the moment. We already have low drop rates and a low population (+shitty economy), so making grinding a more positive experience doesn't deter from the games grindy nature. the whole "official was or wasn't like this" argument is good and all, and i mostly agree with, but most people (including myself) enjoy and praise the QoL changes that have already been made (which like 80% of Clementine differs from official anyway). Clem is a different entity than official (resources, development, population, economy etc.), and because of that the same things that worked fine there, won't work as well here. I'm not saying remove the official system as a whole, as it is, but renovate and make the system as great as it has the potential to be. while this may not be the 100% perfect fix to save grinding, this is a great proposal and a great start to a conversation that has long been in the works.
  9. yeah w holidays and all i got more busy than i wanted and didn't have as much free time as i thought i would, i have v2 mostly finished and all bosses done for the most part, i'll have it updated soon
  10. it's all good lol, nice seeing other people modding finally!
  11. lol not bad but that copy and paste from my post, yikes
  12. this is from last open test, we have the wiki and other mission guides out so no need to revise.
  13. i didn't, but sounds like that are incredibly ez to do lol my grinding success sound is borat saying "GREAT SUCCESS" lmfao
  14. The best part is that since their cut scenes are rendered in game, their intros look way better and cooler now lol.
  15. [UPDATED 07/25/21] yea yea yea here's v2 Bando's HD Enemy Texture Pack v2 shout out to Agrajag and Shadowth for creating the tools needed for this to come to fruition. This is the first pack I'm releasing of my personal PSU upscale project that I've been working on in my spare time. As always make sure to make a back up of your data folder before doing any editing. The AI I used was ESRGAN with a 4x upscale model, plus all alpha layers and mipmapping have been kept intact. Install Instructions: Unzip archive, then drag and drop all the files into the Data folder in your PSU Clementine install folder, and replace. - Updates - 07/25/21 updated to v2 (finally) - will fix de rol le glitter soon - :^) All enemies and bosses are finished and included. v2 will be coming within the next few days! soon™ RIGHT NOW! Download Link: v2 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1N38-U_dCyGToydHN-RplZYzSgSLmu_QY/view?usp=sharing
  16. it's not a xinput problem i don't think, i've never had that happen. i think the options in the launcher are mapped wrong for camera options.
  17. i'd try checking the deadzone in the sticks tab for the right stick, or making sure proper right stick axis is selected in the launcher options.
  18. good work, Para! had some people ask about this but told 'em they have to wait for your official release lmao. any way good luck on the ring color, i noticed some textures like the party leader icon are black when exported then the game gives them color from somewhere/something while running, i figure this is the case with the ring as well.
  19. i think the only way to get a custom resolution for vanilla is through hex editing the exe. there's already custom resolution exes made for aoti/clementine tho. as for the story mode, that's just the og games launcher, there's already an offline patch so clementine has no need to mess with that. as for online story missions from aoti, none were logged so if they ever do get recreated, big emphasis on ever do, it won't be for quite a lil while.
  20. an official wiki has been in the works by the team for a while now, so no need to worry about that.
  21. A quick guide on how to setup Xbox 360/Xbox One controllers on Clementine. This is perfect for people who don't care to use joy2key or xpadder. This guide will restore trigger function and even enable rumble without having to load additional programs alongside Clementine. **Only the initial XInputPlus setup, won't have to run ever again! 1. Download Xinput Plus: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1xwOe7D5iSy-8EtJI5_bHWtzL9hMr9pFO?usp=sharing (safe upload from my own google drive) back-up link for anyone having trouble with google drive: https://www30.zippyshare.com/v/vIkQzZMK/file.html (3/17/2021) 2. Extract to wherever you want, then run "XInputPlus.exe" as admin 3. Next to the target program tab, click "Select", then go to your Clementine install directory and select "PSUC.exe" 4. Now click on the "DirectInput Tab", click "Enable DirectInput Output", and set "LT/RT" as "Button 11/12" 5. Click "Apply" at the bottom of the program, and now XInputPlus is configured properly! 6. Run "online.exe" as admin and click through the following steps: Options>Game pad settings>Default pattern 2 7. Finally, set "Page left" as LT (Button 11) and "Page right, Chat Log" as RT (Button 12) Now your Xbox 360/Xbox One controller is properly configured and fully working for Clementine! virus total report since google drive is stupid and false flags shit: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e53ccdf05479c69ea70643f4874040f3bcf28e9be3af50d386c6d866f4f1f1de/detection also if your right stick isn't working for the camera or it KEEPS ROTATING, don't be dumb and remember to set the correct axis in the game pad configuration too ok
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