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  1. I mean I don't think any of this should be balanced around a maxed out GAS'd character. They are supposed to be end game additions that make you more powerful. So gimping your defense the entire time until you get fully GAS'd is a bad idea. Idk how they will handle GAS, it will either be level 180 like it always was, or perhaps we will start accruing AEXP whenever we hit cap and can start saving for the future (since the total exp is massive).
  2. I think people just mix up hard with tedious. PSU was never hard in a difficultly sense (and shouldn't be really) but was tedious. Running the same mission 300 times and getting nothing is not hard that's just obnoxious tedium. When you have very high damaging enemies mixed with low drop rates or what feels like overly tedious drop rates you have what Clem is currently. Ofc there are always going to be people that find shit right away or constantly get lucky and say things are fine, but that's not the majority. Idk about others but I sure as hell don't like giving up my 2 or so hours of free time every day, logging in, doing 15 maybe 20 runs and getting nothing for it and then repeating for weeks on end. Then having to NPC/sell every single thing I find to make any sort of meseta, and that's not even mentioning the ridiculously inflated stats on 140+ enemies and all that. This problem was not nearly as big on retail because you had many more options of income. On Clem it's you either sell everything you find or get a single big ticket item in the first few weeks before they lower in price.
  3. Enemies should absolutely still be able to miss, that would be ridiculous if you couldn't evade. You'd get in stun lock chains and have nonstop SEs triggering and all that. Us not hitting 0s is not going to be a huge issue, it's fine, or we could just keep 0s and have proper enemy stats and not miss as much, really doesn't matter. Though I personally like the idea of your hits that hit actually hit. So all for this ATA change. We can change some stuff to make the game feel a bit less 2006.
  4. The inflated stats take affect on S and S2s. Not C-A runs. I didn't point that out. This scaling doesn't exist for the first 95 enemy levels and then starts scaling exponentially at 100-165 currently. Which is why C-A runs feel just fine and even most S runs since the scaling isn't too high at 120ish but by 140 it starts getting up there.
  5. Yes I'd say a large majority of the player base doesn't enjoy leveling slowly. The game doesn't really start until you're into the 100s, the first 100 or so levels is just there to slow you down. This is why Sega ultimately started implementing very high exp yield missions (Side Missions and Ohtori), regular events, boosted weeks, mission spotlights with high exp (talking like 3-4x) and drop rates. They realized that people wanted to get into S3s as quick as possible and start farming. No reason why we can't do the same here in time, which this system would be perfect for. I mean leechers would just get kicked, no real issue here. We already gain like 70% of the exp without tagging, so afking and leeching would already be a thing which it's really not. Because current enemy HP is inflated some 10-30% above retail and doesn't need to be. So it would simply go back to how it was for all the years we played. Also idk if you've played S2s yet but enemies have 70% more ATP than retail and they hit very hard, annoyingly so. This should also be adjusted at some point in the future.
  6. ATP is also inflated by like 60-70% at 165, at this current curve S3s and S4s are going to be a one shot machine. I'm aware of the DFP/MST being stalled at level 100 and up or whatever it is. The ATP and TP (though the TP is only like 20% higher) is simply too high. I personally don't mind them having more HP (though less is welcomed) just don't like the whole dying in 2-3 hits with BiS 45%+ armor and level cap with all the bells and whistles. Seems a bit cheap.
  7. Sounds good. Don't really see any issues. Would maybe argue for the catch up system to be 100% instead of 50% or start higher and scale down at set levels (100% at 1-50, 75% at 51-65, 50% at 66-85, normal at 85-cap) something like that. Either way sounds fine.
