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  1. It's always supposed to hit multiple enemies at a wide angle. I'll bet the attack speed increase Fighmaster gives may somehow be affecting it's hitbox for whatever reason.
  2. Seemingly out of nowhere my pallet (the item part of it) has stopped working, I'm unable to use photon charges, -mates, or anything else. Not really sure what caused it unfortunately.
  3. I say, even if there wasn't a wipe coming in hot. The rates are still a problem. I'm sounding like a broken record here.
  4. Pretty much this, (slightly off topic) but I feel a lot of the issues with progression is only lower levels. Yes, once you get about to the 40's or so it starts to improve. Except normally, RPGs are easier at the beginning and gradually becomes more difficult as you go through the game. Right now in PSU Clementine................ it's very, VERY backwards right now.
  5. No, not solo, it's completely a non-issue solo actually................. hence why I have an issue with it's current state. And mind you, I'm not saying it's a completely bad mechanic, I think it's a novel idea that just needs some tweaking.
  6. I mean, Gravity Break is still gravity break regardless of what level you're at. That PA has an insane damage multiplier even when it's unleveled.
  7. And that right there lies with the issue, we shouldn't have to play with ultra powerful players to have the HP modifier feel moot. Actually now that I think about it, a good idea (If at all possible) is to change the HP modifier bonus based on difficulty.
  8. Some reduction on the HP modifier might be called for, I've lost the desire to play with randoms, because quite bluntly I can't trust other players to be able to pull their weight. So I end up just solo'ing instead or only playing with friends. I'd rather be able to play with randoms, but the current payoff isn't enough, and the penalty for the increased hp is too high. EDIT: oh and if you're wondering I have no strong opinions on the ATK increase, I don't really notice the difference when I do play with a full party.
  9. The point i'm making is, it needs to be balanced between the game itself helping the player progress, and other players helping one progress. I'm not saying players shouldn't be able to help others at all, but building too much on that alone harms more natural progression in terms of just........ you know; Playing the game. Because right now in the server's current state, it's relying too much on other players to allow for any progression to exist instead of allowing the player to progress at their own pace correctly. At least early on, progression should be pushed by the game itself not by other players selling low level gear. IMO, if a game practically requires player shop/auction houses pretty much right at the start of the game/ in the early game, you're doing something horribly wrong.
  10. Yeah....... PSU was never designed to be a player-centric game in terms of gear progression. This ain't EVE Online.
  11. ....... Except they did have 15* weapons in JP PSU, and they were STILL underpowered. Low ATP values compared to the striking classes on top of low ATP on the weapons themselves (which 15*s WON'T fix), and a lack of Just attacks along with low damage modifiers on the bullets results in their low damage output. Sure they're able to hit things from a distance (except shotguns realistically), but that doesn't balance out the sub-par damage enough. I say guns in general do need a buff, however starting off with something small like slight increases to a bunch of the bullets should be a good start. However, the last thing we need is to have guns be powerful enough that while they don't technically out damage melee, would be able to be more efficient with defeating mobs as they would be able to kill something before someone is able to walk up to it and just melee it. With that in mind a small buff should be enough to put them more in-line with everything else. As it is right now guns at most will do moderately low damage (even in late game) from a safe distance. Now, should we wait until we have access to endgame stuff? Yeah probably, but even then; guns don't really get any spikes in scaling later on in the game, while melee and to a lesser extent, techs do. And something worth bringing up, is the GAS system that's not yet implemented. In short (for those that don't know what the hell i'm talking about), is basically a primordial skill system PSU has, it is able to bring a variety of boons that help with min-maxing tremendously, including some extremely useful effects such as allowing techs to hit multiple segments on a bosses and larger enemies. However, ranged weapons to some degree get the short end of the stick even here, the most unique effect they get is more status chance, except tech users get the exact same skill. So that doesn't really help much for guns either. TLDR; I say yes to buffing guns in some capacity.
  12. It does feel like the formula for accuracy might be a bit off not sure how, but something feels off. Hard to put into words, and also as many have stated, having the hard CC status not giving 100% accuracy like they should needs to be worked on at some point. It doesn't feel right attacking a frozen target and somehow managing to still miss.
  13. Leonalmasy

    Name Change

    Please, absolutely. Sharing a name with someone is confusing.
  14. So I wasn't the only one then that thought something like that was possibly up. Also this, PSU was not meant to be a full on MMO, more of a bizzaro hybrid of an MMO and a single player game. And seriously, people aren't asking for a lot. Just for the grind to feel less tedious and steep, especially in the beginning of the game where it seems to be at it's worst. Having gotten a couple of PA's to 21 (Anga Redda and Spiral Dance), I can confirm there is no "stair-stepping" system in place if there was supposed to be. (which i'm willing to believe there was in live)
  15. This is definitely where the problem becomes even more prevalent, even if you're one of those that feel the rates overall are fine. Those PA's are an absolute nightmare to level up. Having leveled up Anga Redda to 21 just earlier today, I can confirm that if there isn't going to be a straight rate increase (which appears to be entirely unlikely), an improvement to these kinds of PA's would be nice at the very least. Imo it should be somewhere in-between, like say....... a power walk, but that's just me.
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