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  1. On the current server, card attacks are not working properly yet If this works just like vanilla, GT will be a better class than now
  2. ・Pumpkinhead or Pumpkin Trick ・Mukplasma (mukudengeki) ・Gudda Plasma (gudda・dengeki) ・Hand Spear or Hand Spear + These items are seasonal or event specific and are not currently available I think that adding it is not a problem because it is not an item that destroys the game balance
  3. The board synthesis system is not implemented in the server at this stage Some items can be obtained by dropping from the enemy Unit is a little expensive, As you get to the high end player, getting it will be easier You can also use the user shop in my room ・Halarod:Lv150~ Rappy Polec drops ・Gaozoran Rod:Lv100~ Gaozoran drops ・Uransara:Lv100~ Olgohmon drops ・shato:Lv50~ Jigo booma drops ・har / quick:Dallgun Viewing Plaza NPCShop 10,000,000 meseta ・Psycho Wand:Unimplemented For other items, please refer to the drop sheet in the guide category of the forum. ※ The drop item is different from vanilla
  4. Currently, the enemy level of "The Mad Beasts" uses data of the initial version PSU. Be aware of drop item differences, as the sheets are of AOTI or later specifications. I was asking for Card Regas, but it was Card Regina. After I saw it, I realized that the Enemy level was completely different ... x_x
  5. In the past server, the enemy corresponding to the change of the lobby did not appear, but is the present also the same?
  6. Thank you ^^ I used this and confirmed that I'm back in the standard lobby
  7. The sky is beautiful...'^'
  8. ・ About TECNIC At present, I think Reverser and Buff should lower their required experience points Certainly buff PT may be correct as a community, but it should not be considered on the basis Their growth should take place during normal combat It should be reduced for Reverser, which is less frequently used than Resta In vanilla and offline, the growth rate was slower than clementine but was moderated somewhat by the companion NPC ※ This plan is only a temporary measure until NPC can join. Note that the rate needs to be adjusted again if NPC and PT can be combined in the future
  9. This is not a bug, but ruins in the mist and Hooligan Hideout can not be played because there is no mission
  10. It contains ruins in the mist but I think it is not working now I could not find it
  11. Marmalade, always thank you for the good work ^_^ Lv150 Armed Servant (Ozuna) 's Foie's damage appears to be increasing I was reducing damage to around 300 by fire attribute armor, but now it has doubled This simply means an increase in difficulty
  12. This was also true for past tests Some enemies' actions are not yet correct I look forward to future updates
  13. Deleg Slami and Rykros's trap Megid is supposed to have had its immediate death effect disabled, but is currently enabled I think this will be an extra stress
  14. Besides, it seems that the burning, the infection, the paralysis are invalidated In the original, these condition anomalies should be valid
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