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  1. @Exmover They could simply have you not gain stats when you level your type past 20, or have the stat gains be insignificant. So that shouldn't be too big of an issue.
  2. Also some of those ideas are new, which is nice. Can only play with the same systems for so long before it gets boring, no matter how much you love a game. Eventually you get burned out.
  3. That actually sounds pretty wicked. I'd be for this. Though a lot of what you mentioned would create some insane power creep. Unless you still have the plan for S4+.
  4. He's been working on D&H since April 2012 (I talk to him every few months and have been for years now) or a bit earlier. He's spent years trying to get the story missions to work fully. The PSP2/i stuff is only the past year or two. The point is if it was easy or something that would be focused on it would have already been done or even mentioned. I wouldn't expect it for a very long time. It's not an important aspect.
  5. Yeah luck does nothing, everyone has the same 3* at all times. Probably just hitting a low amount of rng or something.
  6. Because that's not how it works...everyone knows how the story missions are. It's implementing them into the lobbies and what's involved with getting them to function. They cause hanging issues and crashes. It's just a lot of work (Agra has worked on them for his offline mod for like 5-6 years and they still hang).
  7. Story Missions probably not, they aren't easy to figure out and like 99% of the community probably doesn't really care about them. Probably something for the very end/if enough interest in them.
  8. I know, but the function of LBs should be doable regardless of GAS or not. They were accidentally done on the original alpha server and then fixed and need to be figured out again. I'd say like 90% chance we get LBs but probably not in the form of GAS but in the form of leveling techs = more hitboxes type of system.
  9. Grants is like Diga or Foie, LBs make it great (the way it was meant to be, it had normal Ra tech range before this patch).
  10. I know someone else fixed the double PP Regen issues and the Combo later on. Wasn't sure who. Also how ya been? Your first time on here I see.
  11. Is solo ever going to get some love? (You mentioned it would awhile ago).
  12. The majority of people will always play whatever is the strongest. People need to learn that there will always be a strongest type or fastest, that's just how this game works and that's completely fine. Of course a tech hybrid shouldn't be anywhere near a pure damage based type like idk GT vs FF. But I'm a purest, for me and others JP was perfect, but I understand most of you never played it and don't share that opinion. But being a test still, it's probably not that big of a deal to worry about numbers. Just do whatever and see how it pans out
  13. Ultimately GAS will be implemented in some way, so at some point expert types will end up with higher caps. But being a test and all that it doesn't really matter what changes since it will all get wiped anyway. Could just try these changes and see the feedback then change again every few weeks until something is agreed upon by the majority.
  14. Could just give them 42 or 32, so they get the buff for ele percents and acc/atp and be done with it. Wouldn't cause as many issues as just full 40/50. That's why in the real game you'd pick your 3-4 most used weapon types and give them 42-44. For bullets like Shotguns that 41+ is huge, it's the next tier of ele percent.
  15. Horrible boss damage from Slicers or as a whole? Because Sekka is one of the best boss killers in the game and naturally Slicers would be shit for bosses.
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