  8. Rods will be king on MF even with Clem's 10% PA boost on Wands, pretty sure. On FT not 100% sure. Rods are just better in raw damage, there is a reason you rarely saw TCSMs or Wands being used after Rutsu and the other PA boosted Rods came out. At least in my 3 years on JP I rarely saw anything but Rutsu, Cad, Gravidon, Shadow Taker, EPD, etc. The utility of TCSM and Wands is another point, because they are typically better because of their faster cast speed. The ability to stagger lock enemies more often or inflict aliments quicker by getting more casts out in the same time period. Ofc this is not assuming the SE weapons which will most likely be reworked on here and most likely not have the 1.5x, 2x, 2.5x, etc. My experience is nearly only in MF, I'm not a huge fan of FT. Maybe Wands or TCSMs get more use on them, but would still think the majority of the time you'd use a strong Rod. Unless I plan on running a specific mission 100s of times in the most optimal way, I would never take the time to setup Wands and TCSMs over just running 2 or 3 Rods.
  9. This proposal is basically what it was at some point. Lower rates but no breaking. I don't know how I feel about being forced to use higher grinders to have a chance at all. That would push the price of higher grinders up even more I'd think. Since your ability of using them becomes impossible. Maybe not make them impossible but have a much lower diminishing return.
  10. It's not about the speed at all. Though who cares if you level at the normal speed, we have hard caps anyway. Leveling is only like a third of the game. It doesn't need to be slow just to slow people down. It's all the changes that were made in the last few weeks before launch. The point is that it shouldn't have launched this way to begin with. It's just stuff that will get fixed later. I should also mention that people might be okay with things atm, but it will start to drain on people. Level 50 is only 1/4 the cap and we only have 1/2 the difficulties and a multitude of other stuff to be added. Ofc 1.4mil exp (which is roughly 2x official btw) to level 50 is nothing, but say almost 200mil (again roughly 2x what level 200 takes, which is I believe 98 or 99mil) for level 200 is another thing. All these strange changes with NPC selling prices, MP payouts, MP required, Type Level Requirements. These are all things that should have never been touched at any level. They are the most basic fundamentals of the game. The fact people had to put in 7-10x the playtime to unlock a single Expert Type, just sucks. Add to that the massive increase in required experience, the slightly reduced EXP rates (around 10%), and the massively reduced selling price, you have a game that is nearly 10x as grindy as it's supposed to be. Why it's so hard to have retail/official rates and payouts and everything else outside of drops and a few other things, is beyond me. It's like certain people on the dev team purposely fight in the opposite direction for no apparent reason. The goal of this server was to emulate official as close as possible, well what we have right now is so far from that. All the information you'd ever need to figure that out is available and has been for over a decade, again I don't understand why this is even an issue. This is not about "whining" or "making it too easy" or all the crap that some will say when me or others bring up these issues. It's about getting the game to where it should be and how it's supposed to be. Now I'm sure Marm and the team will fix this, and the level 50 cap is designed to catch these issues. But it's still an issue that shouldn't even exist. It's already been stated things were changed in the last few weeks and up until then, everything was apparently pretty good. So no idea what happened, but people are staying silent and we can only guess what will happen in the coming weeks. I simply and many others want the PSU we remember, and we remember it very well.
  11. Yeah I was wondering about the Bal Soza, noticed this while playing Scared yesterday. They felt stronger and took less damage than I remembered. This explains why.
  12. Yeah the MP payout issue should hopefully be fixed. It feels like roughly half what it should be, and after reading Marm's post it sounds like that was exactly it. Also the increased type requirements I don't quite get. People mention most are +2 but some like AF or AT got +4 and +2. AF was 3 Hunter 5 Ranger, it's now 7 and 7. 22 hours in, nonstop grinding pretty much, and I'm still working on Hunter. I can only imagine other players that are newer or have less experience. It's rough.
  13. That's how PSU has always been. When you alt-tab it just closes. Only way around that is to play in Windowed mode and stretch it. Borderless gaming (or other forced borderless programs) might be able to stop the crashing, but not sure since I don't use it myself.
  14. Welcome to the PSU community. There is always those 3-5 people like that around here, just how it is. I don't get it either, never will. It's just a waste of time, I chalk it up to them having nothing better to do with life or something.
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