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  1. Masterclasses when? need me my cast Masterfoce.
  2. Why do we need 2 universes right now? Just Clem it up, and don't give a fuck. passwords exist...
  3. new discord. ⛧Black Magic Arachne⛧#3597 added Har / Quick for 1m.
  4. Started: Elfen Lied. Lota hate worthy chars here. Ironically able to draw more than a few parallels with one of the main characters and myself. Started and finished: Made in Abyss (watching movie today.)
  5. Take my word for it. They're soft. Very soft. But not too soft that they just become mush.
  6. Not to bump an old topic, but I thought of some additions/changes that might make this better overall. Assumptions on this plan: Humans get 5% stat boost Base Animation Speed is 20% faster 80% PP recovery boost on weapons that use Bullets Additions: Add a projectile to cards at level 31. Prerequisite class levels identical to Acrofighter (7 Hu/7 Ra) Changes: Cap bullets at 40. This class should be the inverse of Acrofighter, which is Skill 40 Bullet 30. No need to go higher. Twin Claws to replace Twin Daggers with A-Rank cap. 1 Hand Dagger over 1 Hand Saber. I thought of some Class Level Up Bonus Stats should be the same % total as Acrofighter (1286), but flipped around (see chart) Type LV HP ATP ATA TP DFP EVP MST STA 1 97% 103% 120% 122% 102% 215% 90% 120% 20 133% 147% 172% 155% 130% 255% 120% 120% 100 140% 155% 185% 155% 130% 280% 121% 120% Might need some tweaking but i think this will provide a rough idea of what i think would be a bit more balanced than just going with AF stats and flipping ATA/ATP and DFP/EVP stats around. MST has been given a slight buff. TP unchanged as it's irrelevant to classes that don't use techs. Omissions from OP: No Boost to strafing speed. Unnecessary with attack speed boost Other Minor Recommendations: Possibly give a small ATA/ATP penalty to crossbows while using this class. Crossbows are already incredibly good, basically a one handed shotgun. Otherwise, remove crossbows from this class and add A rank twin sabers or knuckles. Swap Grenade Launchers wtih Lasers. Acrofighter seems to be mostly about speed and ability to move. Grenade launchers don't fit Acro's calling card imo. Note: I especially like the idea of using A rank Bow here.
  7. I'd prefer that any of the weapons that got the shaft from sega (EX: Cards) get a way to be used with both S rank weapons and Lv 40 bullets.
  8. So I've been bugged by this for a while. There are no classes that can use S rank cards AND lv 40 bullets. Classes that get Lv 40 Bullets: Guntecher Fortegunner Protranser Classes that get S-rank Cards: Acrotecher Fortetecher As you can see, there is no class that gets both. Why is this? Cards seem to get the shaft in every Phantasy Star Game.
  9. Can't even submit cus OP has me on block in game. /shrug.
  10. Finished Re:Creators Furious at the ending of Re:Creators. Another great series ruined by a bad ending. Unbelievable. Watched the whole thing to see if they told us what happened to Magane. Angry/ Abandoned Kabukibu: [snoring eminating from OP] Ultra Maniac: [snoring intensifies] The Reflection: not my thing. Angry At The Dragon Prince (Netflix): Apparently it's a cheap imitation of a trilogy by another artist, but recreated by the creator over avatar the last airbender. New names and slightly different setup does not make a new story.
  11. Well, been a while. Watching: RWBY. Finished V1. Interesting. Feels generic though, so far. Re:Creators (on ep 16) The Reflection (comic book art style is interesting but eh, might drop) If it's for my Daughter, I'd even Defeat a Demon Lord (ep 9, cuteness overload) Haven't started, but on the list: Kabukibu Uchuu No Stellvia Onihei Plunderer Ultra Maniac The Master of Ragnarok & The Blesser of Einherjar Finished: Vinland Saga Bananafish (That ending is literally trash. Way to fuck a good series in the ass.)
  12. Draw me like on of your french girls.
  13. I Believe this slot is so you can do emotes while in a party area. the Alt+Function Keys work in party, but only while you're unarmed.
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