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  1. Delnadian should be included in incapable mobs
  2. Interesting... Gotta put my 2 cents once I have time
  3. I don;t understand. Despite having higher base damage, golden skeletos doesn't have pa boost compared to vitace reacher. Maybe it's my error, but what makes this whip is 190+ drop while vitace is one rank lower. Let's see what event would provide mobs listed above, since new s4 missions are unlikely added atm.
  4. Tested it. Yes, its minions also can't explode. Not to mention the second form is HARD to beat. (Which should be since it's kinda ridiculous to solo S4 boss for now) Second form is also buggy, but that would explained in another post
  5. Title says it. Furthermore, they have infinite hp and just wandering around raft, making it annoying to shoot on the boss.
  6. Ah yeah, I kinda agree on this, lvl all 6 elemental twin hg pa for like 100 hours of actively using. But that is still faster than lasers and past grenades pa. 100 hours is still nothing to make twin hg towards end game damage. Seems like we're off topic now. My bad
  7. FYI, that 3 hours of grinding you said happened because of rare mission being so easy to get. Now, it's even rarer than pre-zeta patch. Second, get quebbler suit and h44 missouri, and you'll see twin handguns as a usable weapon . In other words, I think they care about what you said on twin handguns, but happened to improve it without tweaking its modifier, atm.
  8. It happen to most weapons. But a player under discord name of krazyblizzard stated that agito (not sure what agito) works and has set bonus. Please make this set applied to all of its weapons
  9. So, uh here's my post. I'm trying to make it as short as possible. Hate myself making long post. 1. Class lvl 50 and + basic ability increase will be seemingly broken on basic atp area. I don't know how much base status a class can get if this is implemented, but making that base atp status too high will make suvs and nanos become very powerful. Also, if the mp increase is very massive it makes players with limited time (remind that most psu players now are workers and college students) forced to play one single class. This, for me, who loves to play three gunner classes is a hassle. Suggestion: why not make it to 30 instead? Consider avoid having too much base atp and also time needed to grind the types. 2. SE lvl bonus gives me creeps. Lvl 5 is already fearsome in its own way when using se boost weapon. Also, I don't want to imagine how broken lvl 5 incap, lvl 5 poison, and lvl 6 burn are if this is implemented. 3. Like some posts above. Why not consider putting increased pa lvls there? For technics and striking pas yes it's just about modifier, but for bullets is another story. It's not just modifiers, it is also elemental bonus from it. Some weapons have HUGE elemental gap between 40 and 41. By all means, please consider this as your plan. 4. Allowing ability to give one more extra slot is still a bit unclear. Some combination I think could be highly imbalanced, for instance, like, double hp regeneration (lumira hp restore + talisman), +20 pp regen per tick (photon flood + hize pp generate), or super sta extra unit like mantra + gerard/endurance. Which makes se resist unit is not important anymore. Consider putting this as well. There are also two more points I'd like to state, but it's not worth mentioning it since it's very speculative. Even my point above is also speculative XD
  10. So many question I got from this post. Will sort to it once I have time to do
  11. Anyone's in charge for said title, please reconsider. This takes long time to lvl. I think I'm in minority since it's rare for someone to use launchers, so it's better to cut down the xp for this. For reference, I need 8 mins just to grind this PA by fighting de ragnus from lvl 1 to 3. Imagine this on lvl 31+ grind
  12. I'm sure the very reason OP made this post is to close the gaps between expert and master types. except AF and FF, other class types with 10 PA lvl increase will not outperform master class in terms of pure damage. Even if they have utility, overall, their performance if done by some solo testing and party combination makes them just become burden. Personally I'm trying my best as FG to contribute in party, but instead I just end up like what protranser did (traps), except no ex traps. Example in de rol le's case. My damage with rifles atm is 50% lower than experienced GM players. (4K damage in crit compared in GMs 6K damage). I need damage so that I can at least contribute well in overall party runs. I may sound desperate, but that's how the current balance of three gunnerclasses happening right now.
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