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  1. Hi all, My 2 cents on this topic... I hope it will help. Since PSU Clementine is back, I tried to install it again on my laptop with Ubuntu 20.04. I used the default Wine version provided within Synaptic (4.0 as far as I know) to install PSUC, the install finished without any problem but when it was time to create a character, the game became very slow. It was impossible to create any character. I tried the tutorials above with more recent versions of Wine, with and without PlayOnLinux, taking care of dotnet, trying 32bits and 64bits install, etc... The problem was remaining. And finally, I excavated an old post I made on this forum... which was dealing with the same problem ! The trick is very simple : - use PlayOnLinux and create a virtual drive with an old 32 bits version of Wine (yup, it is on purpose). I used the version 3.0 - Install PSU with the Clementine installer (see on Download page), do not forget to create a shortcut towards PSUC.exe or online.exe to make things easier for running the game later. - Run the game by using PlayOnLinux, download patches, then restart the game. I also installed the most recent version of dotnet I could (4.7 if I remember well) and DirectX 9, I do not know if it is necessary... who knows My old post : https://psu-clementine.net/community/index.php?/topic/8627-solved-connection-became-very-slow-because-of-wine-402/#comment-11824 Important note : even if the character selection does not seem laggy anymore, I did not try to create a character and in-game tests at present time. Maybe this evening... Stay tuned EDIT Good news ! I successfully created a character, then went to Moatoob and started a mission \o/. The remaining difficulty is now that option.exe does want to start. I do not understand why.... Not a big problem since I can modify the contents of PsuIlluminus.ini
  2. Ok. It seems that the problem was coming from my computer. I moved back to Wine 3.0 and everything got better. Sorry for bothering you, guys.
  3. Hi all, I have some troubleshooting since fews days each time I am connecting to the lobby server. Indeed, there is no problem with starting the game and selecting the server. However, once I am connected to the server and have to select a character, the game becomes so slow that it is unplayable (character selection and in-game). The additional surprise is that it does not log out in spite of the huge lag. Did something change in the connection protocols during the last server update ? Or is there something wrong with my laptop ? I am currently using Ubuntu 18.04 and recently upgraded Wine to version 4.0.2. Many thanks in advance (at least for reading).
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