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  1. Sounds good. Don't really see any issues. Would maybe argue for the catch up system to be 100% instead of 50% or start higher and scale down at set levels (100% at 1-50, 75% at 51-65, 50% at 66-85, normal at 85-cap) something like that. Either way sounds fine.
  2. Rods will be king on MF even with Clem's 10% PA boost on Wands, pretty sure. On FT not 100% sure. Rods are just better in raw damage, there is a reason you rarely saw TCSMs or Wands being used after Rutsu and the other PA boosted Rods came out. At least in my 3 years on JP I rarely saw anything but Rutsu, Cad, Gravidon, Shadow Taker, EPD, etc. The utility of TCSM and Wands is another point, because they are typically better because of their faster cast speed. The ability to stagger lock enemies more often or inflict aliments quicker by getting more casts out in the same time period. Ofc this i
  3. This proposal is basically what it was at some point. Lower rates but no breaking. I don't know how I feel about being forced to use higher grinders to have a chance at all. That would push the price of higher grinders up even more I'd think. Since your ability of using them becomes impossible. Maybe not make them impossible but have a much lower diminishing return.
  4. It's not about the speed at all. Though who cares if you level at the normal speed, we have hard caps anyway. Leveling is only like a third of the game. It doesn't need to be slow just to slow people down. It's all the changes that were made in the last few weeks before launch. The point is that it shouldn't have launched this way to begin with. It's just stuff that will get fixed later. I should also mention that people might be okay with things atm, but it will start to drain on people. Level 50 is only 1/4 the cap and we only have 1/2 the difficulties and a multitude of other stuff to be ad
  5. Yeah I was wondering about the Bal Soza, noticed this while playing Scared yesterday. They felt stronger and took less damage than I remembered. This explains why.
  6. Yeah the MP payout issue should hopefully be fixed. It feels like roughly half what it should be, and after reading Marm's post it sounds like that was exactly it. Also the increased type requirements I don't quite get. People mention most are +2 but some like AF or AT got +4 and +2. AF was 3 Hunter 5 Ranger, it's now 7 and 7. 22 hours in, nonstop grinding pretty much, and I'm still working on Hunter. I can only imagine other players that are newer or have less experience. It's rough.
  7. That's how PSU has always been. When you alt-tab it just closes. Only way around that is to play in Windowed mode and stretch it. Borderless gaming (or other forced borderless programs) might be able to stop the crashing, but not sure since I don't use it myself.
  8. Welcome to the PSU community. There is always those 3-5 people like that around here, just how it is. I don't get it either, never will. It's just a waste of time, I chalk it up to them having nothing better to do with life or something.
  9. That pops up when you try to do other things while the game is up. Stretching the window will give that error (anti cheat type of thing), starting other programs can trigger it, etc. Are you resizing the window at all since you're playing in windowed? A dying GPU wouldn't give that error.
  10. @Exmover They could simply have you not gain stats when you level your type past 20, or have the stat gains be insignificant. So that shouldn't be too big of an issue.
  11. Also some of those ideas are new, which is nice. Can only play with the same systems for so long before it gets boring, no matter how much you love a game. Eventually you get burned out.
  12. That actually sounds pretty wicked. I'd be for this. Though a lot of what you mentioned would create some insane power creep. Unless you still have the plan for S4+.
  13. He's been working on D&H since April 2012 (I talk to him every few months and have been for years now) or a bit earlier. He's spent years trying to get the story missions to work fully. The PSP2/i stuff is only the past year or two. The point is if it was easy or something that would be focused on it would have already been done or even mentioned. I wouldn't expect it for a very long time. It's not an important aspect.
  14. Yeah luck does nothing, everyone has the same 3* at all times. Probably just hitting a low amount of rng or something.
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