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  1. use borderless gaming instead: https://github.com/Codeusa/Borderless-Gaming/releases xinput plus and psuseed don't work together
  2. false positive, added a new zippyshare link and virus total report
  3. yes i have successfully collected hundreds of clem accounts and run an automated bot farm now
  4. thank you, i've been slackin on V2 but now that agra has updated the parser i use for editing the textures i have gained motivation back to finish it. i don't have a time frame besides the dreadful soon since i don't want set a time frame and have something happen and me to miss it again.
  5. bro you tryna give Clem bed bugs
  6. his space has been here for almost 2 years now with him showing no interest so i wouldn't assume it would be used anytime soon lol. as for the psumod links, they must have just went down cos i downloaded them not even 2 months ago rip. best you can hope for is for marm to let him know if he doesn't already. he's been working on other things so who knows
  7. he doesn't frequent here, and as far as i know it's on hiatus, but you can still download everything from the PSUMods forums. Despair & Hope isn't a Clementine project, so it's no their jurisdiction to post said things.
  8. do you not see the retarded animation? there's no way to fix that. all they did was change an animation value in Cheat Engine for this video. they didn't "enable strafing on a non-strafe weapon" technically. that's why they keep doing a lobby animation during the shot, and they can shoot as fast as they can press the button, no shot cool down. people that actually have messed with PSU at it's core understand that no, it's not possible in the sense of this post. as seen in the video, it just causes problems. you cannot make non-strafe weapons act as strafe weapons CORRECTLY. don't try to correc
  9. i use imgui for mine as well, looks awesome man good shit!
  10. "When a grind fails, it will only fail and nothing more, for example a 5/10 failing going to 6/10 would remain at 5/10 but the idea is to have the success rates quite low to turn it into more of a resource spam system..." seeing as how grinding is already a "resource spam system" with not only MESETA but a person's TIME as well, (buying pre-made grinders, buying/farming boards/bases to make grinders, *which is a gamble in itself already*, ruining a new weapon drop and having to buy/farm the item again). *[HIGH % ELE, LOW % DROP BABY ]* actually having POSITIVE, or at least NEUTRAL results
  11. yeah w holidays and all i got more busy than i wanted and didn't have as much free time as i thought i would, i have v2 mostly finished and all bosses done for the most part, i'll have it updated soon
  12. it's all good lol, nice seeing other people modding finally!
  13. lol not bad but that copy and paste from my post, yikes
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