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  1. This is good news I will participate in the test again when the server comes back online I'm looking forward to restarting :)
  2. I think it's a good thing to make various attempts. The only thing I want to say is that you should avoid situations where it's natural and essential to have a 10/10 item like PSO2. It narrows the use of many items and is really boring
  3. Although the PA display shows Lv50, MF originally can only handle assistance up to Lv10 This is normal behavior In the future, I hope that the display will be changed to the maximum PALv per type as well as vanilla
  4. Is cheers for good work Upward revision of rare missions is very good news I will enjoy this ^_^
  5. Thank you for the great update Thank you for the staff First, I would like to see the new PAexp in action
  6. Update thank you The pleasure of deciding which mission to go while watching the chart came again ^^ However, it is a little sad that Varista who is not Twin has disappeared... Wait for future additions
  7. The MAG in PSU is mainly intended to be used specifically for auxiliary roles All types with A rank MAG can switch to the auxiliary roll while earning DPS using the main weapon FT, GT, WT are the best types in that matter AT is a type specialized for assistance Since MF is a specialized type, it is possible to deliver high DPS using speeded-up MAG Giving the S-rank MAG to the FT loses the advantage of these two specialized types more or less So S rank MAG should not be given to FT I think it is desirable to maintain the status quo If it were possible to equip the FT with the
  8. Thank you as always This will save you from worrying that the warehouse will be empty ^_^
  9. PSU is an online RPG It is not a racing game or a game to play TA In PSO2, in addition to time restriction in emergency missions, generalization of this makes it a premise to use PA for movement I do not want to do the same with PSU
  10. Thanks for the fix Also, thank you for keeping the PA growth rate double!
  11. An article was posted on the forum about rare mission defects Please confirm
  12. 私はこれをParumとMoatoobで試しました。 あなたがカウンターから通常の任務を選択して、まれな任務を始めようとするならば、それは開始の直前にスクリーンで働くのを止めます。 チャットは可能ですが、クライアントを終了する以外に回復する方法はありません。 権利は使用されずに残ります。
  13. Thank you very much ^^ I will play this game again
  14. ・ Kabjinjin should be A rank by ☆ 9 but is now B rank Please correct
  15. TCSM does not seem to consume PP now Wand buff consumes PP, but TCSM buff does not consume PP
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