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  1. awesome to see how far everything is coming in a short amount of time, you guys gonna crack this game wide open eventually. love seeing these posts, great work guys! @Agrajag i know you stay behind the scenes but much gratitude to you my friend, it doesn't get said enough but everyone here appreciates all the work you've done over the years for PSU as a whole!
  2. they only have room for one new type, which would replace Acromaster, and they already implemented it. idk if they will keep it for final release but either way unless they can figure out how to add more there's no reason to pitch new types.
  3. server is down for a few months preparing for final release.
  4. Did you just make a new account or have you logged in before? if you've logged in before run PSUC.exe as admin and make sure all credentials are correct. If you've just made a new account using the username_n method, make sure to remove the _n from your username. Forum accounts and in game accounts are completely separate.
  5. yes, the banner at the top of the forums says the launcher is down, launch psuc.exe as admin directly form the install folder.
  6. bando_boyッ


    enemy drops= https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1DvTQQmbPTocsXeEAzFYe2BtwMbaz7Vm_qiHk7Nutk_Q/edit#gid=1504495250 area drops- https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1pDpWbM31EkHhhbmzQH_oMay31jjeEYVr6peaEYwflOs/edit#gid=1271551041
  7. http://psupedia.info/GAS.html#Weapon_styles No, here's GAS wiki, wasn't possible.
  8. No it wasn't in PSU, that's class breaking honestly. PSP2&PSP2i had that system cos only basic classes were available. Upgrading ranks maybe, but weapon types would be bad (C Rank for Travel PA on certain classes would be understandable tho). As for if we were to use AEXP or Meseta to purchase these things, discussions or poll would be best. Also, adding hit boxes would break certain skills and make them op, limit break is great but there would need to be tight restrictions on PAs, less used/weaker PAs could be made viable this way tho & make better variety for game play.
  9. All i can say is yes, a million times yes. This is tremendously great news and a great idea. This will make end game have a purpose now and more enjoyable. Thank you for your hard work. Can't wait to see this come to fruition!
  10. can happen in any mission, funny yet annoying bug that's fairly common.
  11. Yeah when an item or material is showing equipped like that, it's a desync. Best to re-log so you don't lose any of your gear by accident. If it's still like that after re-logging, log off and wait a minute before logging back in, desyncs aren't always instantly fixed.
  12. "The forum is not an ideal place to get ideas, and the forum users are not an ideal source of them." what are you doing here then?
  13. No party boost to drops, just exp and HP scaling. The set drops options work.
